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No. Also, you did/do the same thing GP with your constant "bashing", if you can call it that, of Lee.
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Ivan Petrov
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Mr.Hankey said in post #93 :
First of all, Ivan, please never again accuse someone else of being in a "comming back once every-so-often" group. I dare you to try and deny the fact that the timespan between some of your posts outweighs the amount of time I have ever been away. The hypocrisy in that statement alone is so blatant I'm suprised no one else has called you out on it yet. I respect you as a poster and consider you a friend, but you really can cook up a steaming plate of bullshit every once in a while.

Jake, I'm here most days of the week. Just because I don't in every thread I view and prefering to post something that has a little bit more intelligence and relevence then "kthnxbye". I don't often start threads, I mostly post replies and admittied thats not often but alot of the time I don't really feel like repling. I've never been a big poster as judged my by post count. Hypocryte, I think not; why? Because I'm always here when I'm online.

Originally Posted by Bill Shankley
Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that
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Yeah, BabyBoy, but see, the thing is that I do it to one person, and usually split the post half Lee-bashing and half on-topic. I don't even do a lot of Lee bashing, or not nearly enough to be given the stereotype of a Lee basher, at least not lately. He also starts it. Example: the funniest post thread. BabyBoy, I can't read half of your posts do to the unnessacarily(sp) small text you insist upon using. What I can read though are all idiotic, moronic, stupid, and just downright retarded posts a good 90% of the time.
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