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Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

I know I made recently a thread in rants but this has to be made

Check this internet battle out

Spoiler for :
Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
No you didn't. You whined about the points I corrected you on and proceeded to call me a Cena lover, which pretty much proved to us all that you knew you were proven wrong. The only facts you ever provided were completely irrelevant to what we were talking about. And it's not even in arguments involving Cena. It's pretty much everything you debate about here.

If by grain, you mean logic, then yes.

Do you even realize how stupid you sound right now?

I'm not trolling, and I'm not a moron. It's called having knowledge of Pro Wrestling and knowing what I'm talking about. This interview however is my lazy way of saying you're a dumbass and you have no idea what you are talking about, even after all those times I have proven you wrong.
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
You had nightmares that's why you mention my name in this forum post on page 1 calling me ''stupid.. Due to the fact from the destruction I dished out and unleashed on you with my intellectual knowledge rattled your brain. You couldn't counter anything thrown your way and anything you tried to throw at me I presented with valid good points and logical reasoning. I may use curse words and type with Slanderish wordings and what not but I am not uneducated... the furthest from it... Proves from our many debates in the past where I owned you...

Anyway man one of our biggest debates was about Cena ''elevates people'' one of those people I mentioned was Sandow and we got into that whole debacle. And that was months ago.... You posted that same link and qoute of that thing sandow said.

I told you months ago Sandow was just saying it so he could look good for the company. He isn't dumb like Ziggler is to bash it. The man was trying to play his part and be smart. And what good did it do at the end of the day. SINCE our debate months ago. The previous months Sandow has been become a complete joke. He is FAR from elevated.... The man had a money in the bank brief case and wasn't losing anywhere near the amount of times he's not now. Nor was he doing this dumb retarded gimmicks with him dressing up like magneto and etc. And losing to faggots like adam rose in 3 seconds....

Furthermore another example I can now use since I haven't debated with you about this shit in months is Bray Wyatt. Cena really elevated bray wyatt huh? To me he's buried but some on here will say Wyatt ain't buried but just credibility ruined and irrelevent. EITHER WAY there is no way in hell you can say John Cena elevated him. I'd love for you to try and pull that retarded argument....

Anyway man I may come off as an illiterate black man. But I ain't I am well educated I just like to curse and speak the truth with profane wordings. Like Stone Cold did in his promos the man did what he had to do to get the point across.

And point blank I refuse to type 100 percent respectfully to a bunch of nerds who want to worship Cena. I don't respect you clowns to do so... Which is why I type the way I do and say what I say and how I say it....

And maybe you do know about the business but when it comes to John Cena. There ain't nobody that can defend that guy on my watch with the asinine arguments you and others pulled trying to saying he elevated so and so. I won't let you cum eating john weiner fans lie and spread the false propaganda.

The mighty
cokecan will always destroy all the cena marks propaganda....

Fuck John Weiner defenders and his marks. Not his fans but his BIG delusional defenders.... Take ya John Weiner merch and wipe ya ass with it homie...I wouldn't even wipe mine with it.

My dick is in real wifey vagina while John weiner fans suck on their thumb with their fist up their asshole.

I'm a real man 6 foot 2 270 big black tall dark and handsome. 5 o clock shadow jawline of the gods...... John Cena grown man fans over 18 are midgets in long baggy shirts saying ''you cant sheeee me'''
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
It is not a meltdown but a big paragraph of truth pummeling massacre. Stop living in denial and accept you lost the debate. I just sent you into verbal oblivion with my truth facts of justice and intellectual destruction. Scroll up to relive the massaka I just dished out and unleashed upon you sonny..... Sorry but I won't let Cena marks spread false propaganda... It's an injustice and I will fix it on my part.

And yes I am 6 foot 2 nice dark and handsome with a jawline of a God. I have the perfect Jawline..... 5 o clock shadow to...

And like I said once again you can't counter what I said. Look past all the irrelevent shit I posted with curse words and my sexy body and what not. And refer to the fact I schooled you with the truth. Cena didn't elevate the people you and I were arguing about the folks I brought up... Just remember that man....

Remember son YOU MENTIONED ME..... when you made this fucking thread.... YOU been scarred with your mind from all the beatings I dished out of knowledge about the business when it comes to Cena being garbage and you defending him. I slayed your hero with my proper words of truth facts. All of that false propaganda you dished out has been decimated.

Good day if you wish to respond again I can gladly counter you again with more victory on my part.
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
2 threads where TheGmofGods got annihilated by the mighty cokecan567. (completely destroyed by my truth facts)
(I was gonna respond to that other Cena fan in the second thread but soon as I was about to a mod closed it sadly^ either way I got the last laugh in on Thegmofthegods)

So that pretty much exposes your lie of '' me backing out''

2 threads where I desecrated on you in such a brutal violent fashion. Completely shit on you to the point mod's had to close the thread. Look who responded last to who. And notice in each post how I countered everything you said and you wouldn't even fully respond to me you kept saying it's to big to break down. YET you kept responding to me after each post. Shows that you nitpick and didn't want to respond to my valid points when I listed good reasoning. And all you did was repeat yourself forcing me to repeat my self with valid points that countered your false propaganda.

