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I'm so sorry to hear that Adam. I don't know what it's like losing mum so I couldn't offer advice that would be remotely relevant to your situation. All I know is that you need to stay positive through it. Don't let the situation cause you to make a stupid decision, because you know if she was still here, she wouldn't like you to make that choice. I'm one to believe that she'll keep watch over you, so just stay strong through it. I have however lost two mates this year, one to a brain hemorage and one to a car accident. This one family that is very close to me lost their mum last year and now one of the boys (an incident where he was struck getting off a tram) and alot of people admire them for their ability to get through both ordeals admirably. They were a very strong family and they suggested that the only reason that he was taken from them was because their late mother needed company. I know that coinsides with "god's plan" etc but it got them through the rough period and became even better people because of it. Again i'm sorry and I hope every works out.
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I give my condolenses to yourself and your family. It must be auwful to lose a family member. I would understand that you will question God, it is only natural if you are religious. I would understand if you never came back here and would fully understand if you don't want to take part. All I can say is my deepest sympathies are with you.

RIP Adams Mother
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Thanks. Really. I don't know a lot of you guys very well, and was a little hesitant about posting something like this, but you proved to me that not everyone int his world doesn't give a shit about other people.

That's about a good as I can put it right now. I hope you can understand it.

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EDITED - Will save my anti-religion rant for a more appropriate time0

Adam... have you spoke to your bother and sister about it? Like a full conversation, crying or no crying? Might do you all some good. But sup to you man. Do whats best.

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Re: Religion, and God

Adam said in post #1 :
I don't mean to offend any religious people on the forums, but as of right now, I have lost all form of religion I thought I had.

My reason?

Earlier on today, I found out that my mother had died. She was only 43, and nobody deserves to die at an age like that. As I'm typing this, I'm shaking, because i'ts not natural for you to live to be older than your parents.

Then people will tell me it's all part of "God's plan". Well I think this is bullshit. What exactly is accomplished by doing something like that? It accomplishes NOTHING but suffering for relatives. I have a younger brother and sister (9, and 15), and it has left both of them in such a state, that I can't look at them without crying myself.

Some people will ask why I would post something like this. My answer is if I didn't say something now, I might not later, and would have to live with the fact for the rest of my life.

I don't know how I can cope with this, so if anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

My mom died last november from brain cancer.. i know what its like to lost a mom. She was about the same age as yours.

Its no reason to give up on god.

But fuck religion. Follow god your own way. Dont fuck around with those child molesters and guys with those gay little hats.

Christianity has like 2 different groups inside of it, fuck both of them. Christianity, Judism, Islam, all that shit is following the same god. Just some fag decided to make it complicated. Religion is all bullshit, follow god your own way.

I wasnt even there to say goodbye to my mom when she died. I was visiting my dad in Florida. While my mom was home in Canada.

Religion has never done shit for me, but god has. Wait a while, and i think you will be able to figure out a reason why your mom died, I found out a reason why mine did. Just wait a while.
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Shaggs could you please refrain from profanity in threads like these. Also you could choose your words a little bit better, remember when you discuss religon you are discussing something that is very important to some people and you could end up offending someone. I find the first part of your post to be offensive and the phrasing is uncalled for.
In fact I have seen a lack of respectful langauge in this thread. Be more curtious under theses circumstances please.

My own mother died two years ago, myself and my brother were the last memebers of our family to see her alive. But enough of my tails of woe.
I can understand everything each person who has posted here, who has lost a parent has gone through. I am the youngest in my family, yet I was still the strongest of all. It's a tough thing to go through, but Adam you will get through it. Be there for your siblings, for they need you now more than they may ever. One thing that I agree with in Shaggs' comments on religon, is worship God your own way. You don't have to belive that it is God's plan if you think it is nonsensical. I personally think that when you have done all you can achive on this world, you move to the next.

Originally Posted by Bill Shankley
Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that
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sorry about ur mom Adam.
Parents are the backbone of a child's life,they teach them,they care them.Parents are the most loving for a child.And to loose a mother is like loosing yourself.I do not believe in god cuz the real god are the parents
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Nitemare said in post #8 :
Good idea. Let's all just think some big explosion or some gas cloud created everything in which we live. Let's all think of that bullshit—that is a much better solution and it is also much easier to believe. Let's all think what scientists think—that's our own thoughs.
I don't give a shit about scientists' theories either. If it hasn't been proven, then they can just kiss my ass. They're never going to figure out why or how it happened, so the religious people and the science people are wrong in my book. I'm a pretty logical person, but the way I see it, the religious theory and the scientific theory are both totally illogical. People are fucking kikes anyway. Yes, I know what a kike is, don't bitch at me, I just like saying it.

-Your Thizzlamic Correspondent.
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The only problem I have with religion is the people who tell you what to do.. case in point: this thread. Adam has been told countless times that you should nto give in on God and that you should believe in the bible etc. Can't the dude make up his own mind? It's like telling me to believe in the bible. I don't believe a word of it. I believe that man created God, not the other way round. But I'm not gonna turn to the guy and say "Dude, forget God, he's mythical". Just let him calm down over the trauma, then he can come to his own conclusions.

Sorry if I misconstrued something somewhere but thats just how i saw it.
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Oops. I fucked up.

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