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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Originally Posted by Quoth the Raven View Post
This goes for everyone else too btw. Except for C3K

Anyone want any ideas, something to work with, has hit a roadblock, feel free to PM me. Not tooting my own horn but I'm the only undefeated man here

And even if my ideas suck, I got that Creative stroke to put you over
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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Originally Posted by Daiko View Post
The wrath of a pissed off HN isn't too much to fear, btw. Take it from someone who used to deal with it every second day..
Nah you never saw me pissed off.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Spoiler for READ:
Suspension of belief will be needed for all role plays from this point forward. The story and situations that he will be in will mean that it would be nigh on impossible for Xander Black to continue his PWC career in regards to the appearing for interviews/matches/shows. Think of it as an alternate timeline. It will seem strange and disjointed but there isnít another way to do it.

With the life that Iíve led, with the supernatural and human forces that have conspired against me, with the relationships I have forged and lost, something has compelled me to sit down and write this story. My name is Xander Black and this is my story.


Chapter Three

I enjoyed simply sitting on the top turnbuckle, with no fans and no staff around. Itís soothing. Itís cathartic. I need that. I donít know what happened, I was off my game and I lost one of the things that give my life meaning. The PWC World Heavyweight Championship was the thing I dreamed about since I was little. In the times that I needed an escape from the real world, from the demonic voices, I would think about the feeling, that feeling of winning the most prestigious championship Ė made even better by the fact that winning that title vindicated my entire life, it ended the demonic voices and it brought back the girl I loved. I still recall the moment like it was yesterday. After a truly draining match, a match that turned the fans in my favour, I pinned Freddie Vos and became the champion.

How things change. In just a month, Iíve went on a downhill spiral, losing my championship, becoming the victim of a sick game by people I donít know. Iíve lost the title, Iíve had the displeasure of seeing the man that left me when I was a teenager, Iíve even lost Beth again, and the only moment of joy came from meeting Christen. Someone who is almost the polar opposite of Beth, someone who I canít help being drawn too. Itís bittersweet though. If I didnít meet her, she wouldnít be a pawn in the game that Iím the target in. Looking around the empty arena, itís a totally different scene from Alpha and Omega. Things change, and itís not always for the better, but I know I must fight whatever thing I have been caught up in. I hop off the top turnbuckle and run my hands along the ropes, when I was younger I always wanted to feel the ropes, I donít know why. Iíll find out what happened to both Beth and Christen and Iíll become PWC World Heavyweight Champion again. I exit the ring, the ring where Iíve had triumphs and failures, and I know the next time Iím in it Ė well, I feel sorry for whoever my opponent is.


I stepped out of the arena, into the parking lot and sucked in the cool air. Night had come in, resulting in pitch blackness, which obscured my vision. With little artificial light around, I made my way to the car. No fans were around, obviously. Nobody was around. I was the last person to leave and since it was so late at night Ė nobody saw what happened next.

I heard shuffling footsteps coming up behind me, and as I turned I saw a man with a balaclava diving at me. He struck with a knee to the stomach and all the air was driven from my body. I dropped to my knees, struggling for air. The man grabbed me by the hair, but I pushed him off, Iím pretty sure a clump of hair when with him. He came back towards me, but I took him down to the ground with a double leg takedown. He covered up when I started to bring down punches. Suddenly, my vision was obscured as a bag was placed over my head, forcefully. I tried to shove the second person away, or even grab him but a third person grabbed my arm as the second man tightened the strap of the bag. It dug into my neck, even now Ė I still remember the feeling of having something tight around your neck. It goes against everything nature has taught you, so because of that I lashed out, kicking and punching anything that moved. Anyone watching would have thought I was drunk or worse. Eventually, I was nailed in the stomach again, before forced across the parking lot, I assumed.

Iíve never been someone that deals with enclosed spaces. Iíve hated being boxed in. Hated feeling like there isnít any escape. I was being dragged across the parking lot, and despite feeling the need to fight back, my body was drained of energy. The battle with Kyle Elric didnít help. I heard the men speak to each other, in a foreign language. At the time I didnít know, but obviously I know now. I wonít tell you what nation it was from, Iíll tell you when I found out. Regardless, I heard them pop the hood of a car and I was throw into the boot. They slammed roof shut. I was trapped and I had no escape.


Iíve been in a lot of harrowing situations. Both mental and physical. The month before Hellís Judgment, after years of suppressing them, I finally broke free from the shackle of the voices in my head. At this point in time, stuck inside the boot of a car, feeling every bump of the road on my back as the car bounced up and down, the situation I was in wasnít because of any supernatural element Ė at least not yet Ė instead of was due to something completely different. My arm was trapped beneath my body which made the car ride of all that more uncomfortable. Numbness began to set in but the tightness of the trunk meant there was little to no space available. I lay there, listening to the men in the car speak in a foreign language, I should be more scared, but the rain bouncing off the top of the trunk almost made it relaxing. I knew though, that these people were related to the kidnapping of both Christen and Beth. With incredible difficulty I managed to move my arm out from underneath my body and felt the feeling come back to it. You would think they would have tied my arms together, right? Idiots. That was their second mistake, the first was messing with the people I cared about. They thought I was down, exhausted from the match, exhausted from the beating so I wouldnít have been able to fight back, but when they open this trunk I was going to give them hell.


Backstage Ė Vortex

Danny Eriksen is standing by with the former PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black.

Danny Eriksen: Please welcome my guest at this time, he is the former PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black.

Xander stares right at Danny.

Xander Black: You think thatís funny, right? What you just said, huh? The former PWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Black backs Danny down onto the wall behind them. He cowers.

Xander Black: Leave.

Danny exits the scene, tucking his tail and running. Black turns to the camera.

Xander Black: Two months... only two months I held that championship for. The championship that I worked my ass off to get my hands on. Blood, sweat and sacrifices. All gone, in a matter of seconds. All it took was three seconds, one Ė two Ė three. The referee counted that final three and I felt it. By God, I felt it. I felt my soul being poisoned and my heart being ripped from my body. One of the most precious things in my life... gone. Going into Hells Judgment, Iíll admit Ė I was distracted. But I wonít use that as an excuse Ė I also wonít say becoming a fan favourite as resulted in me losing my edge. My viciousness.

Xander Black: Two months ago, I was at my most dangerous. Defeating every single wrestler in the battle royal... then going on the a very long undefeated streak that was ended at Hells Judgment. Coincidently, the first man I defeated in singles action was a man I face tonight, Darius Black. This is the test, whether or not I need to go back to my roots and become the hated villain of this company, or stick with the good guy routine. It also could be the start of another undefeated streak. Who knows? Weíll all know by the end of the night.

Xander Black: Darius Black ... a man who shares the same last name as me. For all I know, with the type of Father I had, he could be a long lost brother. He seems insane, that would fit my family perfectly. But as far as I know, Darius Black is just another name. Freddie Vos, Sam Dancer, Joey Holt, Muhammad Islami and Darius Black are just a handful of names that I beat on my way to the biggest streak in this companies history. Tonight, I start the next chapter in my career, the first was the rise of Xander Black, some could say the second was the fall of Xander Black, this one Ė will be called the redemption of Xander Black. Kyle Elric, youíre lacklustre undefeated streak wonít last for long. Starting with Darius Black, I vow to go undefeated until we face once more, and I end your streak. Tonight, itís up to Darius Black to hang with me, to give me a battle. Youíve had two months to up your game Darius, letís see if you can step it up. See you out there.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Flashback: Mental Institution - Five Years Ago

Darius is sat in the Cafeteria of the Mental Institution with a fork in hand playing with his food. He glances over in disgust at the rest of the patients and their lack of self respect. They are just waltzing about without a care in the world, letting all of the cafeteria food fall out of their mouth. Disgusting. The whole place is filthy, with not a single cleaner in sight for days, even weeks perhaps. On a slight glance he notices the same man from the other week, Dominic. Darius suddenly pretends to be eating and minding his own business, clearly hoping he does not come to the table.

Dominic: Hey, Darius right?

Darius: What do you want? I thought I made it CLEAR last time that I don’t talk to people around here.

Dominic: You did but I can’t help but notice you everyday. You’re always sat there playing with your food, only eating enough to make sure you stay alive.

Darius: Yeah, well. I don’t like the food from here. I don’t know where their hands have been, who exactly they’ve been touching. This whole place is filthy..

Dominic: Doesn’t bother me.

Dominic grabs hold of his folk and digs in to his food, glancing up at Darius with his mouth open eating.

Darius: Yeah I can see that.

Dominic: Ha, I like you man. I like this whole ‘mysterious’ thing you got going on. It works well for you.

Darius: I’m not mysterious. I’m just an average guy wanting to enjoy his shit meal in peace.

Dominic drops the fork on the plate from shock at hearing the word ‘peace’ and looks at Darius with his eyebrows raised.

Dominic: Peace peace, I hear that world a lot. You know what that word is?

Darius: What?

Darius looks off in to the distance shaking his head and wishing he hadn’t asked ‘what’ as he will have to listen to Dominic speak more..

Dominic: Bullshit. That’s what that word is. That’s why so many people are even more fucked up in here. They are just sat by themselves constantly in their individual cells. Their brain is slowly decaying away until there is nothing left. Is that what you really want to happen, dude, really?

Darius: At this precise moment, I wouldn’t mind it to be honest.

Dominic: Listen man, I can tell you don’t like me, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out, but at least let’s catch-up every once in a while. It’s nice to have someone to bounce my thoughts off, ya know?

Darius: Do what you want man. Just don’t expect me to listen or respond.

Dominic: Deal. Let’s shake on it yeah?

Dominic holds his hand out, wanting to shake hands with Darius. Darius glances down at his hand in disgust.

Darius: Wash your hands, Dominic.

*fades to black*.

Flashback: Mental Institution - Five Years Ago

Darius is once again sat by himself alone in the Cafeteria. He’s surprised to see no sight of Dominic today, and even takes a good hard glance around the Cafeteria wondering where he is. Darius hasn’t eaten yet, which can be noticed by the fact there is no plate on his table. He reluctantly stands up and makes his way over to the front. He scowls in disgust noticing the dirt under the Dinner Ladies finger nails. There is only one more guy before it’s his turn to collect his meal. He can’t help but eavesdrop on how the patient is talking to the dinner lady.

Patient: What is this? Since when was this on the menu for today? What is it with this place, can’t you even cook the correct fucking meal? I’ve been waiting all week and you gave me the same shit I had last week?

