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Championship Recognition

Thought it might be fun to do this.

Basically, opinions vary in the wrestling world. Some people like this, some people like that, and some people think both those people are idiots.

With that in mind I thought it would be fun to judge all the championships that we personally recognize as prestigious. And then compare.

For example, I "RECOGNIZE" 8 championship belts. That's not to say this a complete list of belts that I think are worth something, it's just the belts from promotions that I follow, therefore may be qualified to judge.

My criteria is all about how the promotion handles the belt, the quality of its contenders and matches and how entertaining following the fueds are.

Feel free to judge my list. Don't hold back I won't be offended. And add your own list. I'm sure there's a lot of blind spots I have in the Wrasslin' business.

I ranked these from first to last.

Singles Division

1. The WWE Championship.

Not big on the WWE right now. But that will pass. As much as there is to complain about I consider them the most consistent promotion around. And as much criticism as John Cena gets, I consider him one of the more entertaining personalities out there.

He wins clean every time. And you can say the same about CM Punk for the first half of his title reign. Even during that heel run, he won clean sometimes.

I put a lot of value on that but besides the lack of cheap champs, the WWE title is always contested by high level athletes. There's people in other promtions that put on better matches but I feel like WWE fans are spoiled when it comes to good in ring talent. Not saying they're the best, but above average when you consider all the crappy indies out there.

Entertainment wise, the WWE is often corny. Often stupid. Often illogical.

But i watch every week and so do a lot of other people. It's not because it's not entertaining.

2. The Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship

Unlike the WWE I do not like ROH. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the AMAZING matches put on my their top guys. The level of talent that competes for the belt puts this all the way at number 2, even as I consisently fall asleep while watching the TV show and hardly ever get enticed to order their PPVs.

3. The Metro Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

I love this promotion!!! Chris Gough is a genius and probably the best color commentator in the business. They don't have the roster that WWE or ROH does but who cares! They got someone in creative thinking about how to put on a good show every month.

Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling are solid in the ring. Past champs like Bull Schmidt are too damn entertaining. And it seems like everybody in the mid card has something going on.

Characters and story lines, baby. I expect huge things from this promotion in the future.

4. The Insane Championship Wrestling Championship (That might not be the official name. They might call it the heavyweight title or world title. Not sure.)

LIke Metro Pro, ICW has a truely Indy roster. That means that the matches aren't always great. But like Metro Pro, they got a great creative set up. Targeting an audiance that's not only adult, but also extremely passionate and rowdy ( Think UK Football Supporter Group Rowdy) creates an atmosphere like nothing else out there.

Mikey Whiplash, the current contender for the title, is never going to the WWE. And it's not because he isn't good, it's because the WWE would never go after a guy who wears fishnets and blush.

If you don't like the WWE, ICW is the exact opposite of the WWE. Enjoy.

I'm not big on their current champ but by aligning himself with the save pro wrestling movement, one of the few stables I find entertaining, ICW creative has made a truely menacing villain for the fans to root against. At one point he piledrived a female valet. Who does that?

5. The Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship (Portland Wrestling Uncut)

This one is extremely family friendly. But that's okay. They focus on story telling, even though I have to admit that it's not that consistant from week to week.

Big Ugly is an interesting champ. Got some killer submissions and he's convinced that play by play commentator Joey V. has a man crush on him.

He doesn't have a lot of challengers, that's the thing. This is a fun promotion to follow and for that reason alone, I put a lot of stock in the pacific north west title. But make no mistake, if you're a fan of this, you're getting in on the ground floor. You're gonna be able to say you were there from the begining. Or the company will fold and you'll just remember it fondly.

Tag Team Division

1. Insane Championship Wrestling Tag TEam Championship

ICW is the only tag team division I reconize. they seem to have a lot of teams and awesome matches. 'Nuff said.

Women's Division

1. TNA Knockout Championship

TNA has the best womens wrestling. Period. SOmetimes I think the Women dress to provactively to be taken seriously. And that's coming from a guy who loves scantily clad women.

But there's a time and a place.

Anyway, that doesn't take away from their matches and TNA had two KO matches last week. I think TNA is taking a turn for the better. And I think the Knockout division is gonna be one of their driving forces. Just like it's always been.

2. WWE Diva Championship

I like the WWE womens division. I don't think it's bad at all. The matches are fun, if short. And I wish the WWE would put more faith in these girls, especially with a three hour show to fill.

Kaitlyn, AJ, Natty, The Bellas, it's deeper than you think, especially if you count the NXT girls. And they have a good mix of classy sex appeal and in ring ability. (Just like the Men's division, some of them have the look, some of them have the ability, and some of them have both. )

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Re: Championship Recognition

if this is not #1, there is no need for this discussion
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Re: Championship Recognition

Metro Championship? If you like the promotion it doesn't mean the title is important in 'wrestling world'. It doesn't belong anywhere near top 100. IWGP Heavyweight Championship is definitely in top 10 without a doubt.

I accept rep.

Headbanging is crucial.
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Re: Championship Recognition

You forgot the IWGP Heavyweight Championship which is the main championship for the #1 wrestling promotion in Japan, New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is the #1 championship in wrestling for me right now due to decent-great booking and great matches involving this championship. Tanahashi and Okada have done great jobs in holding this championship for the last couple of years.
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Re: Championship Recognition

Damn, that's an awesome design.

I'll have to check out New Japan.

How close do you guys put other titles to the IWGP? Is it a distant second place?

I feel there is a correlation between Entertainment value and Championship prestige. Metro Pro has that. Look at the AWA in the 90's. No one would argue that Larry Zybisko is a better wrestler than the Warrior. But which belt meant more? I say at least half of the wrestling world would say the WWF strap. I think I'm being conservative too. Probably more than half.

NWA had a great roster at that time (Should say Jim Crocket Promotions) but they looked out dated on national TV. Flair came across as weak. Things that worked when coverage was limited to the local paper didn't work when fans could see the same finish week in and week out.

Now, in my opinion, Flair was the greatest of all time. He wrestled the best of the best, sometimes 7 nights a week. And I'd still put the WWF belt above the NWA one in the early 90's. I'm just saying, entertainment value has to be factored into the discussion in my humble opinion.

That being said, I loved the AWA, and Larry "Simply the Best" Zybisko. and I know I'm spelling that wrong. Haha...

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Re: Championship Recognition

Considering how much the WWE de-values their titles, IWGP is #1 in the world.

This Is Sum Bull Man. I Knew This Match Was Gonna Happen Because On Raw When The Sheild Beat Team Hell No At The End Of The Match They Held The Tag Titles And They Did The Same To Kofi. Kane And Brian Better Win Or Its Gonna Be To Scripted
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