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Noah Mark 01-13-2013 09:40 AM

Devil Mountain Wrestling Results from 1/5/13
This is a NorCal indy that I discovered last year. It runs out of Martinez California and has monthly shows at the Boys & Girls Club. Here are the results from their most recent show New Years Resolutions.

Hollywood Jason Vega defeated Leon Ikusa with the Canadian Destroyer. A good opener. Ikusa debuted last year with the promotion. The best spot of the match was where Vega delivered a powerbomb and then a SpiderBomb and Ikusa kicked out at the last second. A nice near fall!

Hellfyre vs Chris Cali. Hellfyre won with a full nelson itn a facebuster. This was teacher vs student as Hellfyre is not only the owner of the promotion but the trainer as well. Cali is one of his students and this was a total squash match.

Maynard Skynard vs Alexis Darevko for the Pacific Coast Championship. Skynard won via chokeslam. The storyline for this match was someone put a hit on Skynard to beat him and take his title.

Mike Rayne vs Johnny Plinko for the Devil Mountain Wrestling Championship. Before the match started Rayne paid off Darevko to have his back in his match. The finish of the match saw a refbump and Darevko interfered allowing Rayne hit a package piledriver for the win. After the match Darevko worked over Plinko's leg until The Riv made the save. I believe this will set up a tag team match with Plinko/The Riv vs Mike Rayne/Alexis Darevko for their next show on 2/9/13.

Hair vs Hair: Levi Shapiro vs The Riv. These two made up a tag team called CircumSexy until they had a falling out and have been feuding for months. This was the best match on the show. Both guys are solid workers. In the end Riv used a shaerpshooter to get the victory and Levi lost his hair.

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