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Amish Patel

I just wanted to take the time to say fuck you Amish. Fuck you and all your damn popups. You run your mouth about how without them there would be no site and to get a blocker. Guess what, a blocker isnt the answer. If you really gave a damn about this site and wrestling in general, you would do this just for the pure love of the sport. But instead you have to try to rake in every cent you can, no matter how much you piss off the visiters. Anyone want to guess how many popups had to be blocked when I was reading the WMXX coverage tonight? OVER 200! That's pretty shitty man. You should have some damn respect for all of us that take time to visit your site. Now my guess is that this post will be locked and I'll likely be banned for voicing what you all know is the truth. But if that's the case, then so be it.

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No wonder why no one likes you.
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Eh? 14 posts? I don't understand.

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I'll be civil about this, unlike your post, Mr. Insider. See, Amish doesn't have all these pop-ups so he can rake in the cash or whatever you're claiming he does it for. He has all these pop-ups to bring in money so he can pay for the wonderful and expensive server that hosts this site(I believe it's the same server that Yahoo runs on..can't remember). Why does he have to have this lovely server of such greatness? Why, he does it for the members who, if not for the good server, would be complaining about how slow and glitchy the forums are. Without pop-ups, Amish Patel would be left to pay the server and board costs out of his own pocket. And he's dished out enough from his own pocket. So I think he deserves to be able to have some pop-ups help him out with the costs. And it's not like you have to put up with the pop-ups. If you had looked around, you would've found instructions on how to turn off scripting in your browser so there would be no pop-ups to bother with. Or you would find links to a pop-up blocker and other alternatives to stop pop-ups. But instead, you chose to rant on the man who gave us this board to post and spend free time on. I'm sure all the members would agree that you are pathetic for accusing the owner of this forum, Amish Patel, of whoring his site out to advertisers so he can make an easy buck. That is all.

The good ol' days.
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version 2.0
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Actually, Amish does have popups and crap to make a profit. This site is his income. He makes a lot from it, even after paying for the server and shit.

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the insider, shut the fuck up. The pop-ups are needed. btw you have a stupid sig


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From what i know, Amish doesn't make much profit, i know W-E was running at a loss for a while, maybe not so now. But for the time and money he has invested into the site he deserves every penny he earns.

TheInsider... You sir, are a fucking idiot.

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Don't rewrite the books, just rewrite the titles

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If Amish wants to make money from the site, then good luck to him. It doesn't cost us a penny, so if he can profit from it without lessening the change in our pockets, then fair play.

The pop-ups don't bother me. I can't remember who said it ages ago, but they put forward the argument that if you can't work out a way to deal with the pop-up ads, then you're probably not of suitable intellect to be among us anyway.

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LK said in post #7 :
the insider, shut the fuck up. The pop-ups are needed. btw you have a stupid sig
hay, wtf. His sig rocks.

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