And there's been more threads but not gonna bother searching. I think you get the point.

Look I'll leave it like this there's a lot of debates on this forum

like Whose better stone cold or the rock?

Which era is better the Attitude Era or the Golden Era

WCW? OR WWF? which was better back in the day

Cm Punk or Bryan whose better


But when it comes down to anything with John Cena the man sucks big dick. I got no problem with people wanting to claim Rock is better than austin or austin better than rock. Or etc... But when people defend cena a guy who is complete trash and pretty much ruined the business that's where they gotta get put in place
Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
I didn't feel like putting much effort in responding to you, but since I have some free time and a small amount of text seems to piss you off, lets see what a large amount can do.

I don't see myself getting destroyed at all in any of those threads. In fact those were the threads where I had numerous people (some of which who weren't even Cena fans) backing me up on my claims and thought you were a moron.

In fact, now looking through those threads, there's three main points I've made to you that you have continued to ignore.

1. Cena was a big draw before he won his first WWE Championship, there for proving Cena didn't become a draw because he was shoved down everyone's throat. And it goes without saying that there's no way you could put anyone else in Cena's position and they would get the same success. All you need to do is look at Cm Punk, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and a few others and your point is reduced to bullshit.
2. He's been a part of a lot of WWE's best matches for many years now, including his critically acclaimed matches with Punk, his match with Lesnar, his match with Bryan, (the last two I didn't think were all that great), his matches with others like Umaga, Wyatt (well, his LMS and WM match, fuck their steel cage match), Jericho, Michaels, just to name a few. You keep claiming he's absolute shit and you aren't explaining why.
3. Sandow HIMSELF said Cena elevated him.

These are three facts I made to you through out the entire thread. They completely derail everything you've said. And all you've done is ignore them and claim that I'm a Cena mark for it, which is why, yet again, you were in the OP, because you are one of the most biased posters on this forum.

If you aren't, then stop ignoring these points, and respond to them with FACTS (not assumptions that only the common village idiot would come up with). Otherwise, all you're doing is proving my point.

No it doesn't.


I didn't state this at all. I said the rest of your post was the same bullshit so I wasn't going to waste my time on it when I'd just be repeating myself.

And lol what? You're pointing out that you replied last during a time when I had mid terms in my junior year of college? Trust me when I say this, I would have responded. You can be assured of that.

How does that show that I didn't want to respond to your valid points when you just said that I nitpick and kept responding to you? Also you just got done saying that I wasn't attempting to respond to you and was trying to back out and yet here you are stating that I kept responding to you after each post. So which is it?

And all you need to do is read the posts in those threads to realize that none of what you just said is true.

If the point is that you're an idiot, then I think that was established a long time ago, but never the less I think I get the point.

And you just proved my point as to why you are biased towards him. Seriously, you're making this way too easy for me. You're trying to tell me you aren't biased and that you don't belong here and then you say things like this and wonder why I have you mentioned here. I don't know if you live in your own world where everything you say is right and everything else is wrong or if you're just as stupid as you're making yourself out to be, but regardless all you're doing when you say things like this is proving that I'm right and you're wrong.

And that's another thing that you never go into detail on or make any actual facts to support. How has Cena ruined the business? In what way has he effected the business negatively? You can't just say this and not have anything to support the matter. And that's all you did in those debates. Why don't you give us a reason to believe you? Because the simple matter is, we aren't going to believe someone who posts shit as stupid as you do when you just flat out tell us stuff like this with no evidence. That's not how life works.

Oh and btw, you're not 6'2 and handsome. No one who is what you just described spends their time getting pissed off when people praise someone like Cena on the internet.
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
Your delusional that's why yout can't see yourself getting annihilated. Anyone who agrees with you are Cena fanboys and all of these people who say '' they aren't even cena fans'' usually are cena fans in denial or just a cover up. Theres MANY of them on this forum..... And you're one of them. I didn't ignore anything in those threads. Those
threads show me countering and destroying you and you ignoring a lot of my points and constantly repeating your propaganda causing me to repeat my truth.....

The point is is that Cena is nothing special is what I was tryng to tell you in those threads. He is not a larger than life character. And he isn't some amazing draw. I agree he has his fans but he is nothing transcendant is what I told you in that thread. He can be replaced with someone else even better. John Cena is not the rock austin or Hogan. Get over it already. He is a shitty wrestler, shitty mic worker, shitty everything.

Punk was never booked the way cena was booked he was a mid card champion. Kevin Nash sucked as champ and has been no here near on top as long as Cena has been.

Best match my fucking ass? Maybe in YOUR OPINIONS..... Cm Punk vs Cena at money in the bank 2011 was good BECAUSE OF CM PUNK. Not because of Cena.. Punk carried his ass and the whole storyline was interesting BECAUSE of punk not Cena.... and as for his match with lesnar. Are you joking man? Lesnar shit on him for 25 min and cena literally won that match with 2 moves and then no sold the whole thing after.... What cause he bled? Big fucking deal....

