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Mobile Phones

I'm beginning to think that mobile phones are one of the greatest evils in the world. They are nasty little things, bordering on the symbiotic - they slowly become part of you until neither party can fully cope without the other.

I don't like the idea of people being able to get in touch with me wherever I am. I have my phone on in case of some emergency or something, but I always managed before without giving it a second thought. Contrastly, I rather like the idea of being able to get hold of others any time I want them, even down to getting annoyed when they don't answer they're mobiles. I'm well aware that that's hypocritical in the extreme, but that's what mobiles do to people.

Text messaging is another repellent aspect that mobile phones have brought with them. Such flippancy as you will find in your average text is rarely found elsewhere. They are incredibly impersonal, more so than even an email, and infinitely more so than a letter.

I think the real problem is that I love and hate mobiles, my mobile, in equal measures. Perhaps that's what I can't deal with.

(Yes, I am waiting for a friend to call. I'm supposed to be picking him up from the station, but he hasn't said when yet. And yes, he should be answering his phone. The swine.)

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I only dislike my phone because my bettery is screwed up, but i'm buying a new one this month. I do like it that people can reach everywhere and I think the text messaging is pretty cool, except for the impersonal part of it.


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I was thinking of pissing my sister off by messaging her on her phone many times. It costs like $.10 or $.15 so it'd piss her off.

But cell phones are cool with me. If you have a caller ID just ignore the call if you want...
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Well I find mobile phone very annoying. I have one myself, but only in case I miss the buss or something like that. I don't have it on, and I don't phone or text anyone. I don't like the fact that people can phone me where ever I am. I also don't understand why you need picture messaging, radios and video recording on a mobile phone. Nor do I understand the reason as to why they are so small.


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Text messaging is for losers. You have the fucking phone in your hand, so call whatever bitch you are texting.
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I have one and yes the Caller ID/Off Button is a major factor as I get pissed off when every damn MOFO finds out your cellphone number and call you when they want. I only use it if it is needed.
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BabyBoy said in post #5 :
Text messaging is for losers. You have the fucking phone in your hand, so call whatever bitch you are texting.
Exactly, that is why I don't use Text messaging on my phone.

I like mobile phones and I have no problem with them.

I have a picture phone(I don't know why I have a picture phone because its not like I take pictures but it does look cool so I bought it).
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I like the new phone I just got today. It's not a cell phone. Just a cordless. But it's waterproof. That's right. Now I can do perverted things such as talk to my friends while I'm naked having a bath, fiddling with myself. Mmmmmmm.

The good ol' days.
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I have had 3 phones, the first 2 the batteries died in like 6 months. Which sucked. Now I have a new Nokia I got a few months ago, well not so new now I guess. It's pretty cool, color screen etc. But I only take it places when I go out etc. I never take it to school, cas it's pointless and it will probably get stolen.
I only take it with me when I go out. So I'm not attatched to mine like a lot of people are.
The thing that gets me is the stupid little picture phones. What the hell? I mean come on, instead of paying 700 dollars for a camera phone, you could buy a standard mobile, a good one... then buy a good quality digital camera. It's just stupid. I know poeple love the novelty of it, but I see no sence in spending so much to take a crappy little 60 x 60 picture that's shit quality.

EDIT: oh A-Dust, they are so small so they're easy to lose, that way you have to buy a new one

and Cody...

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I have a phone I dont text or any of that shit. I just need my phone to get a good signal and make calls. I dont really see the point in a camera phone, or a phone that you can get on the Internet. They just need to make calls.

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