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What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

I posed this question to another member of the forum in a separate thread, however it got me thinking that I'd like to hear some other people's views on the subject.

As you can probably tell from the guy in my avatar, I enjoy wrestling for the thrills, the swerves, the run-ins, the backstage beatdowns, the comedy and the week-to-week suspense. I think it's quite obvious why I would enjoy wrestling on that level to those of you who don't..

But for me, I just can't understand why a seemingly large portion of online users enjoy wrestling from a "wrasslin" standpoint.. as in, people who watch it purely for the sporting element. The type of people who can watch an episode of Superstars and just enjoy a basic wrestling match with no storyline meaning.

So I'm genuinely interested to hear opinions on why you guys in particular enjoy this kind of wrestling. I know people are different and enjoy different things, so that's cool, and I'm not saying there's one right or wrong way. I just want to know the reasoning behind your enjoyment.

For me, I just can't get invested in a wrestling match unless there is a purpose for it happening. I.e. every week on Raw, there will be matches that fill out the show.. something like Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, which we have seen about 100 times in the past couple of years. I know both are good wrestlers, but explain to me why people can tolerate watching such a match if there is no storytelling involved in it? Is it just because you enjoy the athleticism? It's not like this is UFC or boxing - it's a fake, pre-determined sport - so on what level do you enjoy it?

I see people saying they want extra long title reigns, less promos, less storylines, less PPV's. To those people - where is the enjoyment in that? I don't get it.

So yeah, I'm genuinely interested to find out, and don't take it the wrong way please - I just wanna hear your answers.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

Well it really depends on who you're watching. A lot of the great matches throughout history tell a story through the course of the match itself. It's not everyone's cup of tea though.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

It's the entertainment of it. While I like wrestling with storylines as well, I'd much rather see a good match with no story than a horrible match that has a story. Unlike MMA/boxing, they know the result, and that makes it much more entertaining than MMA or boxing for me. Two MMA fighters go in and try to end it as quickly as possible, but two wrestlers go in for x minutes with the goal to entertain the crowd.

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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

I'm fascinated by storytelling in all forms - books, comics, television, films, song lyrics, the news, other people's lives and yes, wrasslin.

My favourite wrestling promotions right now are New Japan & PWG. I don't watch WWE or TNA unless a lot of people are raving about a particular match or segment. In NJPW, the majority of the story telling takes place from bell to bell, through match structure, moves, facial expressions, gestures, rivalries, outcomes, title quests, nods to previous encounters etc. PWG is mostly about the wrestling, but again subtle stories develop from match to match & are reinforced by the best commentary in the business.

For me, Russo's attempts at story telling (particularly once he was off Vince's leash) were a complete joke - terrible lack of continuity, no emotional investment, throw everything at the wall & see what sticks. Basically, wrestling as a third rate soap opera for teenage boys - which is fine if that's what you're looking for.

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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

I can really enjoy a match without any storyline or build to it because I find it fascinating that two guys can out there and tell a story to a crowd without anyone saying a word. It's a form of story telling that bypasses the language barrier and relies mostly on no verbal cues. Then you add in different aspects of a story like suspense and sympathy with a character and that's where you get a great match from.

When there are storylines it makes the stories even more interesting. Like with Steen and Generico. Yeah they killed each other in their matches but there was a reason for all of it. Then you had awesome moments like when Generico beat Steen by hitting him in the middle of the ring with a chair in the same way that Steen hit him a year prior in the same arena when he turned on him. Or in the WWE the moment when Cena went for the People's Elbow at Wrestlemania. That action non verbal action had a ton of meaning in relation to the story and it was cool to see how it all played out.

I'm also a huger fan of the live experience. I like watching shows on DVD or TV but I honestly believe that the way to get the most enjoyment out of a wrestling show is to be there live. I'm lucky in that I'm currently in Philadelphia and can see a bunch of wrestling shows. I've also been to the last three Wrestlemanias and a ton of other shows over the last few years. I love being part of a crowd and just feeling the atmosphere of being at a wrestling show.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

Battle between good and evil. Thats when people really invested. Other than that the appeal is seeing two men kick each other asses.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

Here's the thing, a Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston match or a Tyson Kidd superstars match....are not a high level of rasslin. Yes they might be a fun watch every now and then, but there's nothing really captivating about them. Kigston, for one, is absolutely useless and is mediocre on his best day, Ziggler has been on a downward spiral ever since Summerslam last year and has turned into a glorified spot monkey whose matches suffer from overkill. Tyson has never really been given a proper chance to shine but he's never struck me as as anything more than good with cool junior spots. Wrestling, in a nutshell, is a combat sport simulation. So I expect it to give me awesome fake fighting. Barbaric violence, breathtaking highspots, good matwork, cool counters, convincing nearfalls, all the stuff I want from my pro wrestling and when they are all combined into a fantastic pro wrestling match, the payoff is awesome. A highly dramatic pro wrestling match gives me everything a really fight can't because....it's real. That's the advantage fake fighting has and I like to see it put in use. I find the "storytelling" in pro wrestling pretty laughable, as I'd rather watch two guys punch each other in the face than cut shitty promos about doing it. But I've accepted the fact that's the only way it's ever going to be even remotely relevant in the US society.

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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

Originally Posted by WashingtonD View Post
But for me, I just can't understand why a seemingly large portion of online users enjoy wrestling from a "wrasslin" standpoint.. as in, people who watch it purely for the sporting element. The type of people who can watch an episode of Superstars and just enjoy a basic wrestling match with no storyline meaning.
Of course you can't.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

It sounds like you just see guys in tights rolling around. Their is a story to most matches even in WWE. They may be repetitive and not have alot of depth (on the tv shows) but a simple limb work type of match is a story.

I enjoy the pure wrestling aspect combined with a great backstory like say John Cena and Cm Punk at MITB 2011. For WWE style, that was a great match, enhanced by the crowd and build before the match.

When I watch puro, I have zero idea what the story is going in, I don't understand the lanaguage but What happens in that ring, tells me all I need to know. The hunger to be world champion, most times who's face, who's heel weather it's an underdog babyface match against the monster heel or if it's a blood feud.
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Re: What is the appeal of "wrasslin'"?

1st off "wrasslin" is not a f***ing word

"wrasslin" is a f***ing stereotype

I would give the second point but only if you retract "wrasslin" and replace it with the actual word
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