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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Concrete View Post
If and when TCW comes back you bet your ass they'll run that program for a month. And don't be surprised that every friggin' promotion in UK that can, will try and run that match. The South will rise a functioning part of the independent landscape.

As far as Hero goes, and some may disagree, he's been a rather awesome front half worker this year. Judging only by front parts of matches he's an easy Top 15 guy for me. Then I don't know if he falls into where his opponent feels comfortable or where he feels comfortable towards the end of matches with elbows! If you haven't seen Chris Hero vs Ray Rowe from Inspire I would recommend it. Best example of what I'm talking about. It was a main event and less than 20 minutes. Could be about 15 but I am far too lazy to check that. He also managed to be awesome against Reed Bentley in a match that I have no idea how long it lasted but felt TERRIBLY too long since Bentley wasn't giving the guy much to work with. Granted I haven't seen everything the guy has to offer but a match like the one he had against Colin Delaney didn't seem like one that'd hold up on tape since they did a BAGILLION near falls of big strikes. Then he had a match against Dalton Castle that I'd be shocked if any value came out of.

And I wasn't asking if these workers would now have great matches because of the vets, which if your comment still stands that is fine as well, but does and Elgin become better from working a Hero and a Styles on a more regular basis versus working an Adam Cole and a AR Fox 3/4 weekends a month? TEW tells me that is how it works. Workers with not as good performance get better through working with guys with better performance :P I'm more trying to gain the feel of the thread more than anything. Me not remembering your opinion on this idea from before, assuming it is the same one as now, makes it hard to compare whether opinions changed from 2007 or from 2012.

EDIT: Gonna mope around all day cause we don't have a TCW indie out there right now with an occasional really friggin' fun match with a few episodes build PLUS Vordell Walker. Why is life so cruel?
TCW is running a show July 4th under the NWA Cyberclash banner. I won't be there.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Also as far as TCW goes, they tried to grow too big too soon. They drew some great crowds. Sometimes close to 600-700. They went to markets where their tv was supposed to be strong in and the crowds were alright but they had too many profile names for what they drew. I doubt many watched their show because it was on the death spot on late night tv.
I miss them. I just don't like the guy who runs it and some people in charge. That said there are some great guys in the company. Shane Williams is a very nice dude and I want him to find big success. Same goes for Barrett Brown. I was at the show where he made his debut and my grandpa talked to his dad and mentioned how happy he was to be with such a large indy. TCW also got very repetitive and goofy. A best of 7 series where it's the same match over and over and no stipulation added in any of the matches got boring. The Lilly and Titan love debacle and Bobo the bear who was an actual stuffed bear Matt Riviera had as a manager. I went to their last show which was headlined by Lance Hoyt vs Chris Masters and they tore it up. Best match of the night by far followed up by Barrett Brown who was getting over as a great underdog at the time "lose his job" after losing to Hoyt in a title vs career match. This was after Barrett had already beat Cowboy Bob Orton (Which was a pretty good match honestly.) Then they brought him back under the hood as Americos and that was what it was. Something for the kiddies but it killed any momentum Barrett had being himself instead of a dude under a hood. I came back and posted my honest review on here. I said it was probably my least favorite show I had been to which was honest. Everything just felt off and a lot of stuff didn't click on the show. Then people that worked from the company came on the site and pretty much saying "Go fuck yourself." Saying even though I give this company my money I have no right to give my opinion. This goes on for whatever and I talk to a few dudes in the company and everything's smoothed over. I was offered free tickets to the next show which I declined saying if I go to another show I want to buy the tickets to give my support. It was either this show I was offered the tickets to or one after where a character they used went by the name Uyless Lanes and was "The owner of a big wrestling blog." and this character used lines I posted on the forum in his promo and blew things out of proportion. (I was mad, embarrassed, dumfound all at the same time because these people actually took time to make a character based on me.) John Saxton comes out and I was critical towards him. On some show he gave a heartfelt promo and it seemed kind of forced do to how it was done and I said that. I honestly feel bad for the dude because he deals with a lot with his kid having a disability and I respect him because he does his best to support his family but it was as if TCW was doing this to get him the sympathy face reaction and it was a bit uncomfortable. So he comes out and powerbombs the character. The commentary says something like "yeah, take that smark" or something to that affect and Saxton calls internet people out or something. So that episode airs and I'm pretty much like what the fuck? The writer I talked to contacted me and said the character that was used was based on a guy he went to school with. I check his friends list and sure enough Ulyess Lanes is a guy on his list. However the character quoted me word for word in some of his lines. So even though Ulyess Lanes was is an actual person the character still represented me and things I had said which were blown out of proportion. I may have been to harsh towards Saxton given what the promo was about and how personal it was but I stand by what I said about it. I haven't supported the company since.

