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I was told to respect the elderly...

but Drew... you are just too much.
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Damn. You consider 18 old? Then what are you? 11? 12? Or are we talking like gp-ish 9?
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Angel why don't you go check out General WWE. I had an exclusive interview with Maven that was by the way a real interview with him over the net. Go check out Be the Booker. I have 2 posts over there that everyone said was good and no they werent just newbies that said they were very good. You make stupid posts for instance you would be a person who would make a post on 100 ways to brush your teeth. Or you would write a post on you kissing your great Grandpa for the first time. Do you see where I'm going with this? To me your just a 40 year old pedofile with no life who kisses peoples cock's who has wrinkly skin and is probably a cross eyded crusty pussy looking bitch kissing trash bag HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your time.


Anyone who wants to start with me we don't even need to discuss this, I'm like MC Hammer yo, you can't touch this!
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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don't forget about her post about shitting herself! OWNED!!!
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Yea, dude. OWNED!

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Did anyone see the Daily Show with Paul Rudd who was doing the last few episodes of Friends? I do believe he was talking about crapping his pants, and that was national television. Now fuck off.

And i don't really care anymore.
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             your sig, you have "Kanenite- Cross Eyed". Who is this "Kanenite" and why would you assume he's cross eyed?

(btw, your sigs a bit too large. Make the text smaller, or delete some of it, or something. Unless you want me to...)

The good ol' days.
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By cross-eyed do you mean retarded? Just saying retarded and don't be a pussy.
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Wheelman for James Ellsworth
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I think if you pm some one with a problem is fine as long as its not on the board because then people will get angry. But if you pm the person with your problem or what ever it should be fine just get a admin to block him/her from sending you pms if possible?

The Whole Thing I Think is (SiC)
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He can do it himself. All he would have to do is put me on his ignore list and I would automatically be blocked.

The problem with this scenario is that he was lying. Now we done here yet?
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