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Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

Now that cents coming back, I'll be ditching wwe again. But I need something to replace it.
So my questions are

When can I watch AJPW/NJPW (don't really know the difference)
Is it weekly/? (I heard that it isn't. If it isn't weekly could you tell me a japanese wrestling company which is?)
Lastly when can I watch it (Im in the U.K if that effects anything)
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

If you're gonna start following a current Japanese promotion, make it NJPW. Their best shows from 2013 are WrestleKingdom 7, Invasion Attack, and G1 Climax Days 2, 4, 8 & 9. Most of these can be found in full or match-by-match on youtube & dailymotion. There is no weekly TV show. Some cards are televised, some are iPPVs. King Of Pro Wrestling takes place this Monday. Full details of all their shows can be found here: http://www.cagematch.net/?id=8&nr=7&page=4

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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

Puro is a lot harder to follow than WWE/TNA because they don't have weekly TV shows that are broadcast in most of the world, though it is rather accessable through Dailymotion/YouTube. I'm not sure if you get it/something similar in the UK, but in Canada there's a show on The Fight Network called Fighting Spirit Wrestling that shows matches from NJPW and Mexico's CMLL promotion.

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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?




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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

These, plus a lot of times people will upload the cards to DailyMotion a little bit quicker then on YouTube. You could always do iPPV as well, but the other options are free so might be the way to go.
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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

I just ordered KOPW, and am watching last year's as a warm-up.
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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

Go to this website for Dragon Gate's Infinity shows.

Also, go to this page for the latest puro matches.


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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

I wanna stop by and thank you people! Gonna start to watch some NJPW from now on! The quality of the current mainstream USA scene is so bad i need to catch some actual wrestling...

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Re: Where can watch japanese wrestling and when?

In addition to watching I would suggest following these websites:

enuhito goes to pretty much all the major shows live. Translates a ton of stuff. All the big news you can get in English here.

Go to place for all of your Dragon Gate needs. Detailed information about all of the current angles. In English.

Everything you want to know about DDT. English.

Good place for New Japan information. Forum has info on all of the other promotions. English.

My favorite blog. Just tons of info. Only person who loves laughter7 more than me In Japanese but you can get the general idea of things by running it in a translator.

Tokyo Sport website. I already linked you to the wrestling section. Japanese.

SportsNavi site. Tokyo Sport is better but I figured I would link it anyway. Japanese.

List of twitter accounts of the New Japan wrestlers. I don't think everyone is listed (off the top of my head Suzuki and Sakuraba aren't listed) but it's a pretty complete list.

Yottsume translates stuff from the live shows. Also does translations of videos on youtube.

Here's the twitter accounts of the promotions:
I don't think Dragon Gate has a twitter so follow CIMA
or follow their facebook page
I don't think DDT has a twitter so

GAORA twitter
SamuraiTV twitter

I hope to hell I was allowed to post all of this but anyway if you are serious about wanting to get into puro this is a good start.

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