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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio- ****
Great match even though WWE spoiled it Tuesday on their site
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Yeah I enjoyed that Last Man Standing match too.

You know you remember this.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

WWE Smackdown: Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show - ****1/4+
Holy shit awesome match, so much drama and probably the best the LMS match I remember. Incrdible, ADR looks so strong after this match.
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Am I the only one that notices that Cage is average?

Originally Posted by WutChagoNAdoBrothA View Post
They better have a fucking ***** match to end with.
Fucking music , dancing , and 360 piledrivers , Maryse sex scene , 450s through tables , shoot star press drop kicks , Rock comes back , Austin comes back

It better be epic
Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

The match between Titan and Polvora for the CMLL Welterweight Title is definetely a MOTY candidate. It had everything and it was one of the best lucha matches i can remember. ***** for it


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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
Am I the only one that notices that Cage is average?
I think he's much better than average. Certainly benefits when working vs a superior talent of course. He has potential to become collectively great overall.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Hopefully I can get Wrestle Kingdom VII watched before going back to university. Haven't had as much time as I'd like to watch wrestling the past few months, aside from Raw/SD/Impact.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Find 5 free hours and then CRAM it. It's worth the long haul.

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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
Am I the only one that notices that Cage is average?
He needs to be carried to get the most out of him but he's got potential and charisma.

Smirking at all the people in here vowing to watch more wrestling in 2013. Happens every year, enjoy this thread for January and then we'll see you