After TCW I went to another company called ASWF which is ran in a old Dollar Store they re did and actually made a decent arena out of. I have some photos on my twitter @LaneSmith_ from the show I went to. It was ok at best. Good for what it was. Saw two dudes have a really good coffin match and two performers fight and squash their beef off to the side of the building.

I'm going to a company on July 5th called Midstates Wrestling which features RnR Express, Buchwhacker Luke and former TCW guys such as Dustin Heritage, Garry Gram, and Michael Berry.

It's also a pipe dream of mine that if I ever have a large sum of money I'm going to open a company here because it's criminal theres nothing here currently that was at TCW's caliber and it's criminal that states around us have tremendous talents living in them and TCW used hardly any of them in favor of talents that were probably cheaper do to how low level they were.

EDIT: As far as the reason why TCW no longer runs it's probably because thet lost money. I don't think they had a single sponsor so everything was out of pocket. Matt is a legit millionaire but if he was losing thousands when it came to talent, licenses, rent for chairs and whatever, and buying tv time then he pulled the plug. Storyline wise TCW died because The Empire beat Parkers Posse in a 10 man tag for control of TCW. They are awful at connecting with fans. Fans still ask to this day when TCW will be back and they are ignored and instead get shit updates about some small fed starring TCW guys in Illinois or somewhere.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rah View Post
I joked in another thread that this section would get awkward when TCW start running a Masters/McIntyre programme but that's probably what the indies needs right now. Lesser known, newer promotions to make a name out of themselves with good wrestling and already established guys. They won't need "wrestlers" delivering a dozen superkicks a match, dorks cutting promos as heels yet trying to be comedically babyface, idiots applying holds because they saw an Angle/Benoit match that one time in 8th grade, cheap-rate Colt Cabana knock-off clowns or having to use a female wrestler, who isn't good at all, because people over-rate her due to having tits.*

* all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Feel like I need to bust out a review again b/c I thought indie burials were my thing. yley1

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Yesterday I was treated to a 25-minute main event for the United States Barbecue Fest Championship between 53-year-old Tatanka and Trent? It was as bizarre as it sounds, if not more so. This all took place at the 6 Corners Barbecue Fest in Chicago. There was even a table spot, where Trent threw Tatanka into the merch table and the legs gave way. That wasn't supposed to happen but it was awesome. But, fuck, 25 minutes, outdoors, at a Rib Fest. And that stupid fucking title belt they had, the old WWF Tag Title, but a US-flag version. Tatanka won with a Samoan Drop, which made sense. Giving the guy who had his land taken from him the United States title, also makes sense. And the match was completely tame, with Trent toning down himself to a nub for what had to be the easiest payday ever. Good for him.

Somehow, that wasn't the most bizarre sight of the day. Jimmy Jacobs and a random luchador beat two fake Russian guys, which was, well, OK. Whatever. Then Svengoolie was out there, and he was cutting promos about his TV show until some random wrestler with a playboy gimmick rolled up and started trash talking Berwyn's favorite Son. (He's "Son of Svengoolie," see. Also: He's not related to the original Svengoolie. Wrap you stupid heads around THAT!) Anyway, Anthony Nese made the save as he arrived on a white horse while gladiator music played him to the ring, and he had the little gladiator helmet on and everything. This blew my damn mind, and it blew the minds of the kids too, because there were like, 200-300 of the little buggers there, along with us older marks.