We learn the Patient’s name is Randy.

Dinner Lady: Randy please sit down, I realize you’re upset but there is nothing I can do to change today’s meal.


Randy suddenly flips the dinner tray over in anger and continues to shout in to the dinner lady’s face, spitting in the process. Darius looks on, angrily shaking his tray. He glances at Randy who is continuing to bad mouth the lady as the whole cafeteria stacked with patients look on. Darius can’t handle it, he raises the dinner tray from the side and smashes it on the ear of Randy knocking him to the ground. Darius continues to POUND AWAY at Randy’s head, Screaming and shouting, beating him over and over again until a guard eventually pulls him off. Darius punches the guard in the throat with the back of his hand and continues to beat away on Randy before several guards pull him off..

In the background, Dominic can be seen watching on as the guards drag Darius down the hall to his cell.

*fades to black*.

Current: 11:36 AM - New York Diner

Darius is sat in a New York Diner glancing out at the window. He looks on at a young girl and her father holding hands and walking to their car. Darius doesn’t notice the waitress stood beside him until she reaches out and touches his shoulder.

Darius: Oh, sorry.

Waitress: No problem sir, what can I get you today?

Darius: Uh, just a Coffee please, no milk or sugar.

Waitress: I’ll have that for you in a few minutes.

Darius appreciates the kind manner in which the waitress spoke to him. He tries his best to give a slight smile back at the lady.

Darius: Thanks.

Darius looks groggy, and clearly hasn’t slept. His clothes are messy and haven’t been cleaned or ironed. His hair gives off the feeling that he’s only recently just woke up. Darius glances around at a quiet Diner. He notices a businessman up front texting on his phone, and two old ladies in front of him on the table discussing the news. Darius once again doesn’t notice the waitress approach him and jumps slightly at the sound of the Coffee mug hitting the table.

Waitress: If you need anything sir, don’t hesitate to ask.

Darius: Thankyou.

Darius takes a small sip of his steaming hot Coffee and holds it tightly in his hands for warmth. He continues to survey the Diner as a young, scrawny and scruffy looking man makes his way in to the Diner. He has several tattoos and is wearing sunglasses. The man instantly catches Darius’ attention as he watches him closely passing him by to the table behind him. The Waitress can be seen coming over to the young man at his table.

Waitress: Hello, what can I get for you today?

Young Man: Just a Coffee.

Waitress: Would you like any milk or sugar with that sir?

Young Man: No, like I said, JUST A COFFEE.

Waitress: Okay, it won’t be long.

Darius’ eye twitches. He puts down his mug of Coffee and stands up and walks towards the man at his table. He aggressively yanks at the top of the man, pulling him closer to his face.

Young Man: What do you want?

Darius: You forgot to say, PLEASE.

Young Man: What?

Darius: You forgot to say please, to the waitress.

Young Man: Dude, fuck off.

Darius loses it and shouts in anger as he pushes the man’s head down on the table several times and continues to pound away at the mans ear, he also hits him sharp in the temple. The man sits on the table completely cowering. The Waitress slowly approaching drops the Coffee mug in shock as she backs off back to her desk and picks up a phone. Darius notices her doing this and quickly runs out of the Diner. He starts to breakdown on his way back home. Once there, he opens the front door quickly making sure to lock it afterwards and collapses at the wall near the door.

Darius: Why do you keep doing this, WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS? Just leave me alone. I CAN’T enjoy a Coffee in peace without you fucking interrupting.

Darius: You’re doing this Darius. I was helping you, that man had to be dealt with.

Darius: That was an innocent man. He was just ordering a Coffee for Christ sake, so he didn’t say please and thankyou, boo fucking hoo. Fuck off..

Darius hits the wall hard with the back of his hand leaving a hole in the wall, before putting his head in his arms and muttering to himself..

*fades to black*.

Current: 11:12PM - New York Bar

Darius is sat in a fairly noisy bar with a beer in hand, and minding his own business as usual. A young lady sits beside him, and he listens on as she orders a glass of wine. He takes a sip of his beer, and takes a slight glance at her before looking back forward.

She’s short, young and absolutely beautiful. Her blonde hair shines in the pub lights.. Darius can’t believe he’s sat next to someone like this. He’s eager to take a second look but would be scared to creep her out.

Lady: Hey.

Darius is in shock, and turns to the lady wondering if she’s actually talking to him. This never happens.

Darius: Are you talking to me?

Lady: Yeah, I’m here alone too tonight, my friends went to some rave club or something down the road, that’s not really my sort of thing. What’s your name?

Darius: Darius.

Lady: Darius? Cool name. I’m Lucy. You’re not very talkative are you?

Lucy plays with her hair twirling it around and taking a sip of her wine as she waits for Darius to respond. He takes a slight sip of his beer.

Darius: No sorry, I’ve just been a little under the weather lately. I thought a beer might help me forget things for a bit.

Lucy: Sorry to hear that. You’re fine now though right?

Darius: I’m getting by.

Lucy: So what do you do, do you have a job?

Darius: I’m actually a professional wrestler, people think I'm crazy over there, but nobody knows me at all. You ever heard of Premier Wrestling Circuit?

Lucy: I don’t think I have, sorry. I used to watch wrestling as a kid with my Dad but those days are long gone now. It must be a pretty stressful job?

Darius: It is. Especially when you're stuck in a rough patch like I am right now, I don’t work well when I feel ill and it certainly affects my work. Do you want another glass?

Lucy: No, I’m good thankyou. I should probably get off home, Tommy’s waiting for me.

Darius: Who’s Tommy?

Lucy: My son. He’s just started up school recently and doing well. Hey, it would be great to catch-up again some other time. I usually visit here once a week to clear my head a little. Will you be here?

Darius’ eyes light up and expand as Lucy suggests they should meet again. He can’t believe it. He awkwardly responds, hoping not to screw anything up.

Darius: Yeah, I'll be here.

Lucy: Awesome, see ya.

Darius watches on as she leaves the bar. For once, he has a slight smile on his face. He turns back around to face the front of the bar.

Darius: She’s not right for you Darius.

Darius: I don’t care what you think Dominic..

Darius: I’ve always been right Darius, you know it and I know it..

Darius: Leave her alone Dominic..
The bar lady notices Darius muttering to himself.

Bar Lady: Sir, are you okay?

Darius: Yeah, I’m fine.

*fades to black*.

Current: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Air Canada Center

Darius is rested against the wall, as Danny Eriksen can be seen slowly creeping up like always..

Danny Eriksen: Darius, can I please just get a few words on how you’re feeling right now

Darius looks up at Eriksen, completely emotionless.

Darius Black: You didn’t just ask me that question right, last night I lost in what was viewed the biggest match of my career. I lost to some wannabe punk kid named Austin Angel, I lost to *that guy*. So yeah, I guess you can say I’m not really feeling in a talkative mode tonight. There’s only one thing I’m concerned about, it’s not you or that mic, it’s not Austin Angel, it’s not even myself. The only thing I’m concerned about is beating the shit out of Xander Black and making a fool out of that former, yes I said FORMER Champion. We all know he got his ass handed to him last night, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Not going to lie, he was pretty strong once, but this will be known as the ‘Fall of Xander Black’ and I’m going to be one of the first few people responsible for that fall.

Now piss off.

Eriksen quickly walks off as Darius brings his hands up to his eyes and rubs them.

*fades to black*.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

When A Girl Is Torn:

The Day After Hell's Judgement 10:00 AM
Tay's Apartment, Denver, Colorado

The scene opens in the apartment of Austin Angel's ex girlfriend, Taylor Blake and quickly goes into her bedroom. It's an average sized bedroom, an 18 inch TV hangs on the wall closest to the door, against the opposite wall is the full size bed where Taylor sits. It's obvious she hasn't gotten much sleep due to the bags under her eyes as she sits up in bed, thinking about everything that has happened in her life over the last couple weeks, and now she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. She knows how Austin feels about her after the crazy events of the day before, but she thinks back to the last time she talked to her current boyfriend, Matt Harris and wonders if she did anything wrong.

August 10th, 2013 10:20 AM
Tay's Apartment, Denver, Colorado

The scene shows Tay letting out an annoyed sigh as Austin walked out of the apartment upon finding out his ex was dating his best friend. Tay wasn't sure why she was so annoyed, but when Matt spoke up and said how Austin find out eventually, she just wanted to rip his head off. Instead however, she glared at him before walking into her bathroom and slamming the door right in Matt's face. Knowing he was already in trouble, Matt knew better than to leave and instead pounded on the bathroom door.

Taylor what's your problem? Open the door.

Inside the bathroom, Tay rolls her eyes at her boyfriends rude attitude. Outside the bathroom, Matt leans against the wall and crosses his arms, sighing in annoyance as Tay walks over to the door, and opens it giving Matt a glare.

What do you want Matt?

Well, for one I'd like to how exactly I did anything wrong by telling Austin we're dating. We were gonna tell him anyway so I don't see the big deal.

Maybe instead of trying to blurt it out, we could've told him in a nice way. But it's like you were just looking for a way to rub it in his face or something.

Taylor shakes her head as she walks out of the hallway and back into her living room, Matt however follows her and the two of them now stand in front of the coffee table.

Why would I rub it in his face? I'm not THAT big of an asshole!

I don't know, why would you? Maybe you feel like you won, or maybe your jealous he made something of himself when you couldn't.

Matt isn't sure how to react to that statement, and Taylor crosses her arms and smirks thinking she found the source the problem.

I don't know why you think that's true, maybe you're just trying to find an excuse to go be a cheating whore with him.

Taylor gasps at this statement as Matt smirks, but not for long as Taylor slaps the smirk right off his face before pointing to the door.

Get the hell out of my apartment! Just get out!

As Matt walks towards the door, the scene fades out on this memory.
Suddenly, the scene fades back in and we're back in the bedroom of Tay showing her still thinking about everything that's happened recently until she hears her phone going off on the nightstand next to her. She reaches over and grabs her iPhone, she checks her texts and sees she just got one from Austin.

"We need to talk. I'll be in town tomorrow, meet me at our favorite diner around noon."
Two Days After Hell's Judgement 12:00 PM
A Local Diner, Denver, Colorado

As the scene fades in, we see the inside of the local diner, nothing fancy just a normal looking diner. By the door we can see Tay standing there, looking around before spotting Austin Angel at a table. She smiles a bit to herself as she walks over and Austin stands up, the two hug before sitting back down on opposite sides of the booth and picking up their menus. They glance over them before placing them down as the waitress walks over. They place their drink and food orders then wait until the waitress walks away before they begin to discuss what they came here for.

