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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

He watched it live. DVD will probably be out in a few months.
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Leono/Tiger Blanco vs Bobby Zavala/Disturbio-CMLL 1/1/13. Match had some great dives by Leono and Tiger Blanco.****

The Hot Rodz vs Steve Miller/Jag Hartley Jackson-Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling 1/9/13. This was a really good match. The Hot Rodz do an almost Rock N Roll Express gimmick but they are heels. It was a southern style tag match as the Hot Rodz kept working over Miller until he made the hot tag to Jag.***3/4.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio - Smackdown 1/11/2013

Was really surprised by how good this match was. I'm not a big fan of either man in general, I'm a fan of Del Rio's in ring work but I've never really bought into his character or persona as a heel. This match however as a face was different. Del Rio came across as a very believable face despite the little build this was given. Great facial expressions and comebacks that were done in a mostly believable way (the beginning I felt like he got a bit too much offense in for what they were going for). This told a really simple but good story with Del Rio constantly having to fight an uphill battle against an unstoppable giant. What I really liked however was that Del Rio did not get a superman comeback ala Cena or Sheamus but had to outsmart Big Show and think on his feet in order to gain the victory. Proposes a much different type of face and one that I personally can get much more behind. Back to the match, this had some great psychology and storytelling all around. This had a few big spots here and there but this was a match centered around the story which delivered excellently. Great TV match, very good match overall. Early contender for TV match of the year.

*** 1/2

**** <3 ****

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

CMLL 1/1

CMLL World Welterweight Championship - Two Out of Three Falls

Polvora(c) vs Titan ~ ***1/2

While I didn't think it was as good as some others in the thread, I legitimately enjoyed it. Which has been a hard thing for me to say from a lot of lucha of the last few years. Only major complaint here was the awful slow ref. How does he have a job? Rest was quality. Good stuff with some nutty bumps tossed in. Really good match and I'm glad I gave it a watch. Finish ruled when Polvora killed Titan with the RUBIX CUBE/Joker Driver. Titan's hand stand move was SLICK. Totally marked for it. Wanted him to win only b/c he busted it out haha.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Austin Aries Vs. Bobby Roode Vs. Jeff Hardy - Genesis 2013 Impact Wrestling


I'm not into downgrading matches because I hated the ending, but this was overall a great match. Very good near-falls, honestly did the best to keep me on the edge of my seat knowing Jeff was gonna win the whole time. Overall, very good match.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

With regards to the slow ref count, in Lucha even the referees have a face/heel dynamic to them (some are paid-out by wrestlers while others are just dicks). Even the good guys have their downfalls, though, as some are just senile in their counts much to the frustration of a hot crowd. Counts can either come quickly or exasperatedly slow but it always has a purpose as to why. It's quite a nice novelty factor to lucha over other forms of wrestling, imo. It realises how truly one-dimensional the referee character is when, in reality, that shouldn't be the case. I realise the argument against this in terms of keeping the medium as close to a genuine sport feel as possible, but in the wacky world of wrasslin' it just makes more sense.

However, if it personally hurt the match for you then it should reflect in your rating. That's how this works, right?

Originally Posted by Noah Mark View Post
Leono/Tiger Blanco vs Bobby Zavala/Disturbio-CMLL 1/1/13. Match had some great dives by Leono and Tiger Blanco.****
Good match here, but I wouldn't rank it higher than Polvora/Titan nor against the term MotY. It was just too standard an apuestas match to be either memorable or great.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship - Three Way Match
Prince Devitt(c) vs Low Ki vs Kota Ibushi

As a fan of the Hitman franchise, seeing Low Ki wrestle in full cosplay was a true treat to watch. I'm a mark for entrances, especially their opening moment, and this wholly stole the fandom which I usually reserve for Devitt.