I'll gladly take Punk Vs Lesnar, HBK vs Taker, HHH vs Taker, HHH vs Lesnar Jericho vs Punk etc etc from recent years over shitty match involved with Cena. Because the opponents carry cena. All Cena does is kick out numerous times and automatically it's a good match to you morons who like Cena. The man look like complete slop in the ring. And those are PG era matches.

Now for Ruthless Agression era fued/matches. I can easily pick Angle Vs Lensar, Austin vs Rock ( their last match) Lesnar vs Taker matches Guerrero vs JBL Orton vs Foley...Benoit/HHH/HBK feud etc all over shitty Cena ruthless aggression era feuds where the opponents made him look good. Only credit I'll give Cena is the match he had with JBL cause he bled profusely but again MANY people bleed in wrestling....

Once again does that mean it's true. Go look where the guy's been ever since..... Here you go repeating yourself WITHOUT showing clarification to any of the things I stated. Sandow's really elevated huh jobbing out to losers like adam rose in 3 seconds. And then every week having to come out looking like a joke and losing to other retards in seconds. When has the guy even won a match since? Not once since he got fed to Cena. Like I said just because the man was trying to look good and say something nice so he doesn't get put on the shit list like Ziggler who runs his mouth. Doesn't make it fact.

Just destroyed this retarded notion. Scroll up. Continue to repeat yourself I will do the same and keep countering you....

You've STILL YET to even explain to me how Bray Wyatt was elevated by Cena. That is still completely ignored by you and proves my point. Forget the sandow situation. How about you try justifying what they did with Wyatt with Cena in that ordeal. I'd love to hear that from you.

''mid terms'' what a retarded excuse LMFAO!!!!!! yet you had time to continue to respond to me. You couldn't respond to jack shit. You kept ignoring my posts claiming you weren't gonna respond cause it's to big and shit basically. And that you weren't gonna bother breaking it down and you would via PM or whatever. Either way you still tried to respond to me by repeating shit I already countered which caused me to continue repeating myself destroying your false propaganda as usual.

And once again PLEASE do explain Bray Wyatt and if you want explain how Sandow has been elevated by Cena. Don't go by his little interview where he's basically trying to stay in good minds and peace and not bash the company like Ziggler does. Please go in detail what relevant good storyline or push has sandow has since?

And if you want I can even list more people whose credibility was ruined by cena, Like Ryder for example another example I used in defence to your ''Cena elevates people and doesn't ruin credibility notion''

You didn't respond to all of my points like what I am telling you now with Sandow. How was the guy elevated what credible storyline was he in. That is nitpicking your completely ignoring it and claiming Cena elevated him by posting an interview with Sandow trying to look nice and not bash cena or the company like ziggler does...

And I exposed you for trying to say I ''backed out of the arguments'' by posting those threads. You been exposed as a liar.... So now you use that retarded mid term excuse lmfao. Yet you kept talking to me until the mods closed that thread. Like I said constantly nitpicked things to respond without giving actual reasoning to my counters and facts presented.

And yes I am biased towards Cena just like you are biased for liking John Cena. And where did I ever claim I wasn't biased? I just found it funny you mentioned my name in your post and then called me ''stupid'' so basically you wanted to start another debate with me and here I am destroying your ass again.... And the same could be said to you

''I don't know where you live in your own world where everything is right''

That's irony my good sir.

Ratings down, Buyrates down etc. Having this guy on top so long hasn't done anything great for the business. It's been the same since and he's ruining good talents like Bray wyatt etc.


Yes I am 6 foot 2 tall dark and handsome. And proud to say it with confidence. Is that hard for you to understand? Maybe your bitch ass is fucking 5 foot 1 or 300 pounds of fat and ugly. But not me. I'm a proud mandingo.... And this forum is a place where we can vent out frustration for wrestling and discuss about it. So by your logic I guess you spending your time praising Cena and defending him and blowing his dick and swallowing all the load of cena whenever someone like me hates on him. They must not be 6 foot 2 tall dark and handsome. MAYBE that's you. Maybe your a midget then lol! Since it's so hard for you to realize some of us here are over 6 feet and are handsome men with good jawlines and 5 o clock shadow....

Anyways go blow cena some more nerd. I'll be waiting to destroy your ass again. And please do mention how Cena elevated Sandow and Wyatt and Ryder and not ruin credibility of them. Please do list what great storylines and accolades their characters receieved.
Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
Again, you are making this way too easy for me.

Proof #1 that you're biased.

"Anyone who disagrees with me are fanboys" cliche.

In other words, proof #2 that you're biased.

So despite the fact that I'm apparently nitpicking and still responding to everything you're saying, I'm apparently ignoring a lot of your points.

Uh huh.

You were trying to tell me he was garbage. That's completely different.

