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OZ, don't blame us "Atheists" for ruining Christmas for you religious folks. Blame the corporations who glorified Christmas and made it into a big money making deal at the end of the year. They are the ones who ruined Christmas, and made it into nothing but a money spending, alcohol drinking, food indulging, gift giving, sacrilegious event.

I agree with Flash. Sadly, now a days, Christmas is nothing more than another excuse for a party for adults, and gifts for greedy children. Out of all the people who celebrate Christmas, maybe 20% of them really use it as a way to celebrate the BIRTH of Christ(not death, OZ).

The good ol' days.
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BURN!11 Hey OZ...Christ died and then ressurected right? Well then he if he died again....hmmm under your beliefs I'd assume we should have Christmas twice a year.


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That's what Easter's it not?



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^^^That's always been my understanding. Jesus' birthday is celebrated on the 25th of December and his death/resurrection was over Easter. Not too sure on days though.
I have actually noticed on a lot of TV shows and ads around the Christmas period and they wish people Happy Holidays more often than Merry/Happy Christmas. Obviously there are those who don't believe in the whole Jesus routine and Jewish people are still waiting for the birth of Christ, so they don't celebrate Christmas that way.
Blame Coca-Cola for turning Santa into a "sacrilegious event", they were the ones who made him what he is today.
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I just want to congratulate Shane-o-mac on yet again proving what a fucking moron he is. Hey, buddy, until you have the slightest idea what you're talking about, how about you shut the fuck up? Oh, that's right, you won't listen to me, because you're a "rebel" and so "omfg i hate the staff and authority haha they suck lol". Go fuck yourself, asshole.

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Oops. I fucked up.
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Im a Satanist
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If by Satanist you mean dumbass, then yes.

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