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Learning to break kayfabe
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Angry Too predictable

I havent watched wrestling for a while as they moved it to pay tv but my dad got it and i went over to his house to watch it and i found that wwe is way to predictable and u can see how fake it is does any one else have dis problem with wwe?
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Well I only ever get to see PPV's and I always know what happens because I read the spoilers but I don't find it predictable. Besides I watched Heat yesterday (over at my Nan's who has sky) and I didn't find that predictable. Plus it has always been obvious that it was fake
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Yeah at times its predictable because they do the same thing over and over but i am still entertained at the end of the day

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um yeah well I told every body that Brock was gonna land on his face and wrestlemania because I saw that coming a mile away ok I agree the storylines are predictable, they always have been and yeah you can tell all the signiture moves will be performed but wrestling in the noughties is all about athleticism. Who cares if Jeff does the Swanton drop every match it looks pretty impressive every time.

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General WWE thread I would have thought.
Nevermind. While I'm here.
I only see Raw and occasionally PPV's on video months later.
It's predictable in the fact you basically know all the moves that happen in a match.
The thing that shits me is why do they bother have World Title matches on RAW & Smackdown. The title never changes hands except on a PPV. There have been around 6 occasions that it's change on Raw and I can only think of one on Smackdown.

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It's all to predictable now and the only reason i bother watching is for the Michaels segments on Raw and Angle segments on Smackdown.
I think it's halfly down to the fact that the WWE try to use the weekly shows to promote the upcoming PPV as much as they can and it has an adverse effect on the actual quality of the programming. If they put their attention into making Raw and Smackdown exciting maybe the buy rate will go up for the PPVs without having to spend every minute of TV time setting up a feud or promoting a match.
There are also way too many wrestlers which means the creative team probably can't spend as much time as they'd like on each seperate character.
The roster split isn't helping either, before there were 8 shows in between each PPV, now there's only 4. That can lead to rushed programming and short feuds which don't do the company alot of good.
Overall the WWE is very poor at the moment and it's going to take something of DX or Austin heights to turn it around.

Oh yeah and this should be in General WWE. - Brand new wrestling blog, looking for writers.

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if wrestling is SOOOO predictable then how come im 17th in the WE PPV league?
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I might guess things every now and then and I try not to read the spoilers. I don't find it too predictable.
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technally, this is a rant. And I always knew WWE was too predictable

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There are a few surprises, mostly people coming back, HBK, Bischoff, Sable.
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