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Re: i hate bush

Hey Baba, thanks for the rep and complement. Unfortunately I can't give you rep back for 24 hours, so you'll have to wait a day.

I'm Brian Fellow.

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Re: i hate bush

I really hate Bush because I think he is the biggest dumbass in the world. He goes after the wrong guy. We want that S.O.B Bin Laden, not Hassan. If he ever gets the draft back for the war he will get a kick in the balls by me.
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Re: i hate bush

I like bush and what he is doing over In Iraqistan

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Re: i hate bush

Oh where's Dean when we need him...rotf.

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Re: i hate bush


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Re: i hate bush

Originally Posted by William2k2DJ
We'll in the past I have, but now I am starting to believe in his policies. I still don't support the war though, unless we are looking for Bin Laden, but we should be looking for Al Zarqawi. We are though, so that's good.
true true. i also used to hate him
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Re: i hate bush

hes ok in small doses
credit family guy for that awesome line
(his middle initial is Dubya)



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Re: i hate bush

IMO North Korea is a MUCh bigger threat than Iraq was, North Korea actually has nuclear weapons unlike Iraq

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Re: i hate bush

Here's what i think about Bush...

1.) I believe he rushed into war
2.) I believe he should've focused the majority on Osama (the guy who attacked us).
3.) I believe he's a big bully. PERIOD.
4.) He's stupid.

I believe in some of the things Bush has done, but have DIFFERENT reasons than Bush to why he should've done it.

Like the war, I believe that we saved many lives from being tortured and killed by Sadaam in the future, but I think if we gathered enough proof of these "weapons" then the U.N would help us out and we would never would've had to go to war. But Bush didn't care about these lives being tortured in the future, U.S knew for awhile that these poor souls were being treated like this. Bush's intentions were going after weapons that we're not sure were there. My intention on the war was saving these people from Saddam's wrath.

What kind of example is that setting when we don't let someone have nuclear weapons when we have them? Why is it fair that the U.S has them and other countries don't? Why, because we're not evil? Maybe. U.S may not think U.S is evil, but other countries believe otherwise. And whatever their opinion, you have to stop doing what you DON'T want other countries doing.
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Re: i hate bush

He is funny because he is so dumb
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