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Adam said in post #19 :
Did I make it that obvious?
No. Not really. It was about as obvious as my liking Barney.
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Originally posted by Red & Yellow Hogan
Love me or hate me you know one day I will be the most respected member here like it or not.
If everybody hates you, how are you going to be respected?
You sound like some 12 year old kid, trying to sound like a WWE Superstar.
And if you think getting respect by posting shitty threads like this so everyone can make fun of you, and all your other 500 posts have been absolute crap, I'm sure you really are gonna be highly respected.
Oh the last thing we need is another dickhead, who wants respect on a damn internet forum. You want respect from me get off your ass and make something of yourself, not making BS threads. I have respect for people on here who are my friends, and who run this place, and the people who contribute to the board with actual posts.

I swear to god you'd have to be about 12 years old, you act like one. "I'm not revealing my source". Pfff what kind of shit's that? You sound like a baby... "I'm not telling!.... I'm not telling!"

IMO you can piss off with your respect, I don't want respect from people on this board whether they have it from me or not, I come on here to find out info about Wrestling, Women, and all the other stuff on here... also to post with my friends... NOT YOU.
So if you came here looking for respect, I suggest you look in the mirror and think about why you started this thread, and what you're trying to prove.

May God have mercy on your soul.
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Playing Backstage Politics
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hhahaha he definatly is the funniest member


My Last.FM!!

cecil's got his new piece
he cocks and shoots between three and four
he aims it at the Sailor
shoots him down dead on the floor
"oh, you shouldn't do that
don't you know you'll stain the carpet"
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Well said ChristopheR. I couldn't agree more. I have been here for 20 something days now, and can seriously say that I love coming to these Forums, but people like Red & Yellow ruin it for everyone. I have read his (AHEM) Spoilers and just wonder who he hires to clean up the crap that comes out of his mouth. Does he do it just to get more points, if so he should be banned right now or given a warning. FUCK OFF RED & YELLOW. FUCK OFF NOW!!!!!
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headdropped by <3 Kawada
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Don't give him attention like this.. damn people thats like rule #1.

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Ivan Petrov
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Red and Yellow, don't think we give a damn about you. Because we don't. Reason being that you have not been here very long and you seem to throw your weight around like you and you alone are the reason that we're all here. News flash my friend, many of our members have been here as long as 2 years longer than you.

You're becoming irratating and those who irritate are not long tolerated on these forums. If you want to be successful at these forms don't jump the gun and think everyone likes you and respects you. Don't pick fights and make intelligent posts these are the keys to being respected here.

Originally Posted by Bill Shankley
Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that
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BabyBoy said in post #18 :
I can tell this guy annoys Adam.
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^^Holy shit, were did you find that picture of me? they got my bad side in it. Anyway, This is just a kid, he is just trying to live his dream on an internet site, how is that so bad?.....Well fuck off Red and Yellow Hogan. What you need to do is be outside threatining people like you used to, thas why you dont have any friends, isn't it? Oh, and you will never be as good as anyone on this site, not even a noob with only 5 posts, you know why?....It because you do nothing but bitch and complain on almost everything you post. Can anyone tell me when kids turned into little bad asses who think thier the shit, when i was a kid i was playing with gi joes and pimpin my hoes. Hey maybe you should try that, the gi joes part, you damn sure aing gettin no hoes anytime soon.
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D-Man said in post #5 :
If you want people to stop saying stuff to you and respect you, reveal your &quot;spoiler source&quot;

And while your at it don't make your posts sound like a wrestling promo. (This first one you made here)
Exactly what a stupid prick ."IM the BIGGEST ICON HERE!!"
what a fuckin dickhead




Guess again Dumbshit
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Yea, and that is coming from a faggot spammer who claims he is W-E's most hated member.

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