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I have a question

Recently, I have began to notice that no matter what you say, unless you are one of the more recognised posters, you tend to be ignored or people shoot what you say down.

Most recently this happened to me in the Graphics showroom. I posted a pic of a BaddBlood poster I did, which turned into a challenge that was accepted by Guitar Player. We needed a judge, which Korupted chose to be. I expected him to judge tha#em like all the other challenges (grade them, state the goo and bad points etc) however all he said was "both are good but GP gets my vote". No reason, that was it.

I don't was to go into some tirade about this, I'll leave that to some other member to do. That is just the way I feel about this.

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nearly all staff don't matter what i say apart from machine and rajah who agree with me. nitemare disagree's with me, gp218 disagree's with me, and me and you just got our 1000th posts as well. you have to be a mod of something apart from the e-fed to be respected around here.

oh you got your 1000th post
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Yeah, kinda what he said. It goes as more of a, who has been here longer , or who do you like more, but hey, jujst let it be. Poeple may agree with you and disagree. I have people disagree with me, but not cause I am still not well-known, but because everypoene has different opinions. That is how it is. I mean at least I am not on anyone's shit list yet And sometimes I understand why Nitemare picks on WE Champion. WE Champion also talks a lot of shit to Nitemare. I don't really have a problem with him though. It's funny to see him and Nitemare go back and forth at each other. Just keep going Adam. Just post normally in Graphics, and then later you will be noticed as the Grphics dude.
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I'll reply to any member of this board. And i respect everyones feelings.
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Ivan Petrov
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I do the same, I mean I've been a mod longer than most of the current staff have been members. I treat everyone the same. Hell with all the name changes I dont know whos who around here!

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I respect newbies, it's just i hate newbies who have just joined that come and post like they own the place.
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I respect all members......apart from little bastards that post shit!

i Havnt been here all that long really and i dont have the hugest amount of posts but i feel that i genereally get respect from most users...........Or am i Wrong and u all hate me??
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I respect/like anybody that has a purpose for posting, which just happens to be people that have been here longer usually. I dislike WE Champion because he has poor typing/grammar/spelling skills and acts like he doesn't. I have respect for you Adam, and I'm sure I put that in another post somewhere. I think you're just jealous that I won.
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Oops. I fucked up.
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I've felt the new member discrimination soley from Nitemare...everyone else has been cool. Nitemare is it so much to ask for a little consideration before you speak?

You have always been very helpful with my suggestions in the suggestion forum, efficent and professional about it too. But you lack respect for anyone but yourself and long term mods. I dont mean with opinions, I mean with name calling. Unlike your callous attitude to life, I care what people think and feel. And I think a lot of other people around here do too. Would it be that big a deal to not post a meaningless message like "Are you retarded" does it make you feel big or something? I just dont understand why. Meh. Nevermind.



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