So I saw your match at Hell's Judgement, that was insane! Are you alright? It looked brutal.

Taylor raises an eyebrow as Austin slowly nods his head.

Yeah I'm banged up, far from 100 percent but I've been worse. I'm just glad my problems with Darius are in the past now, he's one sick son of a bitch and I feel bad for the next person who he takes an issue with.

Austin chuckles awkwardly as both realize this isn't what they're here to discuss, and both make serious facial expressions as they realize they have to talk about what happened recently. But luckily, they're saved for a moment as the waitress brings them their sodas and they thank her before each take a big sip of their caffeine filled drinks.

Anywayyy, we should probably talk about what happened a couple of days ago between us....

About that, I meant what I said Tay. I do still love you. I know I shouldn't have kissed you since you're with Matt and all, but I just couldn't stop myself so for that, I am sorry.

Austin offers a warm smile to Tay, but she slowly shakes her head while looking down before looking up at Austin again.

Don't be. Me and Matt aren't exactly in the best place right now and it was nice knowing someone still cared about me. I'm honestly considering breaking up with him but I'm just not sure because I know deep down he does care for me.

Austin raises an eyebrow and seems surprised by this statement, but yet also seems happy as he looks like he might be trying to contain a smile from creeping across his face.

Oh really? Well if so, maybe we can try to make things work know when you're ready.

Tay sighs at this before taking another sip of her soda as Austin awaits a response from her. Finally, she puts the soda down and takes a deep breath.

Look Austin, you know I still care about you like that but we tried the long distance thing when you moved out to LA to go to wrestling school and it didn't work. We both got busy and it led to us talking less and drifting apart. The only thing that has changed since then is, you're now wrestling full-time and on the road full-time which would only lead to further problems with us.

But I didn't mean I wanna try the long distance thing again, I meant I want you to come on the road with me so we can spend more time together. I think we could make things work.

Austin....I just don't know about that. It's a lot to think about and I just would never be able to think about making that decision right now.

Austin nods in understanding as the waitress brings the two their burgers and fries. After she leaves, the two begin to eat their lunch as the scene slowly fades out while the two seem to be having a somewhat quiet and maybe a little bit awkward lunch together.

The Day Of Vortex 12 6:00 PM
Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The scene opens backstage at Vortex 12, where the PWC interviewer, Danny Eriksen walks with his camera man behind him as he heads into the locker room area of the arena. Eriksen reaches the locker room of Austin Angel, and knocks on the door before opening it a crack and peaking his head in, where he sees Austin Angel hanging upside down from a metal bar attached to the wall with his arms crossed over his chest and he opens his eyes, spotting the interviewer giving him a weird look.

Uhhh Austin, I was wondering if I could get a quick interview for before the show starts?

Austin uncrosses his arms, and sits up freeing his legs from being wrapped around the bar before letting go of the bar with his hands and dropping to the floor. He slides on a PWC shirt and nods to Eriksen, who now enters the locker room with the camera man as Austin stands ready for the interview as the camera man starts rolling.

Ladies and Gentleman this is Danny Eriksen for and my guest at this time is the man who defeated Darius Black in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match at Hell's Judgment, Austin Angel.

Austin smiles for the camera as he awaits his first question.

So Austin, as we saw after the Falls Count Anywhere Match, both you and Darius Black got checked on by doctors but you shoved them away, why did you refuse medical treatment?

It's simple Danny, I refused treatment because I didn't need it. I was a little banged up but look at me now, I'm good to go and ready for whatever may be next for me in my career.

Speaking of that, what is next for you Austin? Do you have anything in mind?

As a matter of fact, I do. Now that I've gotten past the toughest challenge of my career in Darius Black, I'm ready to capture some championship gold for the first time in my career. I'm not picky about what title, so lets just say everybody should be on notice that I'm hungry for gold.

Eriksen nods in understanding as Austin awaits his next question.

Fair enough, one last question about Hell's Judgement, we saw before your match you had a small interaction with Daiko while you were meditating. Is there any problems between the two of you we don't know about?

Not as far as I know no. But I could never get along with someone who's so far from being zen. He'd probably throw off my inner peace and add some unneeded extra chaos to my life.

Eriksen chuckles a bit at this while nodding before preparing for another question.

Okay and one final question, tonight you take on Derek Jacobs, who seems to have formed an alliance with Freddy Vos. What are your thoughts on the match tonight and are you worried about Freddy possibly getting involved?

My thoughts are, Derek Jacobs is a dangerous man. He'll have the size advantage over me and even without the possibility of Freddy Vos getting involved, I'd have to watch my back against Jacobs. But considering the alliance he formed with Vos, yeah I am worried about him getting involved. But that's something unpredictable and something I can't focus on. I need to put all my focus on beating Derek Jacobs if I want to survive tonight and that's what I'm gonna do. I have the speed advantage over him and I plan to take full advantage of that tonight.

Any final thoughts on Jacobs?

My final thoughts are, Derek. Be ready for tonight because you may think your some big badass but I'm no stranger to fighting dangerous men. I went to war the last 2 PPV's in 2 very brutal matches and I'm not scared of you Derek. I'm hungry to prove I'm worthy of winning a championship and tonight, I begin that journey by defeating you. You may have Vos watching your back but I have all those fans supporting me and if you guys plan to make me your first sacrifice, you boys better bring a whole freaking army with you! Tonight, I humble you Derek Jacobs.

Austin walks out of the locker room, and heads down the hallway as Danny Eriksen motions for the camera man to turn off the camera and the scene fades out with the two of them leaving the locker room of the former Rock God.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

After the Hellís Judgment Match

With the Xander Black vs Kyle Elric match going on, Muhammad is sat backstage watching the match on a TV as he listens to the ĎOOOOHHSSí and ĎAHHHHSSSí of the main event. Muhammadís good friend, Omar, approaches the former Legacy Champion. Islami motions to get up as a sign of respect that is ever present in the Arab culture only for Omar to signal for him to stay seated.

Omar: That was a hell of a match Muhammad but you need to forget about the result brother.

Muhammad unrolls the tape around his wrists.

Muhammad: I could have won Omar, I should have. That little whore that roams around with him put me off, I should have known better than to let her distract me. I swear Omar when I get my hands on her, female or not, Iím gonna hurt her.

Omar: She is the least of your worries Muhammad, you have a rematch clause so you need to get her out of your head and focus on the man that defeated you. There is also the little problem of Famine. Everything points to a triple threat match so weíll need to prepare differently from how we trained leading up to Hellís Judgment.

Muhammad nods with approval.

Omar: Itís only a matter of time bef-

Muhammad suddenly rises to his feet and swings his chair full throttle in the wall beside him, cracking it slightly in the process. Omar looks bewildered at this sudden outburst.

Muhammad: That little bitch! That little whore! I swear Iím going to break her back in a Silver Clutch, letís see the Doctor try and patch her up then!

Muhammad calms down a little.

Muhammad: Iím sorry Omar but I just canít focus on Nero or Famine without hurting her first, sheís the reason I lost my Championship and sheís the reason I failed our people tonight.

Omar reassuringly puts his hand on Muhammadís shoulder.

Omar: Enough Muhammad. She will get what is coming to her, believe that. Until then, you need to focus on the two men in your way to regaining the Championship.

Muhammad, staring the floor, knows Omar is right. Without saying a word, they leave the arena as thousands of fans erupt the moment that Kyle Elric wins the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

A few days after Hellís Judgment

Omar is sat on Muhammadís couch in Washington DC. Muhammad exits the kitchen into the living room with a non alcoholic beverage in hand which he hands to Omar. He then proceeds to push a DVD into his PS4 which plays the Legacy Championship Match from Hellís Judgment.

Omar: Letís see where you went wrong.

Muhammad grunts.

After a few minutes, Omar starts giving advice.

Omar: Thereís the problem, you went for a really fast start and lost a lot of energy very quickly. Youíve got to pace yourself againt Nero, the amount of times momentum changed in the early stages of this match was crazy, donít go for the big moves quickly Muhammad, stomp on him, work on his back methodically, hurt him enough that he wonít be able to fight back. The key to everything is control, you control the pace and you control the match, Nero has no chance then.

Muhammad doesnít reply but strokes his beard and nods his head in agreement.

Omar continues giving advice until they reach the end of the match where Muhammad stops the DVD before Ellie distracts him.

Muhammad: Well we know what happened there.

Omar: Put the Famine vs Vos match in.

Muhammad gets up to changed the DVDs.

Muhammad: Now analysing this is tricky, this guy is made of some weird crap Omar, I have no idea how to beat him.

Muhammad takes his seat next to Omar and plays. After Famine rolls Vos up for the win, Omar immediately comes out with Ďintimidationí.

Omar: He uses intimidation to take the upper hand, from his looks to his moveset, itís designed to scare his opponent.

Muhammad: Iím not scared of him, I just donít know how to beat him.

Omar: Heís just a man Muhammad, you beat him like you beat any other man, with the Silver Clutch. Just look at Freddie Vos, he showed no fear and on any other day, he would have won. The trickiest thing is how to plan for the inevitable triple threat match. We need to plan for that.

Muhammad: Sounds good but Iíve got a date with a pet shop.

Omar: A pet shop?

Muhammad: Yup. Iím looking for an equaliser to Ellie.

Omar: What? How?

Muhammad: Youíll see.

With that, Muhammad whips on his jacket and heads off, leaving Omar bewildered on the couch.

At Vortex

Backstage at Vortex, Muhammad Islami immediately addresses his opponent for the night, Daiko.

Muhammad: Scotlandís very own Daiko, I must say, I commend your efforts lately, youíve proven a lot of people wrong and for that I can only applaud. However, I feel like this is a case of de ja vu. Havenít we been here before? I feel like weíve been here before.

Muhammad stands there, stroking his chin for a while and scratching his head.

Muhammad: Oh right, episode 2 of Vortex. Roll the footage.

Footage of the match between Daiko and Islami plays, showing Daiko locked into the Silver Clutch and Islami yanking at Daikoís back. The footage fades to black as Daiko taps, giving Islami the victory.

Muhammad: Daiko, you were my first win in this organisation and you set me on my path of glory. You may have conjured up some William Wallace like courage and bravery recently Daiko but there will be no shouts for freedom for you tonight, I will enslave you and make you tap out again. Your resurgence ends tonight whilst mine begins once more.

