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Don't rewrite the books, just rewrite the titles

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BrckBrlnXII said in post #9 :
Man are you really leaving?

You are the person that does the most work in the Wrestling forums.

Nothing against Flash and Adam its just that you are on more and now there are going to be all these stupid threads made by noobs and there'll be nobody to close them.
I take that as a compliment. I know how much Adam and I do, compared to WELegend at least, who wasn't a mod for very long at all in total. It's a compliment because it makes me realise that Adam and I do it like a good referee, where the best ones are the ones that you don't really notice.

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Otacon said in post #13 :

A week..
You're on.

5 Pretend Dollars, I believe?

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LordofDarkness said in post #10 :
WELegend, you do contribute alot to these forums. But, seing as though you have left I'm going to follow in my mates and leave also. To think that people actually think he doesn't do anything for this forums make me sick. WELegend is one of the most loyal and most respected posters. Seing as though WELegend brang me into these forums I find it only fair that I leave with him. Thanx for the brief memories in here and see ya all around.
How does it make you sick? I'll assume you've NEVER posted outside the wrestling forums. Okay, let me take that back. You haven't made more than 50 posts outside the wrestling forum. (My guess) I have made many posts in the wrestling forums -- just not recently (got bored). With that being said, how often did you visit the off-topic sections? I am sure not many. The guy has left many times, claiming he won't be back. He comes back, though. Last time (before this time) he registered WWESable and viewed the forums. So you are ignorant of the true situation. The guy does NOT do enough for the forums to post this way and stay. That is impossible. Only Amish would get away with that...

Anyway, have you seen these posts? And what WE said makes you sick? Funny guy you are.

BTW, don't speak for other members. Sure, he may have been respected, but he does not have to SPAM the forums. Hell, MASSIVE spam is more like it.
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I'd like to point out I have some toast ready and have only read the first page so this post may seem strange.

I don't want u to go u do gr8n work inn the wreslting forums and its a shame 2 c u go

o well bye
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Anyone who behaves as he did is not welcome here at W-E. It's that simple. If anyone is upset about the situation, you can feel free to leave, too.
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Ha. And you guys thought I bitched.

Anyways, I honestly think WELegend is a special needs kid or something. I mean, just the way he acts.
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ShadyGurl said in post #14 :



My Last.FM!!

cecil's got his new piece
he cocks and shoots between three and four
he aims it at the Sailor
shoots him down dead on the floor
"oh, you shouldn't do that
don't you know you'll stain the carpet"
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post #58 of 66 (permalink) Old 03-23-2004, 05:24 PM doing your girlfriend
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Mr Legend you still here. You think you were an asset to these forums. Well pretty much you were just the ass. Had it ever occured to you to go out gracefully. SUre I dont judge you for leaving the 15 times you have before because after a while away from these forums you realise that as slow or boring or uninteresting it can be at times, these people here are all right. Whether they are being themselves on here or playing out a persona they wish they could be, its all in a bit of fun. Arguments on here create a bit of action. A small while ago we were asked what our greatest Weforums memory was and alot of people mentioned the arguments such as Hankey and ChrisDV, myself and Babyboy, the mean and everyone else. If you are trying to go out as the mean did to be remembered as he was then you are failing. All the members who had some respect for you seems to be falling greatly, so much so that when you do come back you will be regarded as the pimple on lifes bottom. You had a situation with MJW that seems quite absurd but that is between you and her. You had a mod spot which is something you can hold over 95% of the members here. New members see this and feel they have to respect you a little. When i started on here Muzz was a mod and he helped me out getting into the loop of the semi respected. Well i think you have damaged your rep pretty bad so all I can say is

nananana nananana.....
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Hey Hey Hey...GOODBYE...

What was this situation he had with MJW? (I'm damn nosy)

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'They' dated online and 'they' had a relationship. 'They' broke it off, though, and WEL was heartbroken and thought he couldn't continue his life...


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