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ok kewl cheers, slush puppies suck, the nest kinda iced drink we had was a drink called an Ice Blast, it was like a slush puppie but was kinda fizzy and wasnt as much ice cubey but more slushy, twas ok, but then the cinema closed down so we lost em round here!
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There is nothing like a good slurpee. All these frostie and icee machines don't even come close to the excellence of a half Coke/half Mountain Dew slurpee. Tru dat.

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Oops. I fucked up.
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I dunno if we're thinking of the same Slush Puppies, but here, a Slush Puppy has tiny balls of ice, which is more like a snow cone in a cup. Which makes them damn hard to drink with a straw. Fuckin things. I don't even know why they call them Slush Puppies...There's nothing slushy about them. We call a Slurpee a Slush because it's more slush-like(if you don't know what slush is, check out the muddy watery snow at the side of a road during winter. Same consistancy as a Slush/Slurpee).

In conclusion: Slush/Slurpee > Slush Puppy

The good ol' days.
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A Slush Puppie here is reasonably slushy. They're getting increasingly hard to track down now, though. They only came in shitty flavours too, I believe the range covered cherry, cola (not "Coke", oh no) and the other usuals, with by far the jazziest being "blue raspberry".

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My college only serves blue raspberry and this red pinky gunk....sick bastards. Tempting us with something like that and giving us this! There's only so much I can take. First we have to work on MACs i mean, real life MACs and now...No decent Slush puppies...it's cruelty.



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yeah at least you get some the only kinda drinks we get is milkshake that is warm, oooh, and on the odd day we get a bloke in to fix the pepsi machine, but it soon breaks again and steals your money, you think ooh, i need a drink
insert your money hear the 'chink' of the coins and then nothing, no drink, just 80p worse off.
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I like the Coke one but then again they only have the coke and the raspberry .. They used to be HUGE when they first came out but now no one really has them other than at the movies, but then there they cost around $4 for a medium sized cup. I want one now

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i steal gas from 7-11 all the time. Ive never payed once i walk in and get a slurpie and pay for it and leave. They are like is that everythign and im like yep and get in my car which is in front of the pump and leave. LOl damn chugs. I got to stop though
And did you know they have apples that are sold there cept there in little air tight things. And i bough one of the 1st day of a school .an apple"but on the label it said orage" So anyways then i was all like left it in my locker the whole year and opened it on the last day and it was hollow the outside was perfect but nothing inside. Make you think dont it

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Slushpuppies are good.. until drink all the flavour and you're just left with ice.. that sucks.. the only decent flavour is Blue Raspberry.. although thats kinda crappy now. I wish we had the banana flavour over here it sounds cool
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