Muhammad releases his ponytail and whips his hair back and forth like a wet dog, water flicks left and right until his hair is left resting over his face.

Muhammad: Bringing me on to the Legacy Championship and in particular the good Doctor and his little mistress. Enjoy your moment, because Iím coming to reclaim my championship, Iím on my way to reclaiming the pride of my people. There are no ifs and buts about it, itís time to give the Doctor some of his own medicine to choke on and once Iím done with you Nero, Iíll snap your precious little Ellie in half. Youíve unleashed a beast in me that not even The Silver Shiekh can control. I hope you watch my match tonight and Iím sure you will be, Iím a totally different Muhammad Islami and this God forsaken country will witness that.

Muhammad sweeps his hair from his face to the side.

Muhammad: And Famine...youíre an unknown quantity and there is no doubt our paths will cross soon. Youíre a completely different specimen to anything or anyone Iíve seen before, but be sure of this, Iím not one to back down from a fight, especially when it comes to reclaiming the pride of my people. No matter who you are or what youíre made of, once I lock in the Silver Clutch, itís lights out.

With that, Muhammad slaps the camera away before leaving.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Microburst RP/Video Promo before the show.

Rey Mysterio: *Come on! 10 more kicks! Thatís right. Now take a few breaths and weíll go again.

Microburst sits down against the wall and have a zip of water.

*There is no water to get while youíre in that ring boy! Now get up!

Microburst shakes his head in disbelief while giving a little smile to the camera.

Microburst: *whisper* This is what he is putting me through.. every day.

-Come oooon!

Okay! Okay!

The last night was chaotic to say the least for Microburst. Yesterday he met up with his crush for lunch, and after that was featured on a talk-show recording before signing autographs outside the shopping center. He went to dinner with some fellow wrestlers. In the late evening he went to see his former tag team partner Firestormís rock-band before going out with them to party. With only 3 hours of sleep, he is now preparing for tonights matchup against Louie Spindoli & The Golden Boy.

Clips are shown from the talk show:

Interviewer: What do you think about your performances so far in the PWC?

Iíve seen and learned up until now. I know this isnít going to be a slow ride. But itís cool though, I feel like Iím getting every second & and I am coinfident that someday I will get to the top..

Yes? What is it thatís driving you? Why are you in this buisness?

Iím here to have fun, of course. Wrestling was the beginning of my life, and itís been there ever since. It wouldnít be that way if I didnít have the love for it. My desire to become a top tier wrestler is driven by soul. I feel like you know, this is what I was meant to be!

You have such a tight schedule too! Why not just do like most other stars & just relax at some hotel and let some assistant handle your business?

I think it's all just fun! I try doing the best of every moment and I nearly always enjoy my life! I'm very full of energy! Like you might have seen..

*crowd laughing*

Yeah, you'd have to be both blind, deaf & dead to not see that.. What's with your taunts you do in the ring? Like flex your arms, spin your hands all the time? And smiling.. Alot of people have been bashing you for that, what do you think?

I don't know, it just comes naturally! It's just something I do, you know when I succeed with something I'm happy. And if I'm happy, I celebrate! And the smile is for the ladies *smiles* Hahah, it's true but it's also just something I do because I'm happy when i wrestle. That's the moment of my life. Do I have ADHD? I don't know. I don't think so..

*crowd laughing*

*Yes You Have! Yes You Have! Yes You Have!*

Alright alright.. You say wrestling was the beginning of your life. You made your debut when you was 13. What did you do before then?

I was a kickboxer! Back in Portugal! I lived in this beautiful town of Cascais. White sand, hot water, hot chicks. I was living my dream there too. I was one of the most promising boxers in the town, before I moved to Mexico.

Why did you have to move?

Well, it wasnít my decision. My dad got a job there. I was terrified of leaving Portugal at first, but then when I settled down in Mexico: It was way better than I imagined. Thatís also when I met Rey Mysterio Sr., the man who taught me everything I know in wrestling.

And now when youíre here, he turned you over to his nephew?

Thatís right! Iím training with Rey now.

Whatís it like training with him?

Itís hard, heís tough. But before & after the workouts, heís the most kind person Iíve ever met...

*Camera fades back into the gym where Microburst just finished his last set*

-Iím glad you said that.

-*puh* Yeah donít mention it.

-Come on bro, you have a match to win!

*Take The World*

Sorry for shitty RP. Really couldn't get anything out. I just wrote & wrapped this up in 15 minutes just to not no-show.

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-Flamita, Hijo de Fishman, Skyman vs. Fenix, Pentagon Jr. & Hijo del Fantasma (1/1/15 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Estado de Mťxico)

-Rey Cometa vs. Cavernario (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-Prince Puma vs. Fenix (1/14/15 Lucha Underground)

-La Sombra vs. MŠscara Dorada (1/19/15 Fantasticamania Day 5)

-MŠscara Dorada vs. Negro Casas for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship (1/10/15 CMLL)

-CMLL Pequeno Reyes del Aire 2015 (1/6/15 CMLL)

-20-Man Aztec Warfare Match (1/7/15 Lucha Underground)

-Komander & Gigga vs. Rey Astral & Perfil (1/20/15 Arena El Angel Reynosa)

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

Several hours after Hell's Judgement.

The scene opens with Danny Eriksen standing on the stage at the Greensboro Coliseum with a microphone in hand. The camera backs off and shows that other than a few PWC backstage workers who are taking down the set, the arena is completely empty. The camera zooms in towards Eriksen once again.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another look behind the scenes here in the PWC, and tonight, we're looking at the fallout from our second Pay-Per-View, Hell's Judgement, and hopefully we're going to be able to get an interview or two.

Eriksen motions to his right, and a camera crew quickly unpacks their gear and follows him through the curtain to the backstage area.

There's a few workers running around backstage, but they're ignored by Eriksen, who has caught sight of a 'victim'. Eriksen rushes over to catch the Scot, Daiko, who is talking to Ernesto Clement's assistant, Brittany Page.

Daiko: that good with you and Clement?

Page thinks for a second and nods.

Brittany Page: Yes, I'm happy with this, and I'm certain that Mr Clement will agree. You and Mr....

Page cuts off as she looks over Daiko's shoulder and sees Eriksen standing with his camera crew. Daiko turns looking confused at the sudden pause, but sighs and nods as he too sees Eriksen stood with his crew.

Brittany Page: Either Mr Clement or myself will call you later to sort out all of the details, and we'll go from there. Is that fine with you?

Daiko turns back to face Page and nods.

Daiko: Yeah, that's fine by me. I'll speak to one of you later.

Page smiles and walks off down the hall, and Eriksen sees his opportunity to get his interview with Daiko.

Danny Eriksen: Daiko, can you give us a quick interview for

Daiko sighs and turns back to look at Eriksen.

Daiko: Seriously? Again? Is there no-one else in this company that you can interview for the site, or am I the only idiot who keeps agreeing to do this crap.

Eriksen raises the mic to his mouth to respond, but Daiko cuts him off before he can say a word.

Daiko: Y'know what, never mind. Let's just get this over with. I've got things to do.

Danny Eriksen: Excellent. First, I'd like to congratulate you on your fantastic victory over Derek Jacobs tonight, which must be made even sweeter when you remember that you weren't confident that you would win before the match.

Daiko: Yeah, sure, it's great to get another win on the board, and it's even better getting one up against Jacobs who was running his mouth for so damn long. It's good to see that lanky son of a bitch getting brought down to my level.

Danny Eriksen: Well, it's great to see that you've made your way back after struggling for so long here in the PWC. Surely it can only get better for you now?

Daiko: Yeah, it's great that I've had a good run as of late here in the PWC, and I'm hoping that it'll get even better in the coming weeks, but I've just heard from Page that I've got a match against Muhammad Islami coming up on Vortex, so I'm going to have to really up my game tonight and train hard over the next day or two, as it's going to be almost nightmarish to get a win against him after that stunt that Nero and his little nurse pulled.

Talking about that Nurse though. I may be speaking a little out of turn here, but she's not half bad looking. Shame she's so interested in that piece of shit, Nero.

Danny Eriksen: I'm guessing you've got a thing for ladies in uniform.

Daiko: Nurses mainly. There's something about them.

Danny Eriksen: I think we better cut this off here before Daiko goes any further and we get several angry messages... Thank you for your time, Dai...

Daiko: I don't know what it is Danny, but when I've got a nurse in front of me, even when we both know she's not one, it's just magic. I know because I spent a fair amoun...


The cameras cut out and Eriksen turns to Daiko, with an annoyed look on his face.

Danny Eriksen: What the hell was that all about?

Daiko laughs.

Daiko: I just wanted you to stop interviewing me.

Danny Eriksen: Wait.. So you're not...

Daiko: No, Danny, I'm not paying for hookers to dress up as nurses. While it would be hilarious, I'll pass. Although, Ellie's a damn fox.

Danny Eriksen: I think we're done here.

Daiko laughs and walks away.

Daiko: Bye Danny.


The night after Hell's Judgement.

*The cameras cut to a partially darkened room where there's a hooded figure seen leaning against a wall. The figure reaches up and throws the hood back and looks to the camera with a cheeky grin*

Daiko: Jeez, it's been a while since I sat in this room and talked to you all about the world being fat, or whatever the fuck it was that I said.. Since then, I've gone through the hell of losing every time I stepped into the ring, I've ended a career, I've won my matches at both Alpha & Omega and Hell's Judgement, and I'm only just hitting my stride here in the PWC. Soon enough, it won't be Kyle Elric or Xander Black that the fans are chanting for. The only name on their lips will be Daiko.

*Daiko nods to the camera and the video cuts out.*


Night before Vortex #12.

Daiko's sat in front of a TV taking notes as he watches his match from the second Vortex where he fought against Muhammad Islami. He pauses just as Islami locks in the Silver Clutch and shakes his head.

Daiko: There's where I fucked it all up.. Instead of going for the ropes, I lost it and turned into the middle of the ring and had no choice but to tap..

He turns to face his friend Ryan who is sat on the chair next to him.

Daiko: Without pointing out the obvious, how the hell do I beat this guy? He's almost guarenteed to lock in some kind of hold against me, as I'm going to have to get right in against him to do anything, but how am I going to stop him?

Ryan: How would you usually break out of the Camel Clutch?