This was a better-than-good juniours match (as one comes to expect from WK) that did not stray too far into Ibushi's OTT mannerisms while, at the same time, did not undervalue itself in terms of great spots. I'm somewhat more interested in Apollo 55 Vs Time Splitters matches than I am in Taguchi/Devitt, however. But I won't say no to either.
Rating: 3.75

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura(c) vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Admittedly, at the time, I was less sold on the "weak" beginning than those who loved this match but thinking back on it, their tentative mannerisms underpinned the respect/threat dynamic that made this great. A lot shorter than the Lesnar/Cena match from last year yet this was nearly just as good. If this drops out of my top five, then we would have been sweetly treated in 2013. Here's hoping.
Rating: 4.5

Yuji Nagata vs Minoru Suzuki

This is what I love about puroresu. You had two guys with a simple-as-hell match strategy yet it delivered. It's always a treat to watch these two as they modify their exchanges enough to prevent their bouts from being stale yet, at the same time, without losing the magic of their previous encounters. It wasn't without Nagata's speculative selling-issues, but MiSu sold that arm almost enough to have it mitigated. I wouldn't specifically go out of my way for this, but it is definitely worth a watch if you have time for it.
Rating: 4

IWGP World Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi(c) vs Kazuchika Okada

I read everyone's reviews before watching this show and, notably, I can see argument for either side. From a purist perspective, this had questionable issues with regard to selling and pacing, its iffy transitions/moments and seemingly pointless work-overs but, from an entertainment perspective, this had DRAMA~!

From the usual (counters) to the special (Okada/Hashi clawing themselves to their feet together) right down to the finishing moments, this match painted one of the best portrayals of two equals that I've seen in a long time. For me, the finish wasn't about whether the right man won, it was about cementing both men as equals in the crowd's and, more importantly, in each other's eyes.

Someone mentioned how Hashi's piledriver spot amounted to nothing and felt done for the sake of it. I disagree - that spot was perhaps the exclamation mark in their story. To put Okada away, Tanahashi had to use his own opponent's move against him purely because his weren't as effective. Tanahashi knew this, that's why he stalled on the pin following the driver. Going for the pinfall would cement this fact so it was in Tanahashi's interest to follow it with his usual High Fly Flow shtick. The thought stalled him, giving Okada time to make a last-ditched (yet futile) attempt at a comeback before Tanahashi's final HFF could seal the victory.

So, then, where does one draw a rating? Is a rating an objective opinion based purely on the quality of work the wrestlers put in (at the expense of one's subjective pull) or does it also take heed of the story it tells (where subjectivity is inherently ascribed)? A little bit of both would be my answer, I suppose. For those who can see/wish for its story elements, this match will probably hold up highly come the end of the year. For those not sold on their physical work, it'll be a sourly distant memory as a dome main event that just did not hold justice for either man.

In hindsight, this match reminds me so strongly of the Polvora/Titan match that I disliked (comparatively to others). Both do try too hard in their attempt to attain "epic" status. The difference, however, is that while the CMLL match was almost void of drama (personally), this delivered it in spades.
Rating: 4.25

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom VII

IWGP World Championship

Hiroshi Tanahashi(c) vs Kazuchika Okada ~ ****

Yep, loved another bout from them yet again. I don't see where the negatives come from, but hey, that's me. Great match with some great work per usual. Always love whenever Okada loses it's b/c he NEVER gets to connect with Rainmaker. Keeps that move sooooooo legit. One and done. Always. (well, sometimes.)


TNA Genesis 2013

Joseph Park vs Devon Hughes ~ ***1/2

I know, I know. A Devon match in here? gtfo. It's a low MOTYC atm, but my cut off for some recs is ***1/2 and thanks to a certain individual this character display was fan-friggin-tastic. No, it wasn't on Devon. It was thanks to the glorious, wonderful, magical Lawyer gone wrestler - you know who he is - he's my man, JOSEPH PARK. Seriously, he's amazing in this role. You couldn't remove the smile from my face during the entire time it was on. arks

TNA World Championship - Three Way Elimination Match
Jeff Hardy(c) vs Robert Roode vs Austin Aries ~ ***1/2

Pretty on some parts. Good flow, good psychology, good story backing Hardy's resilience. Just all around...GOOD. Really good, quite frankly. Ending wasn't quite as strong as I would have preferred, but it worked. No complaints and these guys worked hard to give us something to say Genesis was actually worth seeing for a part of it. Even people who dislike Hardy can't be ignorant to how he's working hard within the company right now. It could be bumped up a 1/4* on a re-watch. It's damn close to that level as it is.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Like other users, I'll keep this post as a quick go-to for my running MotY listing. For every match I'll also hot link to its particular write-up just so you can get a feel of what I thought about it.


