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TheCrippledOne 02-10-2004 11:58 AM

Ban Angel Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the official poll for your petitions regarding Angel being banned. If you want her to be banned just sign your name down. Than i will inform Nitemare and flash and WE Champ about her cause she is now sendingme hate mail and im getting really pissed off with her or him....................IT! so just sign your name if you want her banned. Thanx


EazyWillie 02-10-2004 12:12 PM

Official Poll? I dont see a poll anywhere X_x .

Well, since I'm new, I dont really know Angel...but I'll put my name down for shits and giggles.

EazyWillie ;)

Flash 02-10-2004 12:14 PM

How is Angel sending you hate mail? If it's by Private Message here, then it can be stopped. If it's on MSN or AIM, then just block her as that's nothing to do with the forums. I'd also ask whether this "hate mail" is unsolicited - by that I mean did you do anything to provoke it?

Secondly, I'm pleased you hold me, along with Nitemare and WEChamp, in such high esteem with regard to the running of the forums. Incidentally though, by making this thread, everyone's been informed, not just those you mentioned.

TheCrippledOne 02-10-2004 12:19 PM

Damn you dont have to make this so hard! When i said poll just think of it as your making your own poll when you write your decision down whether you want her to be banned or if you could put up with her.

yes flash it is by private messaging but she is also doing it on the posts she makes to other people and it just drives me insane!!!!! she has no respect the punk bitch and she is probably not a she. probably a crippled shriviled Wrinkeled crinkeled fat stack! just plese do something about this!

Adam 02-10-2004 12:28 PM

No...without a good reason, Angel will stay :)

Flash 02-10-2004 12:31 PM

Well, if it's genuine PM Abuse then she can be warned for it. Nitemare might want to see some of the PMs or check the log or something, so that's down to him.

If it's Angel's posts that you don't like then you can always use the block function. Click the username to see the profile, scroll down and click "Add Angel to your ignore list". That'll stop you seeing any of her posts and I think (although I'm not sure) it'll mean you won't receive any more PMs.

WE Champ 02-10-2004 12:34 PM

Me, I don't even moderate and I am informed about it :) ah well. Yeah why don't you copy and paste what she said here or send it to Nitemare, Kaneanite or Rajah, They could do something about it.

Rajah 02-10-2004 02:16 PM

Show us the offending PM's.

AlexXx 02-10-2004 02:40 PM

She'll love this. Giving her attention like this

TheCrippledOne 02-10-2004 03:07 PM

i deleted the messages because my pm box was all full and that stupid red light kept flashing at me but y the hell would i lie? i dont even know her so i wouldnt get someone in trouble for something they didnt do but i mean come on! she is on here to fuck around!

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