Daiko: I'd normally push up onto my knees and either throw myself backwards into the nearest turnbuckle or I'd just dive backwards onto the mat and hope to wind them enough that I can flip over and lock in something of my own. This isn't going to work against Islami though, because he's never going to give me a chance to even get up onto my knees, and even if I did, the son of a bitch is tough as all hell. He'd just alter the hold and fuck me over from there.

Ryan thinks for a second and looks at the screen which is still showing Islami holding his friend in the Silver Clutch.

Ryan: I've got nothing other than the obvious, which is just don't let him lock it in.

Daiko goes to say something, but he's cut off quickly.

Ryan: Look, I know that's easier said than done, but even if you have to risk another hold to keep out of that clutch, take it. This 'Silver Clutch' is obviously his most worked on Submission, so if you can take that out of the equation, you've got a great chance of breaking anything else and either locking him in your Cloverleaf, or hitting him with that Boma Ye of yours.

Daiko nods.

Daiko: I know this is sounding like a usual thing now, but I'm almost out of my league with this guy. He's dangerous, and if I know him, he'll be doubly so after that Ellie and Nero stunt.

Ryan: That was damn clever from Nero.

Daiko: Yeah, it was clever, but my christ has it fucked me over. He's out to kill someone, and I'm in the crosshairs.

Ryan: The quicker that you drop him the better it is for you. He's not going to stop attacking, so you'll need to be ready to counter whatever he throws at you.

Daiko: My only hope is that I don't get caught on my stomach. If he has to flip me over, I can work with that, but if he can go straight for the Clutch, I'm fucked.

Ryan: Roll out of the ring if you have to, lad. It's probably going to save you numerous times in this match, and we both know he'll chase you when you do. You can get an easy jump on him then and take the advantage again.

Daiko: Cheers for this. You didn't need to come over.

Ryan: I did anyway, so you owe me one. First round's on you when you beat this Islami.

Daiko laughs.

Daiko: Done.

The scene fades to black.

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

A World Caught On Fire


We are in a car driving by a church. a young boy around the age of 10 years old is sitting in the back with a blank expression on his face staring at the beautiful white church. A woman in a beautiful red dress is sitting in the passenger seat. Her husband, we assume, is sitting next to her driving the car.

The Man: Matt I swear, if you ever cause a scene like that in church again. It’ll be the last scene you make.

We learn this is The Duke of the Damned and his parents.

Mom: Sweety don’t be so hard on him, it’s bad enough the priest dislikes him.

Dad: He doesn’t dislike him! He damn near thinks our boy is insane, and I’m starting to agree.

Mom: Well I don’t think he is! I just think he’s just being a boy.

Matt keeps his blank stare out of the window as they pull into a driveway to a beautiful house.

Dad: When I was young I never did half the things he did! I’ve never tried to burn down my house, assault my parents, and I sure as hell never did what he did in church.

Less than an hour earlier:

We are brought to the bathroom of the church; Matt is inside holding a crucifix.

Matt: Jesus, why did you let your dad betray us? After all you did for us. We’re all doomed and you know it. Why did you do that? God is supposed to be righteous and loving. Not self-righteous and destroying. Couldn’t you stop him? I mean I know the answer. You couldn’t because you are weak.

He smiles and tilts his head and brings out a pack of matches from his back pocket. He lights a match and holds it close to the crucifix for a few seconds before playing the fire on Jesus burning the crucifix. The fire alarm goes off and a group of deacons rush into the bathroom catching Matt holding the burning crucifix with a twisted grin on his face. His expression changes to blank as one of the deacons grabs the crucifix and puts it out and the other grabs Matt by the arm and leads him back to his parents.

After the family is inside the house, Matt is seen now looking blankly out toward the backyard. His parents are in the other room yelling.

Dad: We’ve tried to talk to him! He doesn’t say a damned word and you think he’s just being a boy?

Mom: Yes! He’s shy! Maybe he enjoys his own company more!

Dad: Have you ever heard the things he says to himself?!?!

Mom: Well no, he stops whenever I walk in.

Dad: He mumbles bible verses to himself, and then goes into a discussion about how it’s morally wrong for the way God treats his people!

Mom: Maybe he’s just too intelligent or maybe, what I believe; he doesn’t know what he’s doing!

Dad: He knows! He’s bat shit crazy!

Matt turns to the room his parents are arguing with the same blank expression.

Present day:

The day of Vortex week 12 we are brought to The Duke of The Damned inside a candle lit room, supposedly backstage, the room is covered with religious symbols and The Duke is setting cross-legged behind the candle.

The Duke: Ah tonight, I make my in ring debut and start saving those who are weak, I shall begin with Bob McEfoy. And I will save him just as I will save those who are victims, sinners, those who God has forgotten about…meaning everyone. Because everyone is damned by birth, born into a world so dark and corrupt with original sin. No one is without sin. God himself said only the pure in spirit would visit him in heaven. God would only kill all of you. Yes the lord himself has but no use for you. You are merely pawns in his game of chess.

He opens up a bible and reads out-loud.

The Duke: This is what the Lord of hosts has to say: 'I will punish what Amalek did to Israel when he barred his way as he was coming up from Egypt. Go, now, attack Amalek, and deal with him and all that he has under the ban. Do not spare him, but kill men and women, children and infants, oxen and sheep, camels and asses.' (1 Samuel 15:2-3 NAB)
The Duke pauses with a smirk on his face and blows out the candle, he picks up a match and lights it, holding it in-front of his face.
The Duke: The rapture, the world in a blaze, where God choses who to save and who to kill. And since no one is perfect we will all be left behind. In need of a prohet, a leader…A god.

He laughs and tosses the match behind him starting a blaze in a pot the camera zooms in as The Duke’s voice is heard.

The Duke: Salvum fac populum tuum, in igne erit
Spoiler for Translation:
Latin to English Translation:I shall save thy people in the fire

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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex Episode #12

PWC Vortex 12
August 28, 2013- Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Vortex intro theme plays for a while as the fireworks continue and the cameras reveal a jam packed Air Canada Center. Various fan signs are visible along with other fans holding up the Canadian flag and the atmosphere is electric. As the fireworks stop and the noise quiets down a bit, we go to our announce booth.

Stan Chambers:
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Premier Wrestling Circuit- Vortex and we come to you this evening, LIVE from the Air Canada Center, Toronto and we’re fresh off the heels of a historic pay per view.

Charlie Campbell:
That’s right Chambers. History was made at Hell’s Judgment when FORMER champion Xander Black’s undefeated streak finally came to an end and we crowned a New Heavyweight Champion- the still undefeated Kyle Elric.

Stan Chambers:
And the gaijin wasn’t the only one to taste championship gold, as the Legacy championship also changed hands- former champion Muhammad Islami dropping it to Doctor Nero under controversial circumstances. It’s certainly gonna be a wild night here on Vortex.

Charlie Campbell:
Definitely, without a doubt. I am pumped, these fans are pumped, nobody knows what’s gonna happen here in the PWC.


A loud pop from the crowd as Xander Black’s music plays. His theme keeps playing for a few seconds before he finally appears on the ramp. He doesn’t look toward the crowd, staring down the whole time. A camera closeup shows him wearing an absolutely emotionless expression. Slowly he makes his way down to the ring and asks for a microphone.

Xander Black:
(holds the mic and pauses for a bit) Last night I- another short pause, and the crowd chants his name a little Last night at Hell’s Judgment, I was pinned.

Mixed reaction

Xander Black:
Elric and I, we went to war and I came up a little bit short, and I dropped the one thing most precious to me- the one thing I have worked my life for. All those years of blood and sweat to achieve the biggest prize in wrestling- gone. In three seconds.

Xander pauses again and paces around the ring

Xander Black:
For three seconds, I showed weakness, for three seconds, I was vulnerable and because of those three seconds, the last 24 hours have felt like an eternity. Kyle Elric- you and I went to war, and we went back and forth, hung with each other every step of the way but you were better than me. For three seconds.

Dueling crowd chants for Xander and Elric break out

Xander Black:
Be that as it may, I’m not here to make excuses. I’m here to make a statement. I’m here to make a promise. Elric, last night you may have been the better man but there will be a rematch- and trust me, I’m at my most dangerous when my back is against the wall. All of you (pointing towards the fans) all of you saw me lose last night. And I hope you burned it into your memories real good, coz that’s not happening again- not until I beat Kyle Elric and regain MY World Heavyweight Championship

The crowd erupts at this statement and loud cheers for Xander can be heard. All too soon though, those cheers turn into boos as a familiar music blares across the speakers

***In your house, in a heartbeat***

The jeers get louder as the other Black- Darius makes his way out to the ring. He’s clad in his ringwear and has a lead pipe in his hands. Periodically he stops and brings the pipe close to his head and almost seems to murmur something to it and nod his head in return. As he slides into the ring under the ropes, he stares straight into Xander’s eyes and lets out a sick smile.

Darius Black:
(gets into Xander’s face) Lies. Your promise is a lie. Your dream of being champion again is a lie. All these threats and proclamations you make- lies. And me and my friend here (holds up his lead pipe) we don’t like liars. WE DESPISE THEM.

Xander’s emotionless mask starts slipping as something akin to anger can be seen starting to break out on his face.

Darius Black:
You see Xander, once- once if you’d said those words, they’d hold some weight. But you’re not that Xander any more no. You’ve gone soft. Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet but I can see right through your bullshit. Ever since you’ve started playing to the crowd, acting all happy and smiling for the camera, you’ve lost your edge. I stand here in front of you and I don’t see the ruthless Xander Black who’d crush everyone in front of him. No, I see someone who’d bend over and take it like a bitch-

Before Darius can finish his sentence, Xander catches him square in the jaw with a vicious right hook! Darius goes down and Xander mounts him, raining down punches. Before things get too out of hand, a few referees run in and separate both men. Eventually, both men move to opposite corners and a single referee remaining in the ring calls for the bell and the first match of the night is underway.

