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Re: WOAT poster on WF?


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Re: WOAT poster on WF?


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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

is this just the new stupid posts thread?

in regard to Cena or Lesnar being able to slam Andre the Giant...
Originally Posted by eskymi View Post
Now they probably could cause Andre is probably nothing but bones so he'd probably be easy to lift. But in REAL LIFE at his size and such, no...they might be able to body slam cause the guy getting lifted uses his momentum to help get lifted and slammed, but to physically pick up a guy that large and F5 or AA him, NO FUCKING WAY.
actually, I think he's making a skeleton joke and it just went over my head. so, woops.
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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

Another WOAT level poster that goes unnoticed is "World's Best". So ironic.

Originally Posted by The True Believer View Post
Between his insistence on bringing up puro wrestling in just about every WWE section thread he posts in and his blind Bryan bashing, KO Bossy is looking like a WOAT the more I see him. It's even worse than before. Now, he's trying to make Daniel Bryan fans look like hypocrites for liking/disliking other wrestlers just because of the similarities/differences between them and Bryan.

I even remember him making a post that called out Bryan fans that don't like Ziggler "for some reason" when both of them were/are opressed by "the system".
I used to think he's a good poster but he keeps proving his detractors right. Lost count of the number of times he's whined about how Bryan fans don't like Ziggler even though they are "similar".

Originally Posted by WrestlingforEverII View Post

Just saw his work in that Rocky thread.

Rarely seen a try-hard like that. At least he's honest enough to tell his real age instead of pretending to be some long-time viewer for 30 years or something. Although that doesn't make up for his posts being stupid as fuck and the worst.
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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

Originally Posted by Rick_James View Post
Is it just me, or does is seem like most of the people that shit talk on the Rock on these forums are people that never actually watched during the Attitude era? Or they were like 7, and probably didn't comprehend what was going on?
Ding Ding Ding

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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

Punk marks hate The Rock.

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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

NMPunk is easily the new WOAT poster imo.

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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

Originally Posted by gothicthug1999 View Post
Post it. you screen shotted my PM to you and posted it, post the ones congratulating you "serving" me
Spoiler for your validation:

Congratulations. Two people acknowledge your online existence enough to insult you via someone else's rep page.

By the way, my step-dad was 18 when the Rock debuted. So he's like really old and saw the AE happen.

He just told me Rocky sucks. And he told me he hates CM Punk. His favorite wrestler is Kevin Nash.

Off topic but I was also speaking with my grandmother who remembers the Great Depression and if you were wondering how that went: she just confirmed it was bad.

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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I am probably one of the few people here who don't really have any issue with NasJayZ, but, he has a facebook account for himself, obviously, and he made one for his cat, in which he responds to his own posts as the cat.

Just wanted to throw this out there because I just saw a post on my feed where he recorded himself giving his cat food and he responded to the post as his cat, using his cat's facebook.
That's beautiful.
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Re: WOAT poster on WF?

The Daniel Bryan marks invading the TNA forum to scream and rant that Eric Young is ripping off Daniel Bryan because Daniel Bryan invented beards are turning into who I find the worst posters here.

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