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PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

PWA Thunder . August 27, 2012 . Manchester, England

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Card Preview - The Invasion Continues...!

The Invasion has just begun, and it has a new face. Little Jiminy Cricket's long journey to the top started at our very first Thunder, and now, months later, he has become the World Champion.

It was a great contest between Cricket, his tag team partner / arch-nemesis, Mascara de la Muerte, and the defending champ, Nelson King. When it was all said done, however, Cricket managed to score the fall over his own partner and leave King empty-handed in England.

Tonight, King will try to exact some revenge when he goes one on one with Mascara de la Muerte in our opening contest. We know what Mascara de la Muerte will be wearing in the contest, but what about Nelson King? After vowing he would wear a mask, just as Mascara does, if he lost his title at Invasion, King will be dawning new gear of some kind.

As for Cricket, now that he's no longer hunting, he'll have to deal with the target on his back in a one on one contest with Mr. Money in the Bank, Lee Powell.

Speaking of Powell, his revolution is starting to grow. We started Invasion off with a classic bout between Jack Young and GTI. The two went back-and-forth in one of the most evenly fought battles the PWA has ever seen. After the match was over, and GTI was victorious, the London audience gave a deserving standing ovation as the two wrestlers shook hands in the middle of the ring.

And that's when Jack Young struck, launching a vicious assault on GTI with the help of his new allies, AG Zero and Lee Powell. It quickly turned the applause to boos and gave us an interesting tag team match for tonight, where Jack Young will pair with the TV Champion to face GTI and the man who Zero beat at Invasion, Carter Albano. Perhaps also tonight, Young will give us answers.

As for the TV Champ, now that Zero has defended his title successfully, he'll have to worry about his next opponent. It could be GTI. Or it could be one of PWA's newest members, The Tutor or Dave Martini. The three will face off next week to determine the #1 contender to the TV Title; and as a preview of that, The Tutor and Martini will go one on one this evening and try to gain momentum heading into next week.

Chances are looking up for those three - not so much for Randy Orton and Gustavo de Leon, who failed to advance in the #1 contender tournament. They will have singles matches themselves tonight - against Mercenario and Bobby Bloodbath, respectively - and look to get back on the right track towards championship gold.

Yes, the Pure Wrestling Alliance continues to grow, and it is only fitting that we begin our first overseas tour at this most exciting and chaotic time. Be sure to tune in and see all the action!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Match Card for the August 27th edition of PWA Thunder

Singles Match

Nelson King vs. Mascara de la Muerte

Singles Match
The Tutor vs. Dave Martini

Singles Match
Mercenario vs. Randy Orton

Tag Team Match
Jack Young and AG Zero vs. GTI and Carter Albano

Singles Match
Gustavo de Leon vs. Bobby Bloodbath

Main Event
Singles Match

Little Jiminy Cricket vs. Lee Powell
The deadline for picks is Monday, August 27th, by 2 PM PST (i.e., before RAW begins).
Please pick 8 (eight) wrestlers off the current WWE roster and 2 (two) back-ups in case of a draw.
Your picks will garner points on this week's RAW and SD!
Do NOT edit your post after the deadline or you will be automatically disqualified.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

If you want to cut a promo please do so in this thread.
Promos are gambles used to potentially increase your wrestler's Overness.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Remember to spread word about the league!
Good luck to everyone in their respective matches!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Skyfall, don't forget to send me two extra picks via PM every week of your title reign as per the MITB rules. The two picks can be the same as your original 8 or different.

Congrats on the victory, btw.

Good luck to everyone in their matches this week!

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Little Jiminy Cricket's picks:
1. Ryback
2. Kane
3. Orton
4. Sheamus
5. Titus Oneil
6. Cena
7. Miz
8. Sin Cara
1. Katilyn
2. Cesaro

Cricket Promo:
"As your new, PWA Champion, I don't feel the need to into details to gain your favor. I don't need your favor and I don't want your favor. That being said, I did prepare a victory speech. 'That's right bitches, I won.'

