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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Originally Posted by elhijodelbodallas View Post
cokeCAN? More like cokeCAN'T am I right?? LOLOLOLOL
trust me your girl would leave you for me. my haters are john cena fans like you. you guys are a bunch of fucking nerds. short pudgy nerds waving there hands across their face doing the you can't see me shit. I'd embarass you nerds infront of your gfs and show them what a real man is like all nice big and monster sized.

I'd rob John Cena fan grown men fanboys money if I could and then donate it all charity LOL.
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

and I'm giving some of you cena marks credit I'm not calling y'all virgins cause I am sure SOME OF YOU (only some )you can get some GFS. I mean after all the world's population grows over time and it's massive so I don't doubt some of you may have one...SOME of you.... BUT...Mostly some of you may be masterbating with ya pillow cases at John Cena's body while wearing ya John Cena pajamas at night. But for the few of you that may have one trust me when I say that a mandingo like myself would easily show you up. And you're girl would say adios to ya.

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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Chill dude, I like and agree with you and your awesome avatar. It was just a silly joke.

Please let Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs Dash & Dawson be a best of 7 series
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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Girls clearly ask "Are you a Cena fan" before taking the D. I'm with cokecan on this one.


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Re: Thank you TheGMof Gods & cokecan567

Originally Posted by TheGMofGods View Post
I used his comeback against Big Show as an example. Pointing to the fact that it was the Big Show doesn't derail what I was arguing in anyway. As I stated before, one of the best ways to show just how good of a storyteller you are is to put yourself against a significantly larger opponent and play the face role. Flair, Punk, Bryan, Michaels, they were able to do it extremely well, hell even Lesnar himself did it against the Big Show of all people, a guy you just named. So why couldn't Angle do it?

And "getting huge pops" and "the fans clearly loved" are both the same thing. And even then, that doesn't = great storytelling. Fans loved the HBK/Angle match at Wrestlemania and yet from a storytelling perspective the match was awful.

Edit: Why the hell is Cokecan not posting anymore? Oh god please don't tell me he realized how stupid he was sounding and stopped.
Ok, if you are saying Daniel Bryan had an epic story telling match with the Big Show, which one was it? lol. And again, Big Show vs Angle, ending in a shitty DQ, you expect a great storyline out of that? Really now, I know you'll stick with your argument to the death but using that match is the equivalent of me citing a Khali vs CM Punk to say that Punk is a shitty worker.

And yes, big pops don't always = great story telling, but big pops on a consistent basis like Angle was doing lead to money. So what Angle was doing, even if it's not your cup of tea, clearly worked. If the guy came back to the WWE tomorrow, people would pay to see this guy, even if he's doped up on half the pills in existence and hasn't been on WWE TV in close to a decade.

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