★★★★ ¾

★★★★ ½
Shinsuke Nakamura(c) Vs Kazushi Sakuraba (05/01/2013 NJPW)
Daniel Bryan Vs John Cena (18/08/2013 WWE)
Guerrero Maya Jr Vs Virus (06/10/2013 CMLL)
William Regal Vs Antonio Cesaro (25/12/2013 WWE)
The Undertaker Vs CM Punk (07/04/2013 WWE)
CM Punk Vs John Cena (25/02/2013 WWE)

★★★★ ¼
Charles Lucero Vs Rey Hechicero (04/08/2013 Fighters NICE)
Rhodes Dynasty Vs The Shield (14/10/2013 WWE)
Jun Akiyama Vs KAI (29/04/2013 AJPW)
Dr. Wagner Jr Vs LA Par-K (02/06/2013 TxT)
Tomohiro Ishii vs Katsuyori Shibata (04/08/2013 NJPW)
Shocker, Terrible & Negro Casas Vs Maximo, Rey Escorpion & Rush (28/06/2013 CMLL)
HHH Vs Brock Lesnar (19/05/2013 WWE)
Kassius Ohno Vs William Regal (21/03/2013 WWE)
Blue Panther/Negro Casas/Atlantis Vs Black Terry/Negro Navarro/Solar (16/08/2013 CMLL)
Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Kazuchika Okada (07/04/2013 NJPW)
Mark Henry Vs John Cena (14/07/2013 WWE)
Sami Zayn Vs Antonio Cesaro (21/08/2013 WWE)
Oficial 911 Vs Trauma II Vs El Angel (03/03/2013 IWRG)
Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. Vs Namajague & Shigeo Okumura (15/03/2013 CMLL)
Jun Akiyama/Go Shiozaki Vs Manabu Soya/Takao Omori (17/03/2013 AJPW)
The Shield vs Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston (20/05/2013 WWE)
Jay Briscoe Vs Kevin Steen (05/04/2013 RoH)
Rush Vs El Terrible (26/01/2013 CMLL)
Tomohiro Ishii Vs Hirooki Goto (17/03/2013 NJPW)
Chico Che, Freelance & Hijo del Pantera Vs Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman & Eita (18/02/2013 IWRG)
Sami Callihan Vs Drake Younger (22/03/2013 PWG)
Negro Casas(c) Vs Valiente (11/02/2013 CMLL)
Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. Vs Nakamura Shinsuke & Ishii Tomohiro (05/04/2013 NJPW)
Volador Jr Vs Rey Escorpión (02/02/2013 CMLL)
Hiroshi Tanahashi(c) Vs Kazuchika Okada (05/01/2013 NJPW)