Match 1 | Singles Match
Xander Black vs. Darius Black

After the earlier exchange between the two men, Darius is the aggressor landing with hard right punches to the abdomen of Xander. Darius whips Xander towards the turnbuckle with full force causing the former world champion to the ground. Darius walks towards Xander and looks to the crowd with his arms wide as if saying, “is this guy really a former world champion?” Darius continues on the offensive as he gets Xander to his feet once more. He wraps his arms around Xander and throws him overhead right onto the turnbuckles! The crowd groans at the belly-to-belly suplex Darius just landed as it looked brutal. Darius drags Xander away from the ropes and goes for the pin with his forearm across Xander’s face – 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Darius argues with the referee about the count but to no avail. He goes for the pin once again, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! And another pin attempt, 1 – KICKOUT! Darius seems to be tiring out Xander who has to use a lot of force to kick out of Darius’s pin attempts. Darius simply stands his ground smiling at the damage he’s done to Xander. He patiently waits for Xander to get to his feet. Before long, Xander finally gets up but is met with a spinning back kick right to the abdomen by Darius causing Xander to fall to his knees. With Xander on his knees, Darius took advantage by delivering consecutive backhand chops right to the sternum of Xander. The crowd actually counts how many shots Darius got in which stops at about seventeen. After the 17th backhand chop, Xander falls to the canvas of the ring belly-first. Darius then whips himself across the rope and lands a vicious knee to the back of Xander’s neck! The crowd groans once more at the despicable act by Darius who goes for another pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

This time, Darius argues with the referee once more thinking he had done enough to put away the former world champion. While this is going on, Xander has the wherewithal to use pick himself up using the ropes. He’s finally standing at the far turnbuckle away from Darius. However, the crazed superstar sees this and runs full speed towards Xander – and eats Xander’s boot! Darius is dazed before a picture perfect dropkick from Xander lands right on the kisser of Darius. Both men are now down and the fans try to rally Xander, thinking this is his time to make a comeback. The referee gets to a count of seven before Xander gets to his feet first followed shortly by Darius. Xander connects with one uppercut! Two uppercuts! Three uppercuts! The uppercuts daze Darius who is flung back towards the ropes and on the rebound, Xander hooks Darius’s head in his arms before snapping him back with a suplex! Xander goes for his first cover of the match, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

The crowd’s false hope of Xander winning this match is met with a buzz. Xander stays on the canvas trying to catch his breath after than onslaught from Darius. Before long, Xander finally gets to his feet and starts scaling the turnbuckles. The crowd pops for the bravery of Xander after the beating he’s taken from Darius. Xander is now perched on the top turnbuckle and as soon as Darius turns around, Xander flies across the ring and connects with a cross body! He goes for the pin, 1 – 2 – 3 – NO! KICKOUT BY DARIUS! Xander can’t believe but he doesn’t waste any time. He looks to the crowd who pops for him once more. He takes in the cheers from the crowd for a little bit too long before getting Darius on his feet. He hooks Darius’s head underneath his arm and pulls back with his right leg looking to hit the Death Nail, but Darius spins out of it! Xander goes for a clothesline but Darius ducks it, and when Xander tries to go back on the offensive, Darius hits the Good Night! A Cutter of out nowhere! Darius quickly goes for the pin, 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall - Darius Black (11.33)

Darius gets his hand raised by the referee after the match. He looks over to Xander who is still on the floor after getting dropped with Darius’s finisher. All Darius can do is smirk and rub his hands together as if saying that he took out the trash tonight. A replay is shown of that last sequence where Xander looked to hit his Death Nail finisher before Darius spun out of it and capitalizes with the Good Night cutter. After the replay, the cameras close up on Darius who has an intense look on his face. As if something had changed at that very moment, Darius walks towards his new friend, his lead pipe that he calls “Dominic.”


Stan Chambers:
This is too much...

The crowd follow the commentator's dejected tone as Freddie Vos and Derek Jacobs walk out onto the stage with their typical twisted grins plastered over their faces. The begin to walk down towards the ring just as Darius hits Xander with the first blow from "Dominic".

Darius takes a seconds to savour the first strike and just as he connects with another crushing blow to the ribs of the former World Heavyweight Champion, Vos and Jacobs step into the ring. A few security members half-heartedly try to get into the ring to help the downed Xander, but a swing of "Dominic" later and they give up their attempts and resign themselves to the fact that they're powerless to help here, and they're just going to need to hope that the trio get bored of their new toy.

Vos makes his arrival known to Xander by quickly locking in the Glaswegian's Figure Four Death Lock to no fight whatsoever. Darius laughs maniacally as Vos wrenches back on the hold that helped Xander retain his title at Alpha and Omega! Jacobs, looking displeased to be left out of the assault begins to stomp on the back of Xander's head just as "Dominic" swings once again, catching Xander's stomach as it's exposed by Vos!

The assault from the three continues for several more minutes before Vos throws Xander's beaten and broken body down on the mat, and all three men back off, never taking their eyes off of the mess that they've left behind. Obviously not satisfied though, Darius rushes forward one last time and with a big swing, he brings "Dominic" crashing down upon the ribs of Xander, just as the camera cuts to the crowd, showing many cowering back at the vicious showing from all three men. A weak "please get up" chant choruses throughout the arena, but it soon dies out and silence reigns over the Toronto crowd.

The trio of Vos, Black and Jacobs retreat from the ring, laughing as they do so, and the EMT take this opportunity to rush into the ring just as the cameras cut to commercials.


Cutting back to the main arena, we see The Ace of Spades, Louie Spindoli standing in the centre, as The Golden Boy is wrapping up his entrance on the top turnbuckle. He hops down and waits in the corner, the two of them glancing at each other and at the stage.

Stan Chambers:
After that despicable assault, I think we need to pick up the mood here in the Air Canada Centre, and so we've got a treat for you as we’re in for some triple threat action tonight! The two men in the ring, Louie Spindoli and The Golden Boy are waiting for the final participant.


For the first few seconds, the arena remains in pitch blackness, that is until the song kicks in and the arena lights up. Soon after, Microburst bursts out from behind the curtain. He takes in the cheers, walking from one side of the stage to the opposite. Microburst returns to the centre of the stage, then makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Charlie Campbell:
Microburst hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since he arrived in PWC, but tonight is his chance to prove the doubters wrong and prove that he belongs in the greatest wrestling company in the world.

Match #2 | Triple Threat Match
Microburst vs. The Golden Boy vs. Louie Spindoli

The fans react with cheers as the bell rings. All three men begin to circle the ring, until Microburst is suddenly rushed from his opponents. The two of them force him back into the corner and begin wailing on his back as Microburst attempts to cover up. The crowd react with heat and finally the two back off, with Golden Boy punching Spindoli in the face. They battle away from the corner, and reach the ropes where Golden Boy attempts a wild right hand but Spindoli ducks and throws GB out of the ring!

The Ace of Spades turns around, and spots Microburst coming at him, so he low bridges which sends Microburst onto the apron. He manages to block a swing from Louie then hits a rope assisted enzuiguri! Spindoli staggers away then Microburst flies off the top rope, hitting a springboard bulldog! Things go at a fast pace now, as GB breaks up a pin attempt. Microburst fights him off and gets the better of him, forcing him into the corner. He senses Spindoli is running at his back, so he dives away, and Louie runs right into Golden Boy!

Louie turns around looking for Microburst again, but MB hits a standing dropkick which sends Spindoli stumbling back into the ropes and somewhat comically, falls through them. Microburst measures him from the ring, then hits The Leap Into The Unknown! Spindoli is down from the count now and Microburst comes back into the ring, but gets caught by a vicious clothesline by Golden Boy! GB tries to end it quickly after that, going for The Revelation but Microburst breaks away, and pushes him off. Microburst hits the ropes and connects with The Mayday! Pin and Louie isn’t there to stop it.

Winner via Pinfall - Microburst (5.08)


Coming back to the arena from the commercial break, the cameras pan over the crowd once again before heading over to the Announce Table where Stan Chambers and Charlie Campbell are sat with smiles on their faces.

Stan Chambers:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the twelth Vortex and up next we've got the Scot, Daiko going up against The Silver Sheikh, Muhammad Islami. What do you make of this match, partner?

Charlie Campbell:
I'm not too sure about Daiko's chances in this one, Stan. While his Pay-Per-View form has been outstanding, he's a bit inconsistent with his performances on Vortex. Even if he's on top form tonight, he's been backed into a corner by Dr. Nero and Nurse Ellie's actions at Hell's Judgement. Islami's going to be looking to make a show of Daiko tonight.

Stan Chambers:
What are your thoughts on Ellie's distraction during the Nero and Islami match?

Charlie Campbell:
It was genius. Nero went out there with a plan and he pulled it off to perfection.

Stan Chambers:
You sound impressed.

Charlie Campbell:
Why wouldn't I be? It won the man the Legacy Championship, and now Islami's not only going up against Nero, but he has to deal with Famine too. Getting the title back isn't going to be easy.

***Huka Blues***

Campbell and Chambers quiet down as The Silver Sheikh walks out onto the stage with his keffiyeh draped over his head and shoulders. He wastes no time on the stage and begins walking towards the ring with a look of intent in his eyes. He ignores the crowd who continue to boo him heavily, and hops up onto the ring apron before slingshotting himself into the ring.


Islami turns to face the stage and poses as the crowd pop for Daiko, who is standing in the middle of the stage looking down at Islami.

The Scot makes his way down the ramp, slapping the outstretched hands of the nearest crowd members as he goes. He too hops up onto the apron, but instead of slingshotting himself over the ropes, he climbs up onto the nearby turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before jumping down into the ring.

Emma Mason walks out into the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand and begins her usual announcing shtick.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Singles Match scheduled for one fall! To my left, weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Washington DC, he is The Silver Sheikh, MUHAMMAD ISLAMI!

Islami looks out towards the crowd with a look of disgust on his face.

Emma Mason:
To my right, weighing in at 195 pounds, hailing from Perth, Scotland, DAIKO!

Daiko doesn't react, y'know, cause he's cool like that or something. (Does anyone actually read these bits?)

The referee waits for Mason to leave the ring before calling for the bell.

Match 3 | Singles Match
Daiko vs. Muhammad Islami

As soon as the bell rings the two competitors begin to circle each other before colliding in the center of the ring as they lock up in a true test of strength, which is won by Daiko as he raises his foot up behind Islami's leg and digs his heel into the back of The Silver Sheikh's knee, forcing him down onto one knee. Daiko takes advantage of the downed Islami and grabs him in a headlock, applying enough pressure to keep him down on the one knee.

Islami struggles to get to his feet for at least 20 seconds and tries to pull his head back a little which is met with a fair amount of resistance from his opponent, but he eventually manages to succeed, and as he does, he uses his downed leg to force himself to the left, which leaves him right behind Daiko, who yelps in pain as his arm which is still around Islami's neck is dragged behind his back. The Scot loosens his hold a little which gives Islami the wriggle room to loosen his head from Daiko's hold, and the US Native takes full advantage of the situation and wrenches Daiko's arm up against his back with one hand. With the other he clubs away at Daiko's back, knocking the Scot down to the ground where he locks in the hammerlock once again,trapping Daiko's arm behind his back, putting pressure on the shoulder once again.

