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wrestling fans

Not sure if this is a odd question but does anyone on here not watch wwe and tna but just solely other forms of wrestling?

Just want to see if it is a rarity which it probably is.
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Re: wrestling fans

I'll only watch something from WWE & TNA if people are raving about it on here. I only have so much spare time & I'd rather spend it watching the best puro & indie promotions.

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Re: wrestling fans

I'm far less interested in WWE and TNA than I am in puro and indy wrestling — I haven't seen a full episode of Raw or SmackDown that didn't make me want to die of embarrassment since 2001, and haven't even been able to get through a single non-wrestling segment on Impact — but I don't watch any promotion regularly; I generally just check out raved-about MOTYCs.

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Re: wrestling fans

I tend to watch PPVs more than anything. I'll watch segments of my favorite wrestlers in WWE like Punk, Claudio, Tyler Black, Moxley, etc. but I don't want whole shows. I got into TNA and dug their product, when Hogan came in at first I was enthusiastic because I figured he really wanted to compete with the WWE and so did Daisy. Then I realized they didn't give a shit when Jeff got an insane contract and a title. they've been ingrained as a C level organization since.

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Re: wrestling fans

I watch only WWE PPVs and watch more lucha libre and US indys and occasionally puro and all the other possible wrestling.

I accept rep.

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Re: wrestling fans

I would say, with the invent of the internet and a LOT of independent and worldwide promotions using it for their product, it wouldn't be as rare as you think it is.

I'd say one in every ten honest wrestling fan prefers the likes of puro/PWG/Chikara etc over WWE or TNA.

personally, I'm more of a WWE guy, but that's only because it's just there and if I had the time I'd possibly pick up more indies than anything else.
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Re: wrestling fans

I don't watch any WWE or TNA. I occasionally watch PPVs, and download NXT weekly, but I have every episode they've done since they started the new season and I've only watched a handful (Which, admittedly have been only to watch the matches with Graves, Paige, British Ambition, and a few other "Internet darlings".

I pretty much watch puro/indy exclusively. Expensive as fuck, but I much prefer it. Better quality wrestling, more style variation, more "dream matches", less predicatble, etc. Just a better experience overall for me. Only time I bother with WWE or TNA is when I hear something good happening with Punk/Shield, or indy workers I like showing up on TNA.

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Re: wrestling fans

I have not watched a full tv episode and PPV from WWE or TNA since last fall. Both companies are not doing anything interesting right now. I only watch a match or a single clip of a segment from those two companies once in a while. Nowadays I watch wrestling from NJPW and a couple of indies. NJPW IPPVs deserve my money more than an WWE or TNA PPV.

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Re: wrestling fans

Yeah, I don't watch any WWE or TNA. I don't download the shows or stream the PPV's, check out clips on YouTube or check in when something is being hyped. I don't have any interest in the product or style of wrestling they promote.

I only watch Puroresu nowadays and have for some time.
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Re: wrestling fans

Watch more and more puro and Indy wrestling theses days.Really find WWE and TNA boring. Sometimes i watch the odd wwe show but its never enough to hold my interest.
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