Antonio Cesaro Vs Sheamus (05/06/2013 WWE)
Las Traumas Vs Valiente y Virus (25/08/2013 Chilanga Mask)
Kyle Matthews Vs Mike Cruz (30/05/2013 Rampage Pro)
The Shield Vs John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus (17/02/2013 WWE)
Sami Callihan Vs Shane Hollister (17/05/2013 AAW)
Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler (16/06/2013)
CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar (18/08/2013 WWE)
Kyle Matthews Vs Shaun Tempers (16/02/2013 LPN)
Kyle Matthews Vs Shaun Tempers (29/03/2013 DSCW)
Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. (07/04/2013 NJPW)
Dean Allmark & Leon Shah Vs Robbie Dynamite & Rampage Brown (10/04/2013 ASW:UK)
Namajague Vs Rey Cometa (26/04/2013 CMLL)
Negro Casas, Stuka Jr. & Valiente Vs Fuego, Vangellys & Virus (14/06/2013 CMLL)
Antonio Cesaro Vs Sami Zayn (12/06/2013 WWE NXT)
Dean Allmark & James Mason vs Rampage Brown & Robbie Dynamite (22/02/2013 ASW)
Hiroshi Tanahashi(c) Vs Karl Anderson (10/02/2013 NJPW)
Samuray Del Sol & AR Fox Vs The Inner-City Machine Guns (22/03/2013 PWG)
Rampage Brown Vs Dean Allmark (16/03/2013 ASW)
Shingo Vs Ricochet (25/05/2013 2013 Dragon Gate)
Vordell Walker Vs Mike Cruz (04/05/2013 SCGW)
Yuji Nagata Vs Minoru Suzuki (05/01/2013 NJPW)
Yuji Nagata & Hirooki Goto Vs Kazushi Sakuraba & Katsuyori Shibata (07/04/2013 NJPW)
Antonio Cesaro Vs Kofi Kingston (01/05/2013 WWE)
Green Ant Vs Eddie Kingston (09/02/2013 Chikara)
Kyle Matthews Vs Anthony Henry (24/08/2013 LPW)
La Sombra Vs Shinsuke Nakamura (31/05/2013 CMLL)
Archibald Peck Vs Mark Angelosetti (09/02/2013 Chikara)
Masato Tanaka Vs Tomohiro Ishii (03/02/2013 NJPW)

All matches are ranked IN ORDER.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Big Show (c) vs Alberto Del Rio, Last Man Standing, Smackdown (1/11/13)

Man, I thought this was a legit great match and this is coming from someone terribly apathetic to recent WWE LMS matches. Unlike a lot of WWE LMS matches, this felt fresher and a more creative/unique approach went into the story and there wasn't an abundance of overly elaborate spots but instead a more thoughtful and smart layout building to the bigger and more impactful moments in the match wonderfully. Show was great as the monster heel. Controlled the pace suitably with a more sadistic and methodical toying of Del Rio and he emoted and sold all the big Del Rio hope spots in a really great manner that it made him look beatable without sacrificing his dominance and still making Del Rio feel like a genuine underdog. LOVED how he sold the arm work throughout especially after spots where he had to use every part of his body, such as the spear through the barricade. It came off as a hinderance which could be exploited and the fact Del Rio targeted it with the steel steps shots was such a smart payoff to the injury angle.

Del Rio himself put in a really stellar performance and impressed me far more than he ever did working heel. Loved how he was made to be a more vicious yet resilient and intelligent wrestler using any opening he could to usurp Show's dominance as evidenced by the great transition into the armbar in the ropes after Show initially blocked the armbar. He bumped and sold well throughout, always appearing in discomfort and in agony even when he was on offence and the way he overcame the KO blow by rolling onto his feet on the floor was such a brilliant spot to show his toughness without compromising Show's finisher. Ricardo was great in between all the big spots, serving as a great manager showing concern for his friend and aiding Del Rio's growing sympathy appeal. Show also had some tremendous facial expressions as the match wore on and especially after Del Rio's escape from the KO punch. Finishing run was sublime with Del Rio selling the struggle in lifting and using the steel steps progressively more and more with each blow, the shoulder he used earlier to contain Show was the focus of the attacks and the build to Show collapsing and Del Rio scrambling to push the table on top of him was marvellous. Smartly structured, great build and pacing to the bigger spots, two great performances from both men and a genuinly enjoyable finish and post match celebration. Everything a LMS match should be.
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

I wished I thought the same about that LMS match. Only thing I liked was Big Show's work, but it was coupled with a non-believable & ABRUPT comeback by Del Rio that I washed my hands with it and was done. It's decent at best, but Show worked hard with it. I like Del Rio - plenty as a face too - only I can't say I was engrossed by his comeback or enthusiasm to make me care. Partially b/c I went in expecting a non-finish and I got a random World Championship change.

Simply put, it wasn't for me. Which I almost hate to say as a guy who loves to appreciate work from Big Show.

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