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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

As far as buffering the ROH shows I would just download them or watch them on YouTube, its a better experience that way. And as for PWG being better than ROH, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but I'm an ROH guy and will always be so I guess I disagree. But check both promotions out if you haven't already.

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I like the wrestling parts best!
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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

ROH (Their website buffering problems have irritated me to the point of just flat out saying "no" and after all the hype I read from researching the show because of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and other various wrestlers it just didn't seem as electricfying. However, I'd like to give it a chance once their buffering issue gets fixed.)
If it were 2005-2008 I'd say follow ROH and don't worry about anything else but if you're looking for a red hot indie that provides cutting edge action with the best unsigned talen....PWG is your best bet IMO (Guys like Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Antonio Cesaro wrestled there)Chikara is also rad as hell but the wrestling is less intense and the work rate is a little weaker (and it's really really wacky) but the storylines, characters and booking are 2nd to NONE.

Just my 2 cents!

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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

IPW:UK for me, their current champ has held it the longest

Originally Posted by Ayso View Post
WWE PPV's still deliver.!
really, are they really worth the price of admission and do they fulfil the expectations from any and all of the advertising and marketing alone?

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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

For me PWG, NJPW and TNA.

Honorable mention to Chikara.

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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

Probably going to more or less repeat what everyone has said in regards to choices but:

NJPW: If you can get past the language barrier this is going to be your best bet considering your criteria with great wrestling, some feuds, and belts that seem to mean something. Everyone has mentioned that the in-ring product is top notch but the production quality is at an equally high level. It looks like an important wrestling promotion and not a lower tier one.
CHIKARA: This is not a promotion for everyone. Best way to describe Chikara is a comic book or cartoon come to life. The storylines a great, probably better than any other promotion you'll find. Chikara isn't quite known for delivering MOTYC on every show but every show is at the very least fun and has something to offer so when you do get a MOTYC its more of a cherry on top. The tag belts probably seem more important in this promotion than any other with the rules placed upon them where you must beat 3 teams without losing to get a title shot.
PWG: Less storylines than other promotions, though not non-existent either, PWG is probably delivering the consistently high-quality in-ring product of any promotion in America. Shows are fun but not in a Chikara way. Action is blistering a lot of the times. PWG's crowd in Reseda,CA is probably the best in the country. Maybe the title belts aren't always the most important but I personally feel that the wrestlers that the straps are what they are going for a lot of the time.
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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
IPW:UK for me, their current champ has held it the longest
Is this your reasoning for why they're the best promotion?

It's Revolution Pro now too. Unless you mean the IPW:UK that Daniel is still carrying on mostly just running shows aimed at local audiences and no DVDs. In which case it's even more hysterical.
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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

NJPW bar none.

**** <3 ****

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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

Currently NJPW.

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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

For me NJPW, Ring Of Honor and PWG
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Re: Best Wrestling Promotion?

Watched NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 7 last night. I stayed up til 2 AM and after it was done I had to breathe heavy and admit it was the best wrestling I've literally ever seen in my life. That was really enjoyable and once I got over the language part - it was really enjoyable to watch. I ended up marking out for matches I knew nothing about - just because the work they did was incredible.

The crowd was easily in it for the whole thing (even the 20 minutes of dark matches). I watched probably the best triple threat match I've ever seen - there was more involvement with all 3 wrestlers at once instead of just 2 while 1 rolls out of the ring for some breath. I've already found my "favorites" or wrestlers I support, due to marking out on what they were doing. It was the most exciting Wrestling show I've ever watched. I'm excited to keep watching it religiously and I will pump money into it for the sheer respect of the product because I love it.

I will still watch Raw (especially PPV's) but after watching NJPW it shows me no reason why Raw can't be consistently good. It angers me that I've missed so much and I want to dig deeper.

ROH I might watch once they get their streaming problems fixed. However, I'm going to take the suggestion from Seabs and watch ROH 05-08 so it'll probably ruin the current ROH for me.

Thank you for all of the suggestions - they help me know where to start. I will check out probably every promotion - but I found NJPW stole my heart already. Again, thanks for all of the suggestions!
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