The Shiekh readjusts himself so that he's kneeling on Daiko, with his right knee digging into the spine of the Scot. He wrenches back on the arm some more, while raising his knee into the air and bringing it down onto the spine of Daiko to great effect, judging by the yells of pain from Daiko each time Islami's knee comes down.

After he rains down several more knees onto the back of Daiko, Islami rolls his opponent over onto his back and goes for the first pinfall of the match!


Daiko kicks out, pushing Islami away, giving himself a bit of breathing room for a second, but he's quickly back in Islami's grasp, and the Arab-American drags Daiko to his feet a cracks him on the jaw with a vicious punch, drawing calls of sympathy from the crowd as they try to get behind the seemingly outmatched Daiko.

Islami throws Daiko back into the corner and catches the Scot with a chop which echoes throughout the arena getting more sympathy for Daiko from the crowd. Another chop! Another! Another! Islami backs away from Daiko for a second, admiring his work as he backs off before catching the already bright red chest of Daiko with ANOTHER chop. Daiko begins to fall forward, but he's caught by Islami before he hits the ground and Islami drags him back to his feet before hitting him with a Belly to Belly Suplex!!

Islami goes for a second pin!


Once again, Daiko's shoulder pumps up from the mat and the Scot pushes Islami off of him, getting a valuable second or so to catch his breath and maybe regain his wits in a match that is quickly getting away from him.

Islami rushes towards Daiko again to keep his offence going, but this time the Scot is ready for him, and as Islami clenches his fist and lunges forward, Daiko throws himself forward, rolling under the striking arm of Islami who turns just as he smashes into the turnbuckle, which tears the breath right out of him.

Daiko wastes no time here and rushes towards Islami and smashes him win a brutal Yakuza Kick!! Islami almost goes completely limp as he falls to the mat, but he's not given any break by Daiko whose chest is still bright red from the earlier chops. Daiko goes for his first pinfall of the match!


Just as the ref counts two, Islami kicks out of the pin, pushing Daiko off of him, but the Scot is back by Islami in a flash, and he catches him in the ribs with a vicious kick which draws an 'oooh' from the crowd.

The Perthshire born Daiko drags Islami up onto his feet and locks in a headlock once again, but Islami doesn't waste any time and shows his ring smarts as he backs off to the nearest set of ropes and pushes Daiko away from him. The Scot bounces off of the opposite ropes, and comes charging back at Islami who looks for a Clothesline, but he misses as Daiko ducks under the swinging arm! Islami turns to see Daiko who springboards off of the middle rope and throws himself backwards towards the Arab-American catching him on the bridge of the nose with a Springboard Back Elbow!

Daiko looks out at the crowd with a grin on his face, and points towards the turnbuckle beside him to a pop from the crowd who sense that something big could be on it's way.

Daiko slingshots himself out of the ring onto the apron, and runs over to the turnbuckle which he climbs up. He looks out towards the crowd with a grin and watches as Islami slowly regains his footing before throwing himself forward looking to hit the Diving Crossbody, but NO! Islami catches Daiko and hits him with a Catch Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker!!!


Daiko has to kick up with his feet to get enough power to push Islami off of him, which gets a few groans amongst the cheers as the crowd see that their choice of winner is struggling. Daiko shows good ring awareness and manages to roll out of the ring before Islami can make the most of the open opportunity to continue his assault.

The screen cuts to a different angled slo-mo replay of the Catch Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker which shows the reactions of the crowd as Islami catches the Scot and shows incredible strength as he whirls Daiko around in the air before bringing him down onto his knee, back first.

The cameras cut back to the match, which is in the ring once again, just as Daiko catches Islami with an Uppercut before turning the Arab-American around and hitting a German Suplex on him!!

The Scot rolls Islami over, but instead of going for the pinfall, he backs off into the nearest corner and climbs the turnbuckle which he launches himself off of, hitting the downed Islami with a Diving Senton!


Islami gets the early kickout, catching Daiko by surprise, giving the Shiekh the time needed for him to get to his feet and catch the charging Daiko with a normal Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker, getting a groan from the audience and a yell of pain from Daiko.

Islami looks out at the crowd with a look of disgust before turning Daiko over and LOCKING IN THE SILVER CLUTCH!!

Daiko yells out in pain and the crowd groan once again as The Silver Shiekh wrenches back on the Silver Clutch, looking to end this match once and for all!

Daiko tries to power his way to his feet, but Islami just leans back, forcing Daiko to give up his attempts as Islami looks to snap the Scot's back in half!

Daiko, yelling in pain, tries to drag himself towards the ropes, but once again, Islami just leans back, pulling Daiko's neck with him, and after one final attempt to reach for the ropes, Daiko taps.

Winner via Submission - Muhammad Islami (16.35)

Islami releases the hold on Daiko and pushes the Scot's face into the mat before standing up and posing above his fallen opponent to the dismay of the crowd.

The final view before the cameras cut once again is Islami standing over Daiko and glaring out at the crowd who are booing the Arab-American in return.

We are brought to a church scene. Rain is pouring in the early hours of the morning as a massive thunder storm is rolling in. The Church is in the center of a field and looks all but abandoned. A very faint Paint It Black by The London Symphony Orchestra can be heard. We are brought inside the Church to see The Duke of the Damned sitting in the priest chair under a cross with Jesus on it.

The Duke of the Damned: I’ve witnessed sinners, the murderous, the thieves, the liars, the cheaters, and the rapist begging for a scapegoat. Someone who they can turn to in their time of need.

The camera scratches out as the scene goes outside to the field again. The Duke of the Damned is sitting cross legged in the field, letting rain splash on his face, he plucks a flower and holds it up.

The Duke of the Damned: This flower represents innocence.

He crushes the flower, as it flies off in the roaring wind. He lets out a laugh.

The Duke of the Damned: How quickly innocence is crushed. How quickly we forget about our innocence. Why should we remember our innocence? The time when we were weak, broken, alone, like the stray cat, wandering, and searching for someone to give us love and compassion. Love and compassion. Humans thrive off of love and compassion.

The camera scratches out back inside the church. The Duke of the Damned is sitting in front of the offering table.

The Duke of the Damned: Jesus Christ suffered a crucifixion for our sins. He was a martyr just like I am the Martyr. The savior.

The Duke gets up and walks behind the podium, he opens up a bible.

The Duke of the Damned: "I will sweep away everything in all your land," says the LORD. "I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity," says the LORD. "I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests, so that even the memory of them will disappear. For they go up to their roofs and bow to the sun, moon, and stars. They claim to follow the LORD, but then they worship Molech, too. So now I will destroy them! And I will destroy those who used to worship me but now no longer do. They no longer ask for the LORD's guidance or seek my blessings." (Zephaniah 1:2-6 NLT)

The camera scratches again and we go inside a confessionary, the camera is close to the Duke’s face now as he’s almost whispering the words.

The Duke of the Damned: The almighty father was a murderer, a thief, a liar, a cheater, and a rapist. The almighty father, our lord and savior God himself needs a scapegoat, someone who can provide that love and compassion. And you all need someone you can pray to and it isn’t God. It is I. You are all damned, and I, I am your Duke, and only I can save you. PWC, open your eyes for a prophet, a savior, a God is coming.


As we come back from commercial, the cameras go to the ring where Emma Mason is standing with a mic, behind her in the corner stands Bob McEfoy with his manager, Brian Taylor standing on the ring apron hyping him up for the match.

Emma Mason:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Victoria, Australia weighing in at 280 pounds, Bob McEfoy!

McEfoy raises an arm as the fans cheer for him.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, from The Other Side of Darkness weighing in at 264 pounds, The Duke Of The Damned!

***Paint It Black***

The arena goes black, and a single red spotlight is shown as The Duke of the Damned appears at the entrance ramp smoking a cigarette. He makes his way to the ring walking somewhat disoriented. He blows the smoke at some of the fans and lets out a laugh as he does. He stands looking on at the ring and takes a long drag from the cigarette, flicking it out at the side of him, as the cigarette makes contact with the ground it erupts into a quick burst of flames. The Duke has a sick smirk on his face as he gets in the ring, he then takes a seat in the corner turnbuckle and rolls his neck as he runs his hands over his face before standing up.

The referee calls for the bell, and the match gets underway.

Match #4 | Singles Match
Bob McEfoy vs. The Duke of the Damned

Bob isn't quite sure how to approch his opponent, who turns his back to McEfoy and extends his arms out to his sides, he's offering McEfoy a free shot! Bob seems confused as BT tells him to take it, and with that he charges Duke and drops him with a running forearm smash to the back of the head! Bob stomps on Duke until Duke crawls into the corner, and sits there with a big smile on his face causing Bob to take a step back, freaked out as Duke pulls himself to his feet and dares Bob to hit him again! Bob charges Duke in the corner, but Duke sidesteps and Bob goes face first into the top turnbuckle! Bob stumbles backwards, and Duke spins him around, then hits him with a Two Handed Chokeslam he calls Crucifixion!

Bob rolls into the middle of the ring as Duke covers him for the pin.

But Brian Taylor is on the ring apron distracting the ref!

Duke gets to his feet and sees what's going on, and with a sick smile he walks over to BT and grabs him by the throat! BT is struggling for air as Duke wraps his other hand around the throat of BT and he's trying to choke the life out of him here as BT is gasping for air, but McEfoy runs up behind Duke and hits him with an elbow to the back of the head! Duke drops McEfoy's friend and turns around, as Bob kicks him in the gut then lifts him up for a suplex! Bob gets right back to his feet though, and hits a 2nd suplex! Duke may be in trouble here as Bob stands up again, and goes for the third suplex, NO! DUKE COUNTERS BY LIFTING BOB MCEFOY UP, AND DROPPING HIM WITH NOTHINGNESS OUT OF NOWHERE! Bob looks out of it as Duke drags him by his arm into the middle of the ring, then traps him in his Rear Naked Choke hold he calls No Sympathy (For The Devil) and after no response from Bob, the ref raises his arm and it drops. The ref lifts his arm again and again it drops as Duke continues to choke the life out of Bob as the ref raises the arm of McEfoy one final time, and it drops again!

