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DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

They still have not released a card for Mercury Rising which is the Sunday of Mania but I figured I would make an all purpose thread for them here. Obviously, the MR card will be edited in when it is released.

April 5th - 4pm EST.
Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Tickets now on sale at WrestleCon.com or by calling 267-519-9744 This event is part of the WrestleCon convention!!!

The Meadowlands Expo Center is a first class facility, just three miles from the location of Wrestlemania, five miles from Manhattan and minutes from the Newark Airport. It is easily accessible from the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Expressway and New York/New Jersey transit.

This event features a one day tournament to crown the first EVOLVE Champion. Each wrestler was given a seed based on their Record and standing on the Leader Board. Their seed is stated before their name and their Record is in parenthesis. The #1 and #2 seeds receive first round byes. The format for the tournament is:

Bracket A:

First Round Match - Four Way Freestyle
#5 Rich Swann (3-2) vs. #6 Samuray Del Sol (2-3) vs. #7 Sami Callihan (3-7) vs. #8 Jigsaw (1-3)

#1 Chuck Taylor (10-5) vs. Winner Of First Round Match

Bracket B:

First Round Match
#3 AR Fox (7-6) vs. #4 Jon Davis (5-4)

#2 Ricochet (5-2) vs. Winner Of First Round Match

Tournament Finals To Crown The First EVOLVE Champion
Bracket A Winner vs. Bracket B Winner

Non-Tournament Action:

Tag Team Main Event
The Young Bucks vs. The Super Smash Brothers

Special Tag Team Challenge Match
Johnny Gargano & Brian Kendrick vs. Orange Cassidy & Drew Gulak

No DQ Match
Arik Cannon vs. Scott Reed with Caleb Konley, Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels

Plus Uhaa Nation Makes His Return To EVOLVE!!!

Dragon Gate USA Open The Ultimate Gate 2013
April 6th - 8pm
Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Shingo

Open The United Gate Tag Team Title Match
CIMA & AR Fox defend vs. The Young Bucks

Grudge Match
Samuray Del Sol vs. Jon Davis

Special Attraction Match #1
Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet

Special Attraction Match #2
Sami Callihan vs. Uhaa Nation

Special Attraction Match #3
Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann

Special Tag Team Attraction Match
The Super Smash Brothers vs. EITA & CIMA's Secret Weapon

Six Way Freestyle
Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon vs. Jigsaw vs. Tony Nese vs. Fire Ant vs. Shane Strickland

Plus: The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley with Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels

Dragon Gate USA Mercury Rising 2013
April 7th - 1pm
Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Main Event #1 - The Six Man Tradition Continues
CIMA, EITA & CIMA's Secret Weapon vs. Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann & Ricochet

Main Event #2 - As Good As It Gets
Shingo vs. Akira Tozawa

Ladders Are Legal High-Flyers FRAY!
-It starts with two participants, another enters every 2 minutes
-Eliminations can take place anytime by pinfall, submission or DQ
-Ladders will be legal when every participants has entered the match
The Participants Are (in random order): Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, AR Fox, Samuray Del Sol, Uhaa Nation, Christina Von Eerie, Facade

Special Challenge Match
Brian Kendrick vs. Chuck Taylor

Tag Team Attraction Match
The Super Smash Brothers vs. Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon

Special Attraction Match
Tony Nese vs. Soldier Ant

Plus: Jon Davis, The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley with Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels, and others!!!

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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

So, Callihan is entering the tournament with 3-7, LMAO.
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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

Man those brackets are confusing if you don't pay attention. I'm guessing the rankings are based on the records that haven't mattered for roughly 13 shows now? Shouldn't Gargano be in the tournament given he's DGUSA champ and a regular in EVOLVE? Eh. The whole 2 belts thing is really stupid. Be interesting to see how good Bucks/SSB is in front of a dead crowd compared to Reseda.

Dragon Gate show. Wrestlers, pairings and matches. Blah. Special Attractions reads Random Match to me. Bucks and SHINGO both go over a year without appearing and get title shots? Neat. Only Tozawa, SHINGO and CIMA over for the Mania show? What are they both going up against this year? Can't see them drawing well with so many events on that weekend.
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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

Just goes to show the issue with EVOLVE when 2 of the 3 people strongly campaigning for a title last year vanish from the company (Low Ki, Bobby Fish) especially when in Fish's case, he was pretty much one of the main stories of EVOLVE throughout its tenure.

I don't think a dead crowd will be an issue on these shows due to it being Wrestlemania weekend. Out of all of the Wrestlecon shows, it probably has a chance of drawing the worst crowd of the bunch due to every other show that weekend at least having a main audience that supports them (Chikara, CZW, Shimmer, etc.) but it should still do decently based on the Wrestlemania crutch.

