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TheCrippledOne walks down the street looking for girls and trying to have his hair all slick,
But in reality he wants a guy with a big dick.
He searches the streets, but can't find shit,
That's why he gets on W-E and does nothing but bitch.
He complains that Angel should be banned,
But gets pissed when we pwn him because we can.

(I'm funny, right? I should be a rapper.)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Babyboy, u nothing but a sex toy for your brothers little boy. Dont even think u can sell me straight cuz when i lay my fist in your face you wont even be able to taste. Not even your jaw can take the mandible claw. You can't even take sucking on Angel's left tit cuz she dosent want your mouth over there we know why your breath smells like shit!

Where you at Babyboy? Nitemare, flash and MJW, where you at angel, red zombie, Flash, Alexxx, i left my heart in austin got lost in boston looking for the tea party, never know what im in for when i play in denver hard rock dont stop down in vegas in cinncinati the girls call me daddy and im probably aint leaving the next time im in cleavland.

There is even a Josh comitte down in kansas city!

Anyone who wants to start with me we don't even need to discuss this, I'm like MC Hammer yo, you can't touch this!

Last edited by TheCrippledOne; 02-21-2004 at 05:39 PM.
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Your raps are dope,
sort of like this one,
it makes no fucking since and the rhymes fucking suck.
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Looks like he is trying to "rip" others raps. I've heard those on songs.
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Ok TheCrippledOne...

here goes...

You're a cocksucker.

I win.
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Playing Backstage Politics
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You're a big cocksucker.

I win


My Last.FM!!

cecil's got his new piece
he cocks and shoots between three and four
he aims it at the Sailor
shoots him down dead on the floor
"oh, you shouldn't do that
don't you know you'll stain the carpet"
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Diss thread sucks.


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Originally posted by TheCrippledOne
wow! that was really bad! mom and fun dont rhyme dawg! but take a listen to my little chyme dawg. .....z call me white boy and white boys call me ..... how u gonna figga when i pull the trigga and call u a wigga!
And you think this rhyme is better then chris'?

4:20. Nothing More, Nothing Less.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Hey yo...
Drop the foolish hype this kid is the stupid type; throws the pin and holds the grenade; that's why he'll lose the fight//
I either choose to write; or use the mic; to 'bruise your sight'; and prove that after battles I won't have you 'looking right'//
If you're a thug, then drop the pillow fights; I'll put an 'end to your lines' and I don't mean 'disconnecting the phone'//
'Pop your cork'; have you spitting out 'foam'; treat you like sunny ball games in Toronto; and 'split open your dome'//
I'm the 'pilot'; let me alert you; my flow's virtue is to surface the ego that stirs you//
Shit is like getting sucked into 'airplane propellers'; I'll have my 'fans' merk you//
Shots splurge through; and penetrate the chest of this fickle bitch known as Triple Six//
Whom should go back to licking dicks; I'm known to cripple kids after I split their wigs//
Stuck up bitch! 'Building houses' is the only time you 'stack up bricks'; my mandible is prompt to chomp//
Kids get hit when I stomp; and I aint got to 'power up my hard drive' in order to 'flip on the comp.'//
It really isn't bizarre when I leave you with scars; I'm the type to 'tire you down' as if you got 'run over by cars'//
Beating you down as we spar; I'm 'nice with the hooks' just like 'Kareem Abdul Jubar'//
You've been fooling too many people thus far; I'd carve your 'head hollow' n ask for you to pay me 'no mind'//
I'd fill the shoes of your rhymes with just a few lines; plus I'm 'twice as nice' as you!!! My attitude is 'too kind'//
You beating me is like taking an obese man lightly; so please; spare me the grease; I'll be that cat boycotting your record release//
Your heart rate will just cease as your rank will decrease; it's like 'dating your uncle's daughter'; I 'take out your niece (knees)...............
----finish him-------
PRAY TO THE GODS that I don't TAKE OUT YOUR SQUAD; if you 'bet on Six'; then ur 'not PLAYING THE ODDS'!!!
I'm the champ; you need more then luck; grab your magical wands!!! Ya six couldn't have 'guns stocked' if you 'invested in WEAPONRY BONDS'!!!

I've been waiting for a thread like this to come along for some time now.
Eat it!
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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TheCrippledOne should be crucified

4:20. Nothing More, Nothing Less.
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