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cyber friends

*Taken from my jornal just thought i'd post it here too*

I don’t get this. A friend of mine had been talking to this chick he met on line. He talked for her for like a month. And he told me he started to like her. And one day after begging her for weeks to show him a picture she did. She was fat and really ugly. And he said he blocked her right after he seen her picture. And that he hated her. OK this chick is more or less completely heart broken, Now isn’t that just what the net is about. Not having to give out the real you if you chose not to. I mean he said she was great to talk to and he liked her a lot. But she was ugly. I mean what doe’s it if she’s ugly. Are you going to brag to your friends about how you know a hot chick and you talk to her on the net all the time? When odds are hot or not you won’t be meting them any time soon. Now to me as long as there nice it shouldn’t matter what they look like. Maybe I say that cause I don’t think I’m that “hot” But that’s ok I’m looking for someone that’s not about the looks. But what my friend did was really gross. I mean was he only talking to her because he thought she might be hot. Kind of makes you sick that the world has come down to this.

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Nice one WR. Bitch your friend out and make him feel like shit.

I'm online to chat and have fun, not hook up with people. And even if I was, I'm not a shallow person who's all about looks. I mean, I chat to fat/ugly chicks online(sup Cowie <3) and I don't block them or hate them because of how huge they are. I love them for who they are on the inside. *wipes tear*

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Originally posted by Kaneanite
I chat to fat/ugly chicks online(sup Cowie <3)
May God have mercy on your soul.
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WR...I agree with you.

Friends are friends, & if he wants to talk to only babes, he has an insecurity issue...

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sorry to say this, but when a girl is fat and ugly, I don't find her intresting.


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See, i knew you could spell WR.

And yeah, you're friend is totally shallow. What a fool.

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Ivan Petrov
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That guy is pretty shallow. Alot of the people I talk to on MSN are female, can't say why. But I wouldn't stop talking to them if I saw them and they were fat and ugly. Anyway "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and I suppose some people like fat girls.

Originally Posted by Bill Shankley
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Originally posted by LK
sorry to say this, but when a girl is fat and ugly, I don't find her intresting.

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Okay, then. Act like you're in WR's friend's position, LK and EW. Now, you find this person interesting, yet she is fat and ugly (according to you). I suppose you never actually found her interesting, did you? (Of course this has to be online -- otherwise you'd know what she looks like right away...)

I'm not going to lie -- I probably wouldn't go on a date with an ugly person. Is that bad of me? Maybe, but then again how do you start going on a date with an ugly person? Don't you generally have to KNOW the person? And that can generally lead to trouble. Knowing a person and being their friend can be good for relationships, but it can also be worse. Losing that person forever. So yeah, chances are I wouldn't take the risk anyway...

My sister talks to people online. Not to meet, as she has plenty of friends and a boyfriend, but just to talk. Kind of like the phone (she uses Yahoo!). Takes her mind off of real problems, too.
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if a person is fat and ugly it doesnt mean theyre a bad person person too. thats rediculous. you dont judge the person because of their appearances.
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