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The Lonesome Hobo 02-16-2004 07:55 PM

Trip Down Memory Lane...
This ladies and gents is an old time Lonesome Hobo rant:

I've been thinking, and I felt it was time to do another rant. I haven't done one in such a long time and well; there is no better time than the present. I know this probably won't get that many replies, my posts never seem to, I don't have the same effect on the folks as some do. I never talk about far out things like a "Hollow Earth" like that new guy BXL or what ever it is. I've never really considered myself even to be one of those well known names on the forums.

Those names like The Mean, Nitemare, Angel, Rajah, Chainy, AlexXX, Mr. Hanky, Kaneanite etc. People remember those names but The Lonesome Hobo, the really more orginal, if you don't mind me saying so; it doesn't seem to enter the minds. Why not? Because I don't force myself upon you like some of those I have mentioned do. Now I'm not trying to stir anything up, I have no problems with anyone on the forums. I never have and hopfully I never will even after two years. What some of these people ie. The Mean became shall we say "famous" for was being very much in your face kinda people, who were(or are) not generally liked. Then you had the catagory of people like Rajah, he falls into the Shawn catagory. A guy who knows his stuff about what he has to do, and is a family man also. But enough really about names and such.

I've been here (as stated before) about two years. I was here when the boards where red and black, they were also VERY slow. I don't think much has changed, apart from the colour scheme and the type of server used (cause they can be pretty slow for me!!). In the two years I've been here I could probably give you a list of members who have come and gone, or faded away maybe only comming back once every-so-often people like: The Mean, Richie, Lord Sepiroth, Tardy, Hollywood Game, Tabula Rasa, White Raven, BEERCAN, Stinger, Micca T, xxTorriewilsonxx, Ragin' Rivera, Richard Furness, Mr. Hankey and if I could remember any more names, I would keep going! Some of the names on that list were people I didn't like all that much. Some of them, I am still in contact with. When I look around and see all the "n00bies" who have suddenly swamped the place, I think to myself: A whole "generation" you might say, of W-E members has come and gone. Only a few of us remain, I class most of the current crop staff as being newbies. I can do this because I myself have been a moderator for two years, I think that WE's glory days have long passed. The staff back then was Admins: Tardy, Shawn and Richard Furness. The mods were; Krazy Ivan (aka me), Extreemist (aka Alex), Grace, Chainsaw (aka Chainy), Angel (yes she was on staff), Hankey, Lee and Hollywood Game and thats all I can remember. But back then it was fun, we had in my opinion alot of more interesting discussion and the fact that most of the mods used be involved in a group convo every Friday and Saturday. I was always roped into those, usually by xxxTorriewilsonxxx; I think she used to start them. I don't think it's like that anymore.

I'm pretty much a community of one here at WE, I'm the lurker that became a mod. Yes, I wil admit I was a lurker all that time ago. My becoming a mod was by saying that I would mod "Sports Center". I modded the sports on W-E until I gave it up. I modded Old School Wrestling, until that was gone; I modded Rants, until that was given to the Admins and Super Mods(a position which in my head is just silly, sorry to say all you super mods). I modded Anything for a while. Now I'm down to just sub forms with nothing really going on. Not that I'm complaining at all! :) You'll never get me off the staff, never I say! :P

I hope, if you have read this in full you will have learned something. If you're a newbie, I have some advice; be something different. That's what gets you far in places like these, and be orginal and creative. I created the Hobo Army, which now lives in infamy in the minds of all who remember it :).

You Have Been Hoboed.

Angel 02-16-2004 08:05 PM

Yeah and I was good at my job too.

Anyways, I think Hobo might have had a bit too much fermented grape drink and gotten a little nostalgic. Anyways, good times.

BrckBrlnXII 02-16-2004 08:06 PM

Re: Trip Down Memory Lane...

The Lonesome Hobo said in post #1 :
If you're a newbie, I have some advice; be something different.
I am trying to be different and I think I am doing a good job at it to.

And it is always good to hear some advice from the wise Lonesome Hobo.

OlympicZero 02-16-2004 08:09 PM

I remember that old red skin. I liked that skin, and the blue one too. I was hoboed.

EDIT: Hobo has been here exactly 100 days longer than me. :eek:

Angel 02-16-2004 08:15 PM

So have I.

Bofpak 02-16-2004 08:24 PM

Finally a post with some intellect in it. The thing I don't like here is the typical rehashed replies that most nubs make around here when they first come. It's all the same and nohting much has changed in 2 years, which is why I don't post in the wrestling sections. I'm not into wrestling as much as I once was and if anyone was wondering why I only seem to post in the non-wrestling forums at a wrestling board it's pretty much what Ivan just explained. I'm still posting here because of the original members still here that post in Anything and to an extent Rants and Music (Although many nubs continue to post crap in those 2 forums)

Agreed about the old times Ivan and although I haven't spoken to you much in that time, there's much respect. The original mods pwnd the current staff :D I think throughout the past 2 years i've modded almost every forum here and the members that you named have pretty much done the same.

Anyway, top post Hobo. Keep that dumpster firing.

EazyWillie 02-16-2004 08:35 PM

Wow, very nice "rant". I'm a newbie here, and I'm hopefully doing a good job. I've made myself known to most people, even though I'm sure and admin or someone is going to reply with a "Who are you?".

Anyway, get post, and I'll take your advice :)

Nitemare 02-17-2004 12:01 AM

I was made admin at the same time Shawn was (for reasons I won't discuss with you people :p)...

Anyway, yeah, back then those days were a lot better. I've been around for two years just as you. I think the boards were slow for you because the boards back then were CGI (not the vB board red skin like some of you more recent members might think).

Here's some other people I remember: Bigguy, Amit/The Rock (annoying little shits, eh?), James (spammed a lot, not sure of his full name), Jim Ross, Maximu$, and...umm...think I forgot the other names I was going to say...

MaryJoeWanna 02-17-2004 01:04 AM


ChristopheR. 02-17-2004 01:16 AM


Originally posted by BrckBrlnXII

I am trying to be different and I think I am doing a good job at it to.

And it is always good to hear some advice from the wise Lonesome Hobo.

Kiss ass, you wouldn't have a clue who he is.

Oh and you're trying to be different to everyone else?

*cough* crunch *cough*

I guess you're doing a great job of being different :lmao

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