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Pro wrestling as career prospect?

Hey I am aware that this forum isn't used for random questions so I apologise in advance. Also apologise if thread is in wetting place.

I am just 16, never been to a wrestling school, but very athletic, have a passion for wrestling, about 6 ft and 77 kg (still got a bit of growing to do I think by the size of my feet)... Is it too late for me to have a legitimate crack on having a career in pro wrestling? besides for the biggest companies is there much money in it and are the biggest companies near unreachable for someone in my position?

Thanks alot for anyone who takes the time to read and reply!
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

Well, you're 16, so It's definitely not too late. The money in wrestling depends where you go with it, but it's very likely that you won't earn enough to live off of, so personally I'd go to school and get a degree, or a trade, or whatever before you start wrestling; just as a safety net if wrestling fails.

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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

It is never too late. If you want to be a pro wrestler you will be. Pro wrestling is such a business, where you can always find an open spot. No guarantees that you will be a successful wrestler, though. Just try to Google some wrestling schools near the place where you live. Just attend a wrestling school and call some local promoters, so that they get you on the card. You'll start out as a jobber, but if you're good you will be promoted. Advertise yourself on the internet as much as you can, so that bigger promoters can find out about you. Youtube is the best place for this. Big companies are always reachable. You can buy a tryout for WWE if you want, but if you aren't at their level it will be just money spent. Long story short: If you're good, everything will just come naturally. If you're not that good, you'll have to work harder.

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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

I'll mark for you if you become a good superstar. Good luck, and it's never too late. And the size doesn't reall y matter when you look at rey Mysterio, right?
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

I would say 16 is a perfect age to start learning.

I wouldn't say that there is a lot of money in it, but that's now what it's about. There are people who work for their local company 2 nights a week for a little bit of money, but work full time anyway. It's like a hobby and whatever money you make is a bonus. Of course, you can make millions at the highest level and get by on the independent circuit, but the indies we see are the cream of the talent that's not had a shot, and the big leagues are the cream of all talent.

I would say, as you're 16, take a year to learn and see how you feel from there. I wouldn't say give up a college degree or focus squarely on wrestling as a career, but I bet there would be no stopping you just wetting your feet and seeing where you go.

I wish I was 16 again to do it. There are names like Sheamus who didn't start training until their mid-20s and have came successful at it. Batista I've read was even 30. If you put effort into it at 16, you have everywhere to go.

Good luck.
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

Hey so I've been through the training myself and done a few matches. But my goal was never to be a 'pro wrestler' I've always been more interested in the behind the scenes aspects of it. Being 16 it could be hard to find a school that is willing to officially train you, however most will at the very least allow you to help out with the ring crew or even their street team.

The fact is it's very difficult to make money with pro wrestling. I used to do Ring Crew at ROH, the money I got never outweighed the cost of driving there. Sure I could have carpooled more and saved money but really I did it because I enjoyed it. Pretty much everyone working on the indies have outside jobs I'm sure there are certainly exceptions. You should treat it as a serious hobby. Yeah if you're good you can possibly make a living doing it, but the chances of that are not very good and will most likely need a second job.

Focus on finding a good college and have a plan for a more conventional job. Make it a priority to get your degree, and treat wrestling as your creative outlet and exercise. One benefit to going to college while doing it is you'll have weekends off where you would be wrestling, and during the week you have access to the school's gym. If you just focus on making wrestling a career then chances are you're gonna be screwed if wrestling doesn't pan out.

While I was in college I was working in indy wrestling, doing ring crew at one place and at other places doing camera work building their dvds etc. I never had a conventional job like most people do because my parents paid for everything. They paid for me to drive 5 hours to shows. Because I didn't really have any prior work experience besides wrestling thats what I needed to put on my resume and was actually fortunate enough to get a job working for my local nbc station.

A few things I can say about what to expect. Everyone is ultimately out for themselves. People come and go from companies all the time and it's just the nature of the business. It's difficult having 'Friends' in the business, but you often have really good acquaintances. Over time you may make a few enemies as well.

For right now what I would suggest you do is find a local indy company give them a call and ask if you can volunteer with ring crew. (do not expect to get any money right away) When you get there make sure to shake EVERYONE's Hands and introduce yourself. I know that sounds like common sense but it is very important in wrestling and some people take it very seriously. As someone new you're the new guy and you have to respect your veterans. The way it was described to me is it doesn't matter if the person has been in the business 1 day longer than you, he's then the veteran. Talk with the wrestlers and ask them for advice but be incredibly polite to everyone. Make sure not to go in the locker room without permission from the promoter.

If you have any specific questions feel free to pm me I'd be happy to help out a bit.

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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

you really need to learn how to do it first before going into it further, treat it like a hobby before a job

unless you just want to be a manager
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

What? Managers need to know how to wrestle and bump safely. Not to as high of a standard but they still need to go through the basics for safety reasons if nothing else.
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Managers need to know how to wrestle and bump safely. Not to as high of a standard but they still need to go through the basics for safety reasons if nothing else.[/I][/B]
see? its all relative
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Re: Pro wrestling as career prospect?

It's never to late to go to wrestling school and if you have enough passion and drive then you can achieve your goals. Personally, I'm 24 and I've been thinking about going to wrestling school for a while now. It's strange, it's something I never really seriously thought about until around a year ago but now I plan to start within the next couple of months (maybe after my hockey season is over) but I agree with what others have already said in this post. Look at it as more of a hobby, I'm going into it with the idea that if I can wrestle once a month then it'd be pretty cool. Maybe I could make a little extra money from it too, to add to my current wage but if you're going into it with the aim to make a career out of it then I would suggest you would have to be extremely dedicated and be willing to scrape by for a couple of years before ever actually making it (that's if you actually do.)



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