Emma Mason:
Here's your winner, The Duke Of The Damned!

Winner via TKO - The Duke of the Damned! (11.42)

***Paint It Black***

Duke continues the choke hold until the ref pulls him off, but the ref runs away as soon as Duke gets to his feet and Duke holds his arms out to his sides and drops to his knees in front of McEfoy as we take a quick commercial break.


Back from commercials once again, the cameras now cut to the ring for our main event of the evening as Emma Mason stands in the ring with a mic one final time tonight.

Emma Mason:
The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 285 pounds, from Chicago, Illnois he is Dr.Pain, Derek Jacobs!

***The Memory Remains***

As the music begins, Jacobs walks out onto the stage and glares down to the ring before quickly walking down the ramp. Jacobs reaches the ringside area, and pulls himself onto the ring apron then steps over the top rope and backs into his corner as the music cuts.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, weighing in at 208 pounds, from The City Of Angels, Austin Angel!

***The Death Of Me***

As the music kicks up, a spotlight pans up to the top of the arena where Angel is standing with his head down. He quickly makes his way down the arena steps and walks through the crowd until reaching the guard rail, where he flips over it after taking his jacket off. Angel then jogs up the ring steps and enters the ring, backing into his corner of the ring and crouches in the corner until just before the match begins.

The referee calls for the bell.

Match #6 | Singles Match
Derek Jacobs vs. Austin Angel

The match begins as both men go face to face in the middle of the ring, and right away a fist fight breaks out with Jacobs getting the better of it as he shoves Angel into the ropes, then drops him with a big clothesline! Jacobs lets Angel roll to the ropes, then walks over to him as Angel kicks him in the knee to keep him away so he can get up. Jacobs charges Angel again, but Angel pulls down the top rope and Jacobs goes flying over the top rope and to the floor! Jacobs stumbles to his feet, as Angel backs across the ring then charges back at Jacobs and hits a suicide dive to take him down!

Angel gets to his feet and throws Jacobs back into the ring right away before climbing up on the ring apron, as Jacobs takes a swing at Angel but he counters with a shoulder block into the ribs, then springboards into the ring and takes out Jacobs with a diving high knee to the skull! Jacobs is down as Angel begins stomping on the mat, and he looks like he's setting up for the Austin Kick early here! Jacobs slowly stumbles to his feet, but before he turns around we see Derek Jacobs new friend, Freddy Vos walking down the ramp and yells for Jacobs to not turn around!

Jacobs listens to his partner in crime here as the two talk things over for a minute with Jacobs in the ropes, but Angel loses his patience and takes a running start, then jumps onto the back of Jacobs and uses him as a springboard to hit a diving crossbody on Vos to take him out! Angel begins punching away at Vos as Jacobs rolls out of the ring, and drags Angel to his feet then whips him skull first into the ring post and Angel looks out of it!

Jacobs helps Vos to his feet, and Vos tells him to stay focused on the match and the big man nods before rolling Angel into the ring and rolling in after him, and covers him for the pin attempt and this one could be over.

NO! Angel kicks out!

Vos is watching the match closely now as Jacobs hits three elbow drops to the heart of Angel in a row before bouncing off the ropes, and hitting a leg drop across the throat! Angel rolls away from DJ as he follows, and drags Angel to his feet and tries to lift Angel onto his shoulders, but Angel counters by sliding down the back of Jacobs as Vos jumps on the ring apron, and Angel shoves Jacobs into Vos to knock him back off the ring apron, then pushes off the ropes to roll Jacobs up for a school boy pin!

NO! Vos hits a running big boot to the skull of Angel for the DQ!

Winner via DQ - Austin Angel (15.04)

Vos stands above Angel with a sick grin on his face as Jacobs climbs to his feet. The Chicagoan leaves the ring and walks over to the bellkeeper's area and grabs a chair, but he drops it when he sees Freddie Vos looking back at him and shaking his head.

Freddie Vos:
Mr. Jacobs, we've got a bigger problem to deal with tonight. Let this pathetic little man live for tonightnow and we'll draw out his pain for as long as we desire.

Jacobs looks at Vos with a mirrored sick grin and walks off towards the ramp. The cameras cut to the final set of commercials as Vos and Jacobs stand side by side looking into the ring at Angel who is looking back at them with a confused look on his face.


We’re back from commercial and Emma Mason is in the center of the ring with a microphone in her hand.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION- Kyle Elric!!

A huge cheer breaks out in the Air Canada Center and people rise on their feet to catch a glimpse of their new champion as Elric’s music hits.


Kyle Elric appears on the ramp clad in jeans and his trademark leather jacket with the gaijin kanji on the back. The big gold belt adorns his right shoulder and he stands on the ramp, looking to his right and left and acknowledging the raucous fans with a bow before making his way to the ring.

Stan Chambers:
Kyle Elric looks more serious than I’d hoped a new champion would look.

Charlie Campbell:
Well he’s a strange guy but he is our new champion. Last night, Kyle Elric did what no man before him could do- defeated Xander Black to finally reach the top of the mountain.

Stan Chambers:
He certainly did and after that win, he is without a doubt the number 1 man here in PWC. Will be interesting to hear what he has to say tonight.

Elric enters the ring and takes the microphone from Emma. He holds up his title with his right hand, soaking in the cheers for a while. He goes to speak but a huge crowd chant of “You deserve it” interrupts him. Looking slightly sheepish, he gestures to the crowd to settle down before beginning.

Kyle Elric:
Ladies and gentlemen, two months ago I debuted in this company, a man on a mission, a man driven by principles, a man out to prove something to himself, to the people close to him and to all you fans.

Big pop as Elric gestures to everyone in the arena

Kyle Elric:
You people were the ones who took me in, made me feel like one of your own, made a gaijin feel right at home and today I stand before you, grateful for your faith and support, humbled by your love and proud to be YOUR World Heavyweight Champion.

A huge Elric chant starts up again as the fans applaud their new champion

Kyle Elric:
Honestly, it’s been a long journey but Hell’s Judgment was far from the end. It was just the first milestone- not the destination and there’s a long way to go, so there’s no time to stop and celebrate- no time to get complacent. This title makes me the center of attention and hatred in the roster and paints a giant bull’s eye on my back but this is exactly what I signed up for and if anyone wants to prove a point- I’m not a hard man to find.

Elric gets a bit more serious now, and places his title on the mat in front of him

Kyle Elric:
Honestly, I came here tonight, to begin the next chapter in my rivalry with Xander Black- who is without a doubt the toughest opponent I’ve ever faced. I came here to set up another rematch- one based on honor, respect, tradition but what greets me here is an act of cowardice.

Short pause as he breathes heavily

Kyle Elric:
Freddie Vos, Derek Jacobs, Darius Black, all three of you attacked a man when he was down, ripped him apart like a pack of jackals when he wasn’t ready and that’s supposed to make anyone fear you? Well I’m standing in the middle of this ring, ready to go so whichever one of you feels up to it, walk right on out and let’s find out how much of a badass you really are.

Drops the mic and shouts “Come on” as he awaits in the ring. Nothing happens for a while and the crowd starts getting restless when finally Vos’s theme hits


Freddie Vos slowly starts walking to the ring as Elric stands facing him, ready for a fight when all of a sudden- Darius Black and Derek Jacobs emerge from the crowd and ambush him from behind!! They tackle Elric to the ground and start stomping on him mercilessly as Vos rushes in and joins them.

Stan Chambers:
This is absolutely outrageous and despicable!! What do these three men have to prove? They already took out Xander Black and now they are dismantling our new champion!!

Charlie Campbell:
He asked for it my friend. Kyle Elric should have known what he was doing when he called out Vos!

Darius and Jacobs pull Elric up onto his knees as Vos gets in his face and talks some trash, before hitting Elric with a hard closed fist. He keeps punching him and the champ is down while the three heels stand in the ring, basking in the massive heat the Canadian fans are giving them.

Vos signals towards the announce table and Derek Jacobs and Darius pull Elric out of the ring. Vos gets out too and clears the announce table, getting ready to put Elric through it. He pulls Elric’s body and gets in position for a powerbomb when suddenly a huge roar can be heard from the crowd. Jacobs and Darius turn back to see AUSTIN ANGEL and DAIKO rushing up the ramp!! All three men leave Elric lying on the floor and meet the two new men in the middle of the ring where a wild brawl breaks out as the crowd goes wild!!

Angel and Daiko keep landing punches on Vos, Jacobs and Darius but eventually the numbers game overwhelms them and the villainous trio take back control. But before they can deal too much damage, Elric re-enters the ring with a steel chair in hand and smashes it across Vos’ back!! Vos screams in pain and rolls out of the ring! Angel and Daiko take back control and clothesline Darius and Jacobs over the top rope to the outside!!

Elric, Daiko and Austin Angel stand tall in the ring, daring their opponents to step in while Vos, Jacobs and Darius can be seen staring and mouthing insults at them as they head back up the ramp.

Stan Chambers:
Now this is some unexpected development! Austin Angel and Daiko coming to the aid of the champion and it looks like we have a full blown war on our hands!!

Charlie Campbell:
Total chaos here on Vortex. We've seen casualties, we've seen alliances and we've seen battle lines being drawn. Don’t forget to tune in next week because things just got a whole lot more unpredictable.

Angel and Daiko stand and pose on the turnbuckles facing the ramp while Elric poses in the ropes between them with his title held high, staring at the retreating trio as Vortex goes off the air.

Spoiler for Who did what?:
Opening Segment - RAINNMAKAHH
Darius Black vs. Xander Black - Jamjam22
Vos / Jacobs / Darius / Xander Segment - Mainly Daiko, cus lel @ Jam.
Microburst vs. The Golden Boy vs. Louie Spindoli - Jamjam22
Muhammad Islami vs. Daiko - Daiko
The Duke of the Damned hype promo - JCMaverick9
The Duke of the Damned vs. Bob McEfoy - HollywoodNightmare
Austin Angel vs. Derek Jacobs - HollywoodNightmare
Kyle Elric celebration - RAINNMAKAHH

Spoiler for Quick Results:

Xander Black vs. Darius Black
Microburst vs. The Golden Boy vs. Louie Spindoli
Muhammad Islami vs. Daiko
The Duke of the Damned vs. Bob McEfoy
Austin Angel vs. Derek Jacobs

Probably a few editing mistakes in here, but I'll pick up on them when I wake up.
Little late this week, but you all know why, so I won't repeat it. Thanks for the patience/understanding.

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