With the majority of Gargano's matches in 2012 being title defenses, his records have not really "counted" in EVOLVE. Sounds stupid, I know, but best logic I can come up with.

In fairness to the Bucks getting a shot, they beat DUF/Susumu & Saito on the last tripleshot. The fact that they lost to Tozawa & Fox on the Sunday show is still questionable to me since that would have really sealed the deal on earning a shot.

Realistically they only would have had two other real options for Gargano: Gargano/CIMA to have that feud come full circle, but with CIMA being Dream Gate Champion, that would not have worked or Yokosuka since Yokosuka pinned Gargano on the first January show, but that would require them to bring over Yokosuka, so even if it is a bit lazy the "open contract" deal and having Shingo return wasn't the worst of options especially when the match should deliver very strongly.

Only Special Attraction that I am a bit confused over is Uhaa/Sami. That's not even because I think it will be bad or anything, it is just a very weird meshing on paper. A unique weird though.
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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
So, Callihan is entering the tournament with 3-7, LMAO.
Aren't they doing away with the records in favour of the title, rather?

What better way to not only cement how irrelevant your entire company's system is and how disengenious your booking is than having da underdawg win? My money's on Callihan. :

The main and the DG:USA card interests me, however.

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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards


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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

I actually really like the cards.

The tournament looks good as I'm a fan of most of the guys in it. I'm not sure right now if I would rather see Fox/Ricochet or Davis/Ricochet. Both would be good for their own reasons of course. The 4-way with the winner facing Chuck Taylor is also really interesting because I would be fine seeing any of those matches. All I know is that there are a lot of possibilities that I'm excited for and I don't think there's a clear winner of the tournament either. All of this has been looking forward to that and it seems like a great way to start off Wrestlemania weekend.
Buck/Smash Brothers should also be great. I think the crowd will be fine since WrestleCon should be able to attract good crowds. All of the companies have been promoting this together and the convention itself has big names coming and that should also increase awareness about all the show.

I doubt Callihan wins the tournament or even makes it to the finals. He's going to wrestle for CZW that night as well and I don't see him wrestling 4 matches on Friday, a match on Saturday Night, and then a match Sunday afternoon. That would make 6 matches for him in under 48 hours and I just don't see that happening.

Oh and I'll go ahead and post the other cards in this thread for WrestleCon

Main Event
CZW World Champion MASADA vs. the returning 'Crazy Monkey' JUN KASAI

Stand-Up and Fight!

Aerial Assault
SHANE STRICKLAND vs. AR FOX vs. RICH SWANN vs. CHIVA KID plus much more to be announced!
Excellent/Cabana will make me laugh, Arial Assault will be insane, and MASADA/Kasai is probably my two favorite death match workers goign against each other. I've also read in a few places that CZW plans to have a Cage of Death Match there.

Steel Cage/SHIMMER Title Match

Rematch from SHIMMER 52
AYAKO HAMADA vs. "The Wrestling Goddess" ATHENA

Mia Yim vs. Awesome Kong
Now I don't know my female wrestling that well but I see enough names in those 3 matches to have me excited plus there are some other talented names that don't have matches yet.

Chikara hasn't announced anything yet.

No idea about Kaiju (doubt I'm going to that)

$5 Wrestling will be hilarious and the best thing to see before Wrestlemania.

So overall it's looking like a pretty awesome weekend. As of now I plan on attending Evolve/CZW on Friday, Chikara/Shimme/DGUSA/$5 Wrestling on Saturday, Mania on Sunday, and Raw on Monday. Really can't wait for Mania weekend to get here.
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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

In Gabe's newsletter thing it was said that Gargano didn't want to be in the EVOLVE tournament because he's the Freedom Gate champ and the EVOVLE title isn't needed.

Like DGUSA's card better then EVOVLE's due to me not really caring about the tournament but SSB/Bucks might steal the show (and hopefully they don't get stuck with the shitty Scene the next night.)


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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

If the Finals ends up being Callihan vs Davis and I get trolled. Then dammit Gabe. You'll get me good.

Long story short, Sami is who I'm pulling for and Davis to be knocked out by Fox in the first round.

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Re: DGUSA/EVOLVE Wrestlemania Weekend Cards

Davis is not going to win the Evolve Title, because they just threw him the bone called FIP Championship. Yeah, FIP returned last month on iPPV, the main event for the vaacted title was Davis/Fox, and absolutely no one knew about it.

My money is on Ricochet.
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