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NWA World Title

Who should the NWA put the belt on....

Rob Conway is not Championship material.

My top 10 potential NWA Championsh would be

Takeshi Morishima
John Morosin
Shelton Benjamin
Slyvester Terkay
Renee Dupree
Low Ki
Carlito Colon
Karl Anderson
Joe Doering
Trevor Murdoch
Colt Cabana
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Re: NWA World Title

Manabu Nakanishi or Toru Yano.
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Re: NWA World Title

Lol, NWA.

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Re: NWA World Title

Rob Conway should drop the belt to Hiroshi Tanahashi or Shinsuke Nakamura.

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Re: NWA World Title

I personally think Conway has been a decent champ for the NWA in this new regime. If they don't get that site up and running I feel that will lose some connectivity for me. They aren't good with using tech it seems.

Conway has been putting on more traditional, lengthy affairs for the belt it seems. Being a former WWE guy helps bring his name value to the belt. Doubt NJPW would have been as interested in having the NWA Heavyweight Championship defended on their shows with a lesser name. Not a big one but big enough.

That being said others that I wouldn't mind with the belt:
1.Chris Masters
Seems like he'd be a perfect guy to have the strap on with the name value mixed with in ring ability that would be a not so flashy but so damn effective style.

2.Lance Hoyt
He's the current NWA Tag Team champ but would be a total monster champion like he was in TCW.

3.DH Smith
Maybe a little bland but hey could probably make some entertaining matches around the world with belt since he might not be great at any style but is good enough at quite a bit.

4.Michael Tarver
This is a fucking stretch I'm aware. I haven't seen a ton of the man but from what I've seen of late he could put on some psychologically sound matches.

I'm going to hope TNA releases him out of nowhere because I think he'd make a real grand champ. Seemed like one of the stars of the system while he was there and if he was released I'm sure he'd pick up close to where he left off.
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Re: NWA World Title

Benjamin or Carlito.

Just my 2 cents, not really following NWA. Their site has been down since i can remember and today it's still not up.
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Re: NWA World Title

I like Rob Conway as the World Champion. He's got a great look, he can work and he can talk. In fact, I think he's the best NWA Champion since Jeff Jarrett, personally. But let's examine your suggestions, shall we?

Takeshi Morishima - Great wrestler, but he wouldn't draw flies in Charlotte if you covered him in horse manure.
John Morosin - I'm assuming you mean John Morrison, righ? - and, by the way, how the fuck is it that you can spell Morishima but not s common name like Morrison? - Again, great talent, decent on the mic, but he's a sports entertainer, not a wrestler. So no.
Shelton Benjamin - I'm not convinced you aren't trolling at this point. Shelton's a phenomenal wrestler, but he's not even close to championship material.
Slyvester Terkay - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I've been more excited at the prospect of watching pain drying that Sylvester Terkay.
Renee Dupree - Again, great wrestler, can talk, but I don't see anyone paying to watch him as a World Champion. Especially in the south.
Low Ki - You know it's the World Heavyweight Championship, right? Even discounting the fact that he's a one-trick pony whose promos are like listening to static on television - my God, his promos are fucking atrocious - he weighs what? A buck fifty? Tell him to dial Dominos, keep 'em coming and throw his name forwards again when he puts on eighty pounds.
Carlito Colon - I'm for this. Not just for his look, talent or charisma, but the fact that his father is a former Champ adds spice.
Karl Anderson - No. Fuck no. Hell to the fucking no. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.
Joe Doering - Who?
Trevor Murdoch - I like Murdoch, but he'd have to really establish himself as a singles star first.
Colt Cabana - You know this is the oldest, most prestigious title in the world, right? Don't get me wrong, I love Colt, I enjoy his work, but he's at his best as a comedy wrestler. And the NWA World Heavyweight Title is no fucking joke.

As Concrete said, Masters and Hoyt should be next in line. I'd even be tempted to throw Dustin Rhodes in there.
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Re: NWA World Title

I think Lane's post sums up the opinion of most fans. NWA has it's place in history, but those days are long gone. Looking at the title history on Wikipedia, it's been quite a while since anyone relevant has won it.

But out of all the people you mentioned, I think Morrison could be the best candidate. He did fairly well in WWE and hasn't been gone that long, so people still remember him. IMO he brings the name value more than Benjamin, Carlito, or Murdoch would.

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Re: NWA World Title

The title is still prestigious in Japan and Mexico. I would put the title on someone in New Japan or CMLL. Sadly, US and Canada fans feel different which is crazy because it wasn't that long ago that tna used the title. It can't be too far off.
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Re: NWA World Title

I think the use of the belt in NJPW has totally boosted its relevancy in pro wrestling. Is it ever the selling point of the card there? Not even close. Does it produce great matches? No, not really there either. Has Conway done good enough to put together a decent match with the NJPW guys while creating a cool down effect? Yeppers, not bad matches at all but also there wasn't stellar opposition.

I think NWA has pieces in place right now. Take a look at their male champs:

Not bad champs I'd say. Texas is probably the most focused on territory and I have no problem with that. Wouldn't mind an international star taking it. It would though have to be more of a star and not just a guy.
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