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The Debate League Trade Show

Here it is guys. Hope you enjoy...

The lights to the stage dim and a hush falls over the crowd (not that you can get much noise from 5 people). The Debate League’s trade show is about to start and the nerves from the debaters backstage is obvious from the beads of sweat along their foreheads. Suddenly, he takes her in his arms. His masculine arms wrapped tightly around her warm, busty body as he leans over and whispers into her ear...
“Stop daydreaming and get on with the damn show!”

Oops, sorry my bad.

*Lights flash and fireworks go off but backfire and shut down halfway through (damn it Headliner, you blew the Admins budget on this??).*
Out of the smoke and fire walks Aussie and The Lady Killer, fire extinguishers in hand, ready to start the show...

Aussie: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Debate League's inaugural Trade Show. With the Mixed Martial Arts Division now known as the Sports Division, we're shaking things up and giving our talented debaters a chance to make the jump to a different division. Now to The Lady Killer to tell everyone how many debaters we will be moving.


Aussie: TLK?

*continued silence*

Aussie turns to her partner only to find TDL's resident Playboy as usual distracted by the beautiful women that somehow managed to get on stage and surround him.


TLK: Oh, sorry Aussie, but I couldn't just ignore these stunning women. You were saying?

Aussie: The trades TLK. How many are there?

TLK: Oh....yeah about that. I was going to tell you earlier but I got distracted. There's only three trades.

Aussie: Three? As in three to each division right?

TLK: No, as in only three debaters are getting traded.

What the hell? That will take only take a few seconds to announce? What are we going to do for the rest of the show?

MMA Division debater Sticksy walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Sticksy: Just a thought, but how about announcing the fucking results we've been waiting a month for?

TLK: But Isaac has gone missing without giving us his judging.

Sticksy: So? That's not my problem...

Sticksy heads backstage again.

Aussie: That's not a bad idea actually. It'll stop everyone from harassing me about it and it will make up the time for the show. We just need someone to judge the debates Isaac was meant to.

Seabs walks out to massive cheers. Either he's very popular or no one wants to be banned.

Seabs: I'll help you out with the judging if you want. But one condition – I don't do MMA.

Aussie: Okay, that's fine. TLK you can judge those debates right?

TLK: Don't look at me.

Aussie: Headliner? Can you help?

Headliner: Sorry I wish I could but I don't know anything about it.

Aussie: Well I guess I'll have to do it then.

The Number one Contender for the MMA Sports Division Championship, SteveMania walks onto the stage.

Steve: I'm sorry but that's not acceptable. How can a person with no MMA knowledge fairly judge those debates? As number 1 contender for the championship, I am disgusted by the lack of consideration given to this division.


Aussie: Alright fine, you do it then. You want fair, then use your knowledge and judge the debates.

What about my match?

Just then, the voices of MITB and Comedy Inc can be heard from backstage.

MITB & Comedy Inc: We'll do it.

TLK: Done. Now I say we should announce the first trade and take a break. And when I say we I mean the lovely ladies and I should take a break.

TLK hands Aussie an envelope and heads backstage with an army of women following behind him

Aussie: Gee....thanks. Okay then, looks like our first trade is to the Sports Division. And the debater being traded is...


Aussie: PF69!

Everyone looks towards the entrance but PF69 is nowhere in sight

Aussie: Where is he?

I don't think he's coming out for a while. I saw him head into a back room with a DVD, tissues and -

Aussie: Stop! I don't need to hear anymore. Just get someone to let him know when he's done.
Okay next up, we'll quicky announce some debaters that won their debates via their opponents no showing. Congratulations to Sticksy, Ultimoron, Lou Thesz and Comedy Inc.

Ultimoron comes racing out to the stage, clearly out of breath.

Ultimoron: Wait!!! How did I go?

Aussie: Well you won mate, I just announced it.

Ultimoron: Yes, but how was my debate? You promised you'd give me feedback.

Aussie: You're right I did. Alright, this is what I thought. You started off very well, argued your points and it looked like it was turning into a very strong debate. However, in my eyes what let you down a little was that the debate went from being a debate to being more a review on Edge's career. While that itself isn't the problem, you didn't use it to your advantage as arguments as to why he is the Superstar of the Year, other than telling us he is that damn good. Your ending ended strongly and you did manage to sum up your case very very well. All in all, it was very good, but had it have been less a review and more a debate argument, you would have gone very far. Well done mate.

Alright, now we're going to take a break and when we return, we'll have more results and another trade.


Next part will be up in due time....yeah I'm making you wait a little longer just to annoy you all. <3

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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

amazingly accurate for my cameo. well done
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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

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Jim Morrison
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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

Nice work Kylie.

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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

Good job, mates! Nice work, Aussie It was a good start to the trade show! And funny too.

And congrats to the winners that were announced!

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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

congrats to winners and nice show aussie!

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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

Well done Aussie, congrats to the announced winners.



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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

. Nice work Aussie.

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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

this owns



Credit: A$AP
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Re: The Debate League Trade Show

Thanks for my cameo, Aussie.

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