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BenAffleckThe80'sMan 01-10-2003 04:10 AM

I Gotta Rant
Ok first things first most of you know of this little 12 year old thats calls himself veri,this really has nothing to with any of you but i guess some of you mite share the same hate as i do for this kid.K here we go that little fuck has a site right and i actually helped him out till he deleted something someon else and i just made,then asso goes over to another forum and makes us look like the bad guys and requested help to bitch at us i guess.Well a couple people joined from there and one of them tricked his stupid ass into giving him control of something i dunno,now he went and used my name in this shit and W-E's name sayin just cause i'm here it's your guys's fault for his gay site.Well i didn't do fuck all and neither did any of you so i guess there was really no reason to post this but it's to late now i already said all that so there ya go.

The Mean 01-10-2003 04:24 AM

I dont like him either..but it is cause of other reasons.

BenAffleckThe80'sMan 01-10-2003 04:26 AM

really what he do you?

Hollywood's Game 01-10-2003 04:32 AM

Dont pay attention to him. veri is from PWS, and he is just pissing people off. He is just a kid, I read he is/was also looking for girls on internet and he just wants attention.

BenAffleckThe80'sMan 01-10-2003 04:35 AM

wow you should see the shit he's saying over there,from what i see he said i tricked him he's fuckin retarded i hope he does come here i wanna bitch that kid right out

I'm tha real IT 01-10-2003 05:05 AM

Yes, he's a dork.

Jza 01-10-2003 06:53 AM

I have no idea who u r talkin bout but culd be interesting if he ever comes over here

Dalestate_Diva 01-10-2003 06:58 AM

hahah .. What an Assclown, kick him in the nuts

I'm tha real IT 01-10-2003 08:31 AM


Originally posted by Dalestate_Diva
hahah .. What an Assclown, kick him in the nuts
Hell yeah! .. He get all up in my face and I be like.. "Aye! You lil' sumbitch! I'ma kick you sqwah in tha nutz!"


Guitar Pl4yer 01-10-2003 11:48 AM

Oh yeah, I remember the dumbass looking for girls.

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