And so far you haven't proven this at all yet.

Again, you still haven't proven this yet. You can't just flat out say it, you have to prove it. And if he wasn't a big draw and was easily replaceable then why did he have such a big fanbase during a time when he wasn't even being heavily pushed in 2005?

Get over what? I never claimed he was.

Proof #3 that you're biased. And it goes beyond that. If you want to think that, then by all means think it, but there are a lot of people here who think otherwise. Someone here said that Cena has more than 5 moves, I guess he's a Cena fan right?

Cena was never booked the way he was now in 2004 and 2005 when he started to have a huge following and was playing a huge part in WWE's ratings going back up. Not a valid argument.

And wait, now booking matters all of a sudden? It didn't matter to you with Hogan, but now it suddenly applies here? Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit logic.

Again, not a valid argument and completely irrelevant, and also tells us that you don't do any research. If we compare the amount of time Kevin Nash was on top to the amount of time Cena was on top starting out, he completely blows Nash out of the water in...well, basically everything.

Best matches, not best match. Big difference (that btw is nitpicking).

And did you seriously just put a question mark at the end of that statement? Are you really that unsure of yourself?

One guy doesn't turn a match into a classic, especially when the guy you just named was the one that was botching a lot of the moves in the match. They both did a great job in the match, you could tell it wasn't a carry job at all just by watching the match.

Couldn't agree more on the storyline being interesting only because of Cm Punk, but again, this was not a carry job by any means. Do you even know what someone being carried means?

I'm going off of what other people say (since, you know, I actually respect what others think and don't think my opinion is the be all end all in the world like you do), so I'm going off of what the majority thinks here. If you knew me at all or paid attention to my posts in the past, you would know that I hate the Lesnar/Cena match and feel the same way that you do. But for what ever reason, a lot of people praise the hell out of the match.

Umaga did not carry Cena in their last man standing match. Bray Wyatt did not carry Cena in their matches. If you pay attention at all to the matches, you know that Cena usually calls out a lot of the spots (and he does it so often that you end up hearing what he says). Cena being carried hasn't been a common thing since 2006 when he actually wasn't a good in ring performer and was still learning.

First off the PG Era doesn't exist.

Second, if that was the reason for the match being good then I wouldn't have mentioned two Last Man Standing matches that he was in. Fucking idiot.

That's not the point. The point was that you were trying to say that anyone who thought that was an idiot. So I gave you the guy who was directly involved in it and was the so called "victim" of it who not only thought it but actually found a lot of good in it.

And btw, yes it does make it true. That and the other reports involving the matter. You're trying to argue that Cena DIDN'T make Sandow look good right? But despite this, Sandow is claiming it did, and many people backstage were impressed and applauded him for how good he looked in the match. So clearly you're wrong.

What the hell are you talking about? Where are you getting this "without showing clarification" bs? You're bringing up something that has absolutely nothing to do with this. WWE made the decision to have Sandow lose his contract. It was clearly obvious that they planned on having him be pushed down from the start. But instead of a complete burial, it instead was a match that made Sandow look credible and gave him a lot of praise backstage, if you paid any attention to the reports at all that is. What is happening a year later has absolutely nothing to do with this, because..

1. There's nothing stating that Sandow suddenly got in this position because of the fact that he lost the match.
2. He's clearly shown praising that moment as being a good thing for him.
3. You're claiming he's trying to be a nice guy, but no wrestler has ever actually done this before and once again, you're making this claim with no evidence, no facts and no "clarification" that makes what you're saying correct or even believable. What, did Sandow himself tell you this? Because unless he did or someone else was told this and told you, you're full of shit.

So through all of this, those are your three arguments to my points. And just as I predicted, you didn't make a single fact and didn't have ANY evidence that showed that what you are saying is correct. In other words, proof #4 that you're biased.

No you actually didn't. Keep trying though.

I've explained it to you numerous times now. Because he made Wyatt look like an actual threat, took Cena to the limit with limited amount of help from the other members of the Wyatt family, kicked out of Cena's finisher, made Cena question himself, and most importantly, underwent numerous changes in his character that were made as a result of encountering Cena and learning what he was all about. All of this while also being a HEEL, something you and many others who claim Cena buried him have completely forgotten the meaning of.

Be honest, how old are you?

yet you had time to continue to respond to me.

I never once made this claim, putting words in my mouth won't help your argument here. And btw, if any of this were true then I wouldn't be responding to you right now.

Rather than do that (which I already did), how about you prove to me that this is exactly what Sandow is doing? Because so far you haven't provided ANY evidence that staying in "good minds and peace with the company" is the reason why Sandow said that in the interview.

And also, if you don't want me to use the interview, then don't ask me to provide evidence that he was elevated. Because a Pro Wrestler stating he was elevated by another wrestler is the best kind of evidence you can use when saying that someone was elevated by another person.

Again, completely irrelevant. Do you not understand how the business works?

