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Fail 04-04-2003 06:41 PM

A Teacher l HATE!
Hes name is Mr Bergamen (lol) and guess what he made all the boys play today..NETBALL how shocking is that! l hate the fucker when you just whispers he goes "ALRIGHT YOU I"M GONNA PUT YOU ON DETENTION IF YOU DON"T SHUTUP!" and l'm like..Shut the Fuck up and then in Netball our Team Hammered them 9 to 4 and l scored 4 goals..and l HATE Netball and l hate Mr Bergaman he is such a poof..

Rajah 04-04-2003 06:46 PM

All this over a little game of Netball.

One must worry when you are good at netball. My wife used to play it.

Next time give your teacher the ball and tell him to shine it up real nice and............you know the rest.

xxtorriewilsonxx 04-05-2003 01:24 AM

:p i like netball its a good game, easier than bloody basketball:mad:

Evil Steve 04-05-2003 01:44 AM

Boo Hoo

Shit my PE teacher was a fuckin All Star Gaelic Footballer (if thats over your head tough 2-3 people will now what im on about)

and he was a arsehole besides my that bastard would run the fuck outta yeah...and woe betwide you if you complained.

Anyhow i meet him recently and i called him a nazi fucker so up yours TJ

xxtorriewilsonxx 04-05-2003 05:52 AM

My games teacher has just left she was a fucking lezbian bitch i tell u (NO offence 2 lezbians). but she was creepy, used 2 watch us while we was getting changed, I mean ok we might be all in our underwear in the changin rooms but their is no need 4 her 2 stare at us, I swear i nearly punched her, especially, when she made us run round a big fucking field in the pooring rain. But we got our own back by one time when it was sunny we went half way round the field and sat there 4 like 45 minz, she was 2 short and fat 2 come chase round the field with her. so we was messin bowt rolling down this hill. woah im just rambling on better end this post :p

MaryJoeWanna 04-05-2003 11:40 AM

if you think thats bad with your teacher wtching you cahnge, you shouldnt go into the change room at a wrestling tourny. Everyone that ive been in, there is always a group of lesbians who'll just sit there and watch. The first time it happened to me, i was soooo tempted to put on a winter jacket and snowpants then shower. and id be all like "BOOYA BITCH YOU CANT SEE ME NOW CAN YA!!!!! STICK THAT UP YO CRAW!". The Japan tournament was the worst, because i think every girl there watched everyother girl shower/change. Very awkward. :eek:

A-Dust 04-05-2003 03:53 PM

I hate my German teacher, he has gotten really moody and nobody in my class likes him anymore. I hate him. Most teachers at my school are good because they are prepared to have a laugh ect but he isn't and he has favourites. For example is Stacey called him soimething he would have a comeback but if Brett said that he would be like 'Right (then a persons name) go and get the disapline (sp) book'. I mean he sent someone out on the disapline (sp) book for not moving. So we all just hate him. James just don't do PE when you have netball, we get to choose what sport we do (well Footy, basketball or badminton)

Grace 04-05-2003 06:40 PM

You have a discipline book?

Lithium 04-05-2003 07:42 PM

i used to hate my Science teacher if you did not have aruler or a rubber he would send you and and get dinner time detention.

A-Dust 04-05-2003 10:26 PM


Originally posted by Grace
You have a discipline book?
Yeah and it's pointless because non of us care if we get put in it. All it means is we stay with a teacher all day and just and get work from lessons.

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