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Re: You think you know somebody

That was a really sad story... but if i was you i would do the same thing they were doing... such as fire on fire.... annoy them as much as they annoy you...
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Re: You think you know somebody

Originally Posted by SIAG
Before I went to high school, I was at the same school for ten years. I saw the same kids 9 monts out of the year for 10 years. And over the years cliques formed, like at all schools. For most of those 10 years I was really good friends with one kid for like nine years. Then when we were in 8th grade he did a 180 on me. Back in my old school I was picked on constanly for one bullshit reason or another. One kid who I considered one of my best friends joined up with the kids that made my life a living hell. My graduation day was one of the happiest days of my life. Not because I was moving on to high school and away from grammar school, but because I wouldnt have to deal with any of those kids again. I never had to see any of them again, unless I wanted to- and I dont want to see 95% of them again.
Two summers ago, it'll be three this summer, I went to one of my friends houses just to hang out. I noticed the light in his closet going on and off. Then two kids I graduated with came out, one kid who gave me hell on a daily basis and the other the guy who was my friend and started to give me hell. Everything is going fine, so I think to myself that it was just shoolyard bullshit and everything would be cool now that we left our grammar school.
Damn was I wrong. My friend, the one whose house Im at, has a dog. It was sitting on the bed and I was just petting it kneeling on the floor. The kid who made my life a living hell for three years walks in and starts saying how I ****ed the dog. I couldnt believe it. I dont know where he got that idea from. I was so ****ing pissed off. After screaming at him I hit him in the head, he started to come towards me but my friend got between us. I did cool off and once I got home I thought that would be the end of it.
That was three years ago. Over the next three years Id get strange phone calls and instant messages bringing up what that kid claimed happened. I cant stress enough that it is a total lie. The most recent was just tonight. I was so pissed that I just recently stopped shaking. By the end of the conversation, on the phone, Im supposed to believe that tonight will be the end of it. But I dont believe that for a second. The point Im trying to make is that whoever is doing this, its one of those two kids- dont really care which one, has to be one of the most pathetic people on the planet. I mean, if after three years you have to entertain yourself with the same stupid sick joke then you have some serious issues. And why it pisses me off so much, is as I said earlier, one of the kids behind it I considered my best friend for nine years. Thats just ****ed up. And Im really ****in fed up and sick of it.
A similar situation has happened with me, and I'm going to tell you the straightforward truth. I also had a couple of friends who started pissing me off and also turned 180 on me. I'm sorry to say this but you can't avoid this, at least I couldn't. I tried telling them straightup they should stop acting like b*tches, and I thought it had worked, but I was very wrong. Next day my ex-friends come and piss me off. I had no choice. I had to either avoid the situation like a little p*ssie or kick some ass. I'm a pretty big guy, and I hadn't really noticed that about me...okay so I confront one of my friends just outside school,I hit him in the stomach and his other friends start ganging up on me. I didn't wan't to look like a b*tch so I didn't say anything about the fight to my friends. Anyway, we started exchanging hits and I ended up kicking my ex-friend's ass; however, his friends started kicking me harder. I tried fighting back and I finally got extremely angry. I went crazy and kicked all their asses. Well, actually, half of them just backed off. My friend ended up bleeding while I ended up without a scratch. Ever since that day, my friend...Cody, has always been very nice to me. He's never even touched me. Oh, and by the way, we have begun to be best friends.
If the guys aren't giants, kick their asses...that'll end the whole deal. Seriously. If the guys still say stupid insults like "you f***** that dog", then they are clearly dumbasses. :sex

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Re: You think you know somebody

Yeah, like others, the same thing happened to me. Best friend made some new friends which had a real bad influence on him. Long story short, they couldnt get enough of starting ****ed up rumours about me, and the part that i just couldnt hack was that people were believing them. They said i got a dog to lick my nuts, i ****ed my sister, i jacked off for guys, endless bullshit. People said dont get angry, but im sorry, when people say stuff like that about you and others beleive it, you get angry. What i didn't do, however, was react. I just totally ignored them whenever they started talking about it, and eventually, i lost contact with them and most of the people who beleived it.

It was really good in a way, i got to find out who my true friends were, and got to stop wasting time with assholes who do nothing but bring you down. Sure, im a bitter twisted cynical bastard who will probably never get married or have more than a few friends at a time.... but what are you gonna do.

Really sucks - hope they stop soon.
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Re: You think you know somebody

similar thing happened me when i was in high shcool like calling me and iming me it got serious when the two kids started coming to my house so one night i dressed in all black and sat on my roof with a cleaver and when they came i drink some seltzer water but didnt swallow and put one of those anti acid things in my mouth which made my mouth foam then i jumped off my roof and chased them with the cleaver(never actually hurt them i wasent planning too but i scared the shit out of them) that stopped it for a few monthes but then 1 night my parents were out of town and the brought 5 other kids with them to my house so i got a metal bat and kick everyone of there asses and went over toi the kid who started it and set his hair on fire i saw the kid who started it all a few weeks ago and he was bagging my grocceries the moral of this story is that, saig, bats and cleavers solve all problems and if they IM u give me there sn and ill **** with them



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