I never claimed that Cena never ruined anyone's credibility. In fact I clearly stated in many threads that Ryder was one of the people whose career was ruined by Cena. In fact I even made a thread about it. I also said the Nexus were ruined by Cena.

Proof #5 that you're biased and hypocritical as shit. You just repeated yourself on this point, but it's okay when you do it right?

No, you didn't.

What?? First off congrats on finally admitting it, now you've confirmed to all of us that your opinion in regards to him is utter bullshit and half of the things you are saying is out of hate and not out of logical thinking.

Second, a person doesn't become biased for liking someone, especially when it's a person I've never claimed to like and in fact have complained a lot about in the past. You could literally apply this idiotic logic to ANYONE who likes a wrestler.

Not really, in fact you can't say the same for me at all. I named you because you are biased and I said you were stupid because...well, you are stupid. And because I've seen a lot of your arguments, not just the ones you've had with me, and have felt this way about you for a pretty long time, well before we even first debated. Actually, a lot of people feel this way about you in case you haven't noticed.

In order for it to be ironic, I would have to be biased in what I say. Literally nothing you've said so far prove that and me being biased on the matter hasn't been proven at all.

Really? So the Attitude Era ending, the dramatic change in the product, talents like the Rock, Austin, Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Hogan leaving over time, the PG rating turning away adult fans, the Guest Host era (which actually did improve ratings at first and then turned fans away) and an overall decline in Pro Wrestling in general had nothing to do with the ratings decreasing?

And that big global recession that went on for about, what, five or so years? I guess that had nothing to do with the Buyrates going down right? Or the fact that the prices to order WWE's PPV's increased dramatically during the recession? Nah, it was all Cena.

And in regards to him being on top not doing anything good for WWE, I guess guys like Edge, Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, becoming main event talents partially because of Cena were ruined by him, right? And lets not forget about Umaga, a guy who was on track to do so until he fucked himself over? We're just gonna ignore that? Or what about the fact that just this past year WWE had their most profitable year ever while having a guy who's net worth is over 100 million as their top face? We're just going to ignore all of this right?

No you're not.

5 ft 7, 156 pounds, and that's while being a CC runner. I'll let you do the math so you can figure out how much of that is muscle.

Oh I'm sure there's someone around here that fits that description. But you're not one of them.

And if you really are, then I guess I wouldn't be out of line to ask for pics now would I? Lets see what your excuse is for this one.

Okay. I look forward to seeing you talk about how a guy whose net worth is 100 million doesn't make the WWE any money and that despite being WWE's top face for ten years doesn't do anything at all for the WWE and is nothing special while Hogan is a once in a lifetime talent.
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
Yes I am making it easy to set YOU up for a fail vs me because I win every fucking time homeboy.

And if biased means me hating cena. YES I hate cena. But YOU are clearly a cena defender and are a fan of the guy. Don't even deny it. Anyone who makes the asinine excuses that you do to defend the guy and continue to repeat himself even after being put in place is clearly a biased cena mark.

You still don't get what I mean huh. You're fucking stupid homeboy. You is one dence motha fucka. When I say you are nitpicking I am trying to imply the fact that you won't answer and counter the fact I been asking you how has cena elevated wyatt and sandow and ryder etc. All you've done is post that retarded interview sandow kissing up to the company to look good. Show me how it has in any way elevated sandow and his character on the show and card etc. And please explain how both ryder and bray wyatt were ever elevated by cena. You nit pick and choose not to answer that. I'll scroll down and see if you have yet to fucking answer what I been saying to you LOL......

He is garbage.... That's the whole point of this. You make him out like he's a God and defend him with absurd asinine notions. It's fucking stupid.

You have yet to prove how he is such a great transcending star. All I have to say is refer to Austin Rock Hogan. They brought millions into the product. Ratings records buy rates etc etc. Cena is just a guy whose made money because of the way he's booked. He is nothing special and not in their leauge period. Cena could easily be replaced by someone better if given the right booking. Cena lacks any charisma to be larger than life which is why he hasn't transcended the business like Hogan Austin Rock...

I never said he didn't have his fans. Cena wasn't the only one pushed either it was batista to. And back then he was the thuganomics not the goofball he is today. More people liked him back then and he did a whole 180 change and turned on what got him popular orginally in the first place. People got sick of him by 2006 hense those crowds that shit all over him at mania 2006 and one night stand 2006. Since then the mans been shit on in pretty much majority of the arenas he goes in. He draws to the Cena fans. He doesn't bring any massive numbers in like Austin Rock Or Hogan did. Because again, he's nothing special and he is far from a transcendant guy because he lacks the charisma and is an over rated bum. The cena fans like YOU by into his booking and like the kayfabe character.

It seems like you are claiming he is because you're implying Cena is something special and an amazing transcendant guy like Austin Rock and Hogan. And he is the furthest thing from it.... You claim he's not replaceable when he can clearly be if given the right booking to soemone else. Daniel Bryan was that guy. And the man was more over than cena ever was and all they did was bury the man and the fans still stuck behind him.