Now for you Lee Powell, it doesn't matter if you find yourself to be the best wrestler in the PWA, or if you're really just some dork or sits at home and plays fantasy wrestling online. Even with a MITB contract, I still won't be dropping this title for as long as I am in the PWA. So considering how damn good I am, I'll be here a while."

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

GTI "The Enforcer" picks:

2.CM Punk
3.The Miz
5.Randy Orton

B1.The Big Show
B2.John Cena

Smoke fills the arena, as GTI slowly makes his entrance.
"Those filthy, good for nothing MAGGOTS..."
"I won that match!..."
*whips out a pistol and fires it in the air*
*crowd silence*
"there...That's better. But don't worry, if AG Zero has his goons, So do I..."
*5 men dressed in Swat uniforms appear*
"Zero, if any of your goons interfere in this match tonight...My boys here will have to...enforce the law"
*Grins wickedly as he throws a smoke grenade at his own feet, leaving the arena before the smoke disappears*

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14


Antonio Cesaro
CM Punk
Big Show
The Miz
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan


Sin Cara
Brodus Clay


"My fall from grace is complete, the truth is out there. I'm nothing more than a loser. A phony, who's time at the top is marred with false desire and willingness to let success destroy my very core from within.

I don't deserve to even be here.

I made a certain promise that if I were to lose my championship at Invasion I would become what I deserved. I would continue in this company awash with shame.

I have become...

Nelson "sólo un pollo" King.

There's no hope for me now."

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Mascara de la Muerte


1. CM Punk
2. Antonio Cesaro
3. Daniel Bryan
4. Kane
5. Sheamus
6. Kofi Kingston
7. R-Truth
8. Ryback


1. The Miz
2. Daien Sandow


¡Hola! ¡Soy Mascara de la Muerte! As you know, last week, at Invasion, a new PWA champion was crowned. And as you know, it wasn't me. It was some little annoying bastard. Yes, he pinned me and I am not looking for any excuse, I admit it, that that time he was better. But onlythc time. I promise, that the next time we meet, I will capture that golden title belt. And more importantly, I won't let my fans down the next time. As for Lee Powell and AG Zero, I'll be watching you. You better know that. And I totally, 100 % agree with Nelson King. Pollito doesn't deserve to be here. That's why I'm beating you tonight. Te guste, o no!

I accept rep.

Headbanging is crucial.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Lee Powell's Picks:

1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Sin Cara
3. Ryback
4. CM Punk
5. Randy Orton
6. Sheamus
7. Big Show
8. Antonio Cesaro

B1. John Cena
B2. Layla


(Lee Powell is standing backstage, talking to AG Zero and Jack Young, when suddenly Lacy approaches them for interview)

Lacy: Guys, any comments on your new World Heavyweight Champion, Little Jiminy Cricket?

(All three men get a huge smirk on their face.)

Lacy: Lee Powell, any comment why you didn't cash in you Money In The Bank contract? You were at ringside for the entire match and it looked like the ideal moment for you to strike. Why didn't you take the opportunity? Did you focus to much on Nelson King and forgot about the others?

(AG Zero and Jack Young look at Lee Powell, who gets an annoyed look on his face. Awkward silence ensues)

Lacy: Ookaaay. Do you have any comments on what Little Jiminy Cricket said about you moments ago?

(Powell knods to AG Zero, who promptley takes the mic away from Lacy and gives it to Powell. Zero and Young usher her away as Powell turns to the camera)

Cricket, I honestly don't care what you think of me. I don't even care that you're the World Heavyweight Champion. I'm at a point where I don't have to say I'm the best in the world, I show it. Did you see me in action at Invasion? Once again, I stole the show, just like I do every single night. Everyone knows I'm the future of this company, while you're just a one hit wonder. But in all seriousness, go cash your disability pension and let the young guns play, because I'm more interested in your tag team partner; Mascara de la Muerte.

Let me tell the story for the people who didn't order the PPV. And FYI, I'm going to use some "slang" so if there are people in the audience who are easily offended, please realise I don't give a flying fuck!

