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The above you game thread.

Please, please someone close this stupid thread.

All it is over and over "His name is [Insert guys name]" or "Has [Insert however many] Points". This can't be the intension of the thread. It's supposed to be if you know something about the person above you, you post it, like say if Jake was above me on it I'd say "Likes me That way" or something a little deeper/comical than "Posted in the above you thread" or "has a W-E avatar", "has a banner in his sig" It's just fucking stupid and repeatative shit. Please, someone close it, it bugs me that people are getting points off this shit. Pretty please?



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Um, you don't get no fucking points. Or no posts, so it doesn't really matter.
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Your best friend Nitemare made the games forum for that purpose. If you read the 'rules' you'll understand it more.
I agree that the thread is useless but if you don't like it, don't go there.
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Well really all the posts are on topic because you post things about the person above, say like has a banner with blank in. It is on topic, as Rajah said don't go their if you don't like it. Plus as BabyBoy has said posts don't count, and you don't get points. Nitemare made the forum for the reason it is used, and he disabled posts because of the reason everyone would put things you say in your posts, so it does not matter. All I can say is I agree with Rajah, don't go there if you can not stand it.


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i think its better now that its there rather than someone else bringing it back up every now and then in the anything forums for it to just be closed within minutes .. so why not just let them have their fun

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Oops. I fucked up.
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They suck at spamming if they go to the forum that doesn't count.
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Maybe they just can't read very well or have short attention spans. Stop taking the piss out of the stupid people GP.

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Stupid people, by their very nature, are inviting others to take the piss out of them.

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Guitar Pl4yer said in post #7 :
They suck at spamming if they go to the forum that doesn't count.
Dude. It is just to kill time when you are bored and have nothing else to do. God think I don't spam outside of that forum.

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