No. I can flat out tell you right now the man has more than 5 moves. It's just all the moves he attempts to do look shitty. I'll give him credit the man does do an okay leg drop but that's about it. And that's coming from me a massive John Cena hater. But the thing I know your a big cena fan/defender is because of the lengths you go to defending cena with asinine false propaganda notions. The man fucking blows... You claim he is irreplaceable and that he elevated sandow even though HE CLEARLY has been buried.

Uh You can thank Batista for that. Big Dave ALSO had a push. Batista was basically the other top guy. He main evented mania 2005.

The fact you even say that makes me think you didn't watch when Hogan was on top .Cena couldn't sniff Hogans asshole. Hogan brought millions to the product and was mega transcendant. Cena wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Hogan. Hogan may not been the best ring worker but he was charasmatic as hell and many loved the guy refer to his highest rated segment of all time. Cena ain't done jack shit compared to Hogan. And Hogan turned heel. Cena won't.

I am not denying Kevin Nash sucked. I was only a fan of Nash in the NWO. Either way he still was never on top as long as Cena. So it really doesn't matter.

I was implying ''best matches'' even though I said best match. Same thing. You're basically saying you think Cena was a part of the best matches and I already stated plenty of matches/feuds I'd choose over Cena with whoever else.

Cena looks terrible and is awful at selling the moves. Punk may not be perfect but he is far better than Cena was in that match BY FAR... And by far as talent as well. Punk got me intrigued into that whole storyline as well he was the star in that whole feud/match. Not fuckboy cena.

He carried Cena's ass through the match and storyline. Go watch a John Cena vs Big Show match and I rest my case. Cena is a shitty wrestler. If you like the way he wrestles than that's you I guess. I think he looked shitty. And Punk carried him in that storyline on the mic and the storytelling as a whole. Cena is garbage on the mic.

Bray Wyatt carried Cena. The fact you think he didn't LOL...I can't believe you even say that retarded bullshit LMFAO... Go watch the match with Cena vs Kane the next night on RAW after that last cena vs wyatt match. Kane is way past his prime and sucks now and cena already sucks and go watch bray wyatt vs cena. Basically a broom stick vs bray wyatt. And the next night on raw a broom stick vs another broom stick.

Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
[/First off the PG Era doesn't exist.

Second, if that was the reason for the match being good then I wouldn't have mentioned two Last Man Standing matches that he was in. Fucking idiot.

LMFAO '' First off the PG era doesn't exisit''

I totally forgot this was another argument I destroyed you in. EVEN YOUR HERO John Cena admitted there is a PG era on Stone Cold's podcast that WWE is in the PG ERA direction. Go listen to the podcast with Cena and Stone Cold. Not to mention the fact WWE completely went from a smash mouth TV show with blood violence women and a TV-14 rating and went and changed it into a family friendly PG rated show. And again John Cena himself even refered to the ''PG ERA'' on stone cold's podcast.

Cena made Sandow look like complete shit. How is it beleivable that a guy with 1 arm (cena had an injured arm) who gets attacked before the match. Sandow beat the fuck out of him threw him into steps and kept attacking him. He still ended up losing to Cena. And since then has been jobbing out and hasn't one a match since. In what way did Cena make Sandow's character more credibile on the card that he got elevated? Please do explain that you've yet to. And also I'm still waiting for you to explain Bray Wyatt and Zack ryder. Once again you're just nit picking....

Show me clarification. What relevant storyline, feud, victory or anything has Sandow been in since? I can provide facts to why Cena never elevated him and he's credibility has gone down hill since. Since he's been jobbing out to adam rose within 3 many other loses while doing this dumb gimmicks. From Magneto that time he came out in a tu tu or whatever the fuck that was. Dressing up like lebron james and paul bonyan and all the other stupid crap they done to the guy. The man is buried.

It is clearly obvious Sandow is trying to play the game when he did that interview in hopes of keeping on the companies good side. He isn't dumb like ziggler to bash it. And still the man has been booked like complete shit since losing to cena. He is an absolute joke now... Show me ANY PROOF that cena elevated his character. What relevant storyline feud victory has he been in. Like I said I have provided many reasoning why he's not been elevated and is a joke now.

I sure did. Decimated these retarded arguments by you lmfao...

Finally!!! You're mentioning Wyatt. And no you haven't explained jack shit until now. Well try to explain you're retarded reasoning LMFAO...

What you just said is the dumbest thing I've ever read on this forum when it comes to Wyatt being ''elevated by cena'' Usually the people who claim he was elevated don't even state why and claim he just wasn't ruined by Cena. Lmfao.... Alright thanks for the laughs on this one. Anyways....

Let me break down the Cena Wyatt feud for you. This is a copy/paste of mine I saved responding to another retard like you who claims Cena elevated Wyatt.

Here is a copy/paste from the guy I responded to who said this.

I'll bold it for you.

AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM.... Bray Wyatt was on an amazing run he EVEN had a win on the SOON to be WWE WHC in Daniel Bryan who was getting pushed to win the belts at the time. And Bryan never got his win back either. And I had no problem really with it at the time cause i Looked it as wyatt was getting built up. BUT in all actuality he was just another heel built up to be fed to cena. LIKE MANY MANY people who I could list...

The thing is they should of put wyatt in a feud with bryan after he had the belts instead of that retarded feud with kane. IMO it should of been shield vs wyatts at mania. Shield was wasted in a random shitty filler match at mania. Wyatt got fed to Cena on THE BIGGEST STAGE OF THE YEAR and ONE of the biggest mania's of all time aka the 30th anniversary of mania. People look back at that and they remember the fact cena won THAT MATCH. AND by the way in such a ridiculous fashion. All the Wyatt's constantly inferered in the match and still they wouldn't even give bray a cheating win. Cena still went over.

The feud continued and throughout the whole feud. Cena no sold bray's promo's broke kayfabe and made a mockery of bray instead of making him look like a legit threat. And the times he ''tried to make it look serious'' How could we when one we he called wyatt a hobo and then he claims he's scared the next week he's not and back and forth so forth. Cena's acting in the promos with wyatt were terrible. Wyatt shined while Cena looked like a joke.

Then that ER cage match came up and the RAW right before it it was 3 ON 1 handicapped match. Cena AA'd wyatt and was about to pin him right before Luke and Eric jumped in. THEY COULDN'T EVEN GIVE BRAY WYATT A WIN INA HANDICAPPED MATCH..... Not even a pinfall...

Then the Cage match came Cena looked like superman... No better yet like almighty God where the dude literally could of won 75 times. All 3 wyatt's down how does the match end? A little child singing and cena is ''scared'' and then wyatt doesn't even get to pin cena his win is escaping the cage cause a kid distracted cena... and again HOW MANY TIMES did the wyatt's interfere in that match? I lost count...

And to top it off finish off the burial and close the cena wyatt feud they have Cena defeat Wyatt in that last man standing match. Uso's never once touched wyatt's yet the Wyatt brothers attacked Cena and Bray wyatt was even down for a count of TEN and ref didn't see it. And still Cena wins the match in the end and stands over wyatt in a box sort of like a coffin as if he buried Wyatt. Cena then SOLD the whole beating and smirked after the match and got up like nothing as well.

AND SINCE THEN HOW THE FUCK has this elevated bray wyatt? He's been irrelevant ever since. I can't even remember him winning a match. Not once during the Cena/Wyatt fued did Wyatt get a pin.

The fact that the former WWE WHC daniel bryan couldn't get a win on Wyatt yet cena could just shows how much of a joke and retarded this booking is.

What the fuck did Cena gain from beating Wyatt? Wyatt could of gained a lot of credibility if he beat Cena in this feud even if it wasn't clean. If anything wyatt lost credibility and now is irrelevant.
Now look where we are. Cena wins the belt again. Not only did he recently get fed one of the companies best heels now he has the belt again. A lot good this company is at building up talent right? Fuck no they still revolve it around this douche bag bitch pussy square head fuck.

Anyway your comment has been buried. I couldn't resist burying that retarded comment of yours with my truth....

Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
[I never once made this claim, putting words in my mouth won't help your argument here. And btw, if any of this were true then I wouldn't be responding to you right now.
You did plenty and I exposed you and destroyed you plenty...

Show me one relevant storyline the man's done or win he has had. Again already countered this and have provided many reasons why he is buried and has not been elevated by cena. Scroll up agian just repeating yourself with different words.

Yet you're claiming he never ruined wyatt? and real good he has elevated sandow and wyatt huh? What great positions they are on the card now.

I said I am a biased cena hater? You yet to admit your a biased fan of the guy though.

You are biased and will defend the guy with retarded notions.

I don't care that you named me I actually found it funny however since you wanted to insult me by calling me stupid then I will insult you back and since you wanted to debate me again here we are me destroying you again...

And I seen you're posts as well with others aruging with people. Many can say the same to you as well. And I know I am not liked on here I don't care to me. A lot of Cena fans like yourself dislike me. I really don't care. And I have also been told by people to ignore you via pm that you're just a dude who likes to go back and forth but I won't back down to you. Cause I know I am right
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
Yes the product as a whole also has turned shit away but Cena is not drawing these fans in. Once again brings me back to the point if Cena was so great like you claim and not replaceable than why isn't he so transcendant like austin rock hogan. He can be replaced is my point. Yes the show also has to improve but Cena is not God which is how you've made him out to me.

I never said Cena didn't put punk and bryan over but he has certainly ruined plenty of crediblity of wrestlers. And Don't you think HE had TO put those guys over SINCE they were the hot acts. And Cena is so great yet WWE lost over 800 million dollars. While this guy is the face of the company.

LMFAO!!!!! scrawn..... I'm 6 foot 2 muscle boy and I out weight you....

No wonder you have a hard time beleiving I'm 6 foot 2. Look at how short you are compared to me lol!!! Maybe you're not in you're 20's like I thought and you're still growing. Who knows.

Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
Oh I'm sure there's someone around here that fits that description. But you're not one of them.

And if you really are, then I guess I wouldn't be out of line to ask for pics now would I? Lets see what your excuse is for this one.

I'll more than happily post my photo after you post yours. Since you're asking for my photo lmfao!!!! Just remember the wrestling forum is gonna probably edit our photos. But I am confident in what I look like and will gladly post my photo ONCE you post yours. That is the deal buddy. Hilarious though how ANOTHER MAN wants to see/is requesting to see ANOTHER MAN's photo. By the way you think you're ''muscular'' just wait if you do decide to post your photo I will gladly show mine and you will be embarrassed. So reconsider if you want to take me up on this offer. Your choice.

Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
Okay. I look forward to seeing you talk about how a guy whose net worth is 100 million doesn't make the WWE any money and that despite being WWE's top face for ten years doesn't do anything at all for the WWE and is nothing special while Hogan is a once in a lifetime talent.
He is nothing special like Hogan cause if he was where's all the many people drawn to the product like Hogan did. Or Austin and Rock for that matter. And theres more people in the world now then there was back in the 80's and 90's. Surely you would think more of a select audience would be watching since the population is even more than back then to eh?
Originally Posted by cokecan567 View Post
lmfao I literally logged in this forum an hour ago clicked this thread. seen thegmofgods here came back an hour later or so and still viewing this thread and then a few minutes later he finally posted that above post ^

so I've come to the conclusion this moron couldn't counter what I said so he just decided to say fuck it and copy/paste qoutes of me destroying him rofl!

your welcome.

and like I said I will more than happily post my photo provided you give yours first. I don't just post my photo randomly to strangers on a forum (another man asking me now mind you) I am proudly 6 foot 2 dark and handsome. you are 5 foot 7 lmfao! shortstuff lol! My fucking wifey is your height lmfao!!!!

I can proudly say I stand at a good height of 6 foot 2 and am a nice looking black african american man. you are most likely a short white boy. Just because I am taller than you Gmofthegods doesn't mean I am lying. If I wanted to lie I'd say I was 6 foot 7 or some shit and that I was a millionaire and that is not the obviously. Being over 6 feet is normal for many people. I kind of feel bad you don't have the privaledge of knowing how good it is to be over 6 feet. After all 5 foot 7 is damn lmfao....... you're not a midget but your short

anyways post yours and I'll gladly post mine. That is the deal. But be assured users on here will most likely fuck with your photo as well as mine.

P.S. go drink some milk maybe you'll grow a few inches there thegmofgods lmfao.

I officially declare my self the victor in this little feud. Unless you decide to continue to try and counter my posts it's your call.

P.S. not sure if I said this already but my WIFEY is your height LMFAO!!!!

I know that I'm known here as a walls of text poster but after having a headache after reading that I must say that you two killed the excitement for good so I will never be able to post a lengthy text aka walls of text again.
Thank you for destroying the art of writing a long post.

On the other hand you made me also realize that you don't have to write a novel to get a point across but still fuck you and your discussion.
The only reason why TheGMofGods is worse is because he is gay for John Cena

That means no more walls of text made by DualShock
at least in rants

Last edited by DualShock; 07-05-2014 at 01:04 PM.
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

That means no more walls of text made by DualShock
at least in rants
fucking liar copy pasting walls of text doesn't mean you aren't posting up walls of text

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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Holy shit TL;DR.
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Did you fucking expect me to read all that :drake1 where can I download the audiobook version.

Undead Legion 4 Life
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Cokecan - "I am proudly 6 foot 2 dark and handsome"

Thegmogodsofasfujhfoasdhdos - "5 ft 7, 156 pounds, and that's while being a CC runner. I'll let you do the math so you can figure out how much of that is muscle. "

now it's getting serious!
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

I decided to put it in the spoiler tag and edited my OP. I had to because these two clowns gave me headache
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

There was a time in WF when we 2 used to be the ones who loved the walls of text? Remember that DS? If you stop long posting it almost feels like an end of an era's kinda sad in a way.
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
There was a time in WF when we 2 used to be the ones who loved the walls of text? Remember that DS? If you stop long posting it almost feels like an end of an era's kinda sad in a way.
I enjoy your walls of text and I had never difficulties to read that, maybe because your style with blue letters and bolded text made it more easier to read, maybe because your posts (no matter if someone agrees or disagrees) had always a point
But look at these two idiots, they are not even able to quote posts properly

I will continue to post long posts but in the classic wrestling section or other threads where it requies longer texts but posting novels in rants where it comes to arguing with other users? Unlikely
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
There was a time in WF when we 2 used to be the ones who loved the walls of text? Remember that DS? If you stop long posting it almost feels like an end of an era's kinda sad in a way.
Fuck, thank God I wasn't here.


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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

dualshock and ice_edge have nothing on desolationrow and triple g when it comes to walls of text.

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