So, the story begins when our "lovely" Mexican pendejo starts talking trash to our computerwizard AG Zero. What the gringo didn't realise is that if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. So the cholo starts talking trash to me, until I suggest we settle it in the ring. Suddenly Mascara starts running like he's being chased by the US Border patrol. It was like watching Speedy Gonzales. Turns out he doesn't have the cojones to face me. But since I'm such nice guy, I'm going to give the muchacho another chance. So here's what I'm proposing:

The main event for PWA 15: "The Future, The Savior, Mr. Money In The Bank" Lee Powell in one corner, "The Puta, The Culo, The Maricon" Mascara de la whatever in the other. One on one. Just you and me. No Cricket, No Cataclysm.

How'bout it, Mascara? Proof to the world you have a set. Proof that you're not the little chihuahua you were last sunday. You started this, and I'm going to finish it. You ran your mouth against The Cataclysm, and now you have to deal with me.

"He's better than you and you know it ..."

Join PWA today and come kick my ass to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Click here!

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

CM Punk
John Cena
Randy Orton
Big Show

As Thunder begins, the music stops and all the lights go down. In an explosion of rave lights, a large glass box is lowered from the sky by a mass of wires and cables. "U R So F#cked" by Infected Mushroom plays as the titontron shows that inside the box is The "Cyberpunk" AG Zero, surrounded by his electronics.

AG ZERO: "Hello Manchester! Welcome to the Nihilistic Underground. I'm sure you noticed my new sonic cube here. Getting the budget for this was no problem, so give props to Kevin Andrews and his online banking. PS guys, you might want to work on that security. I can supply you with my skills if your interested... for a fee.
Now, I will be doing all the music for tonight's show, and I don't just mean the entrances. There will be NO downtime between matches tonight. This party will go forever, England! Or at least until I need to take a leak... or go talk to my boys in The Cataclysm (you know they get lonely)... Oh and I have to take a few minutes to dismantle Carter Albano... again... and that buzz-kill GTI... Maybe I can just have one of Cyberspace's robo-slaves operate the cube in my absence...
Anyway, I know all you bitheads could listen to your beautiful digital king talk all night, but I think it's time to get this show started.
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Tuesday Night THUNDER!"

"Mr. Roboto (Kids on Drugs Remix)" begins blaring over the speakers as Thunder begins like normal (almost).

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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Tutor's pick:
1. Ryback
2. Sheamus
3. Dolph Ziggle
4. Sandow
5. Del Rio
6. CM Punk
7. Cesaro
8. Daniel Bryan

2) Orton

Promo (coming):
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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, August 27th - #14

Dave Martini's Picks:
CM Punk
John Cena
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
The Miz
Dolph Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio

*Backstage Interview*
Reporter: "A Somewhat eventful night last night at Invasion wouldn't you say?"
Martini: "I would say so, yes. We have a new PWA World Champion. Little Jiminy Cricket. He came out on top in thaat Triple Threat Match. That takes fight no doubt about it, and I'm sure he's gonna be a worthwhile champion."
Reporter: "A succesful night for you also..."
Martini: "I don't know if you call a win over Randy Orton a 'success' but win's a win. This little TV Title tournament we've got going on is exactly that...little."
Reporter: "So you're saying you don't see the TV Title as a prestigous Title?"
Martini: "I'm saying that that the TV Title isn't where I should be."
Reporter: "So where should you be?"
Martini: "I am the very best. The World Heavyweight Title belongs around my waist...and it's only a matter of time before it;'s where it belongs."
Reporter: "So you won't be taking the TV Title seriously then?"
Martini: "I don't need to take it seriously. I can win the TV Title in my sleep. All I have to do is deal with the small matter that is GTI, and beat The Tutor, then take the Title off AG Zero. I won't even break a sweat."
Reporter: "As you just mentioned you ahve to beat The Tutor, who you face in a match later on tonight..."
Martini: "I'll teach him a thing or two..."

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