What ejected my mind clean out the back of my skull, however, was a match between Caleb Konley and some Canadian dude -- in a flag match. I didn't know whether to roll my eyes or keep them fuckers glued to what I was about to witness, but I chose to go with my friend to get her another beer. Overall, a good decision, because Konley jobbed to the no-name Canadian guy... and Konley, with the USA gimmick, was the most over with the crowd, by far. Made zero sense, and he was the only face to lose. And he loses in a flag match. To a Canadian. Like, of any heel to go over, come on, oh man. Balls to the wall stupidity, and I absolutely adored it.

1) Tatanka is REAL. He can still work. Granted, he still works those real slowly paced, theatrical, early '90s style matchups, but he works that crowd. Even if the crowd is mostly children, shut up!
2) Tatanka is OVER. I told him he should've been the one to body slam Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid and he agreed. Didn't pull a MASADA and charge people for photos or selfies. Didn't really hawk his merch too much, though he had a ton.
3) Trent? worked heel and did very well. Jacobs worked face, under the Zombie Princess moniker, and did well, especially with the little girls who think it's cute that a grown man can also be a princess. Nese and Konley were faces.
4) Black and white face/heel dynamics are simple and effective, and it hurts my head to think they're trying to get away from all that. There were clear-cut good guys and bad guys on today's card, sometimes a little too clear-cut (evil Russians, Canadian, etc.). But it worked. Promoters need to understand that a majority of fans are younger or probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum, so spelling things out for the whole crowd isn't exactly a bad thing. (I'd consider places like this board, full of smarter fans, the vocal minority.) Plus, it got the right people the right heat, which is what matters. Watching wrestling where there are no faces or heels is boring because the live crowds don't know how to react.

The table bump, the draw, the gladiator/white horse shtick, fuck. Way too much for me today. I was craving the stupidest wrestling I could find, and goddamn, did I ever find it. Sadly, I don't think these 94 minutes will make a DVD cut.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

That sounds...fantastic. So was that just a one off show put together by a fan with money? Giving Tatanka a US title is hilarious, looking at it in the way you put it.

Somewhat related note: Tatanka's only 53? I thought he was way older than that. Into his 60's at least.


A lot of people used to buzz about them but tbh from what I've seen TCW was highly over-rated. It was okay, but far from the "#3 promotion" as people claimed it to be. It really felt like just another indy, maybe with a slightly deeper pocket and the resources to have good production.

SMV have released the Chikara return show on DVD and Blu-Ray. As well as the Wrestling Is sets. 30 more, but they're one package this time as opposed to three sets.

SMASH Wrestling released their latest show for free. Just go to their website and click the button. Apparently they've bought some equipment upgrades, which is glad to hear. In my previous experiences with them the low quality commentary really ruined it for me.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Kinda annoying SMV would re-release those sets, makes my 1 of 30 set now a 1 of 60 and I can imagine they'll keep bringing them out everytime they need a bit of instant income.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

I seriously could do with placing a SMV order soon. I haven't placed one in like 18 months, and I wouldn't mind picking up more Chikara DVD's for my collection.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

a live pro wrestling show AND ribs.

Kill me now if that is heaven.
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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

Look's like we're getting a Bad Influence RF shoot, they shot it yesterday at HOH.

Also, they're going to be doing Teddy Long, Curt Hawkins & Brodus Clay shoots soon too.

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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

gonna post this here instead of the CZW thread because don't feel like getting spoiled on TOD.

Prelude to Violence was a surprisingly easy watch, even the Strickland/Konley match. Much better event as a whole than the Ohio event last fall.

Have to say that I LOL'd when I first saw Nate Wings, but he won me over pretty quickly. Dude can't be older than 20. Is he like 18/19?

oh yeah, and AR Fox can't have much lives left.

Now I'll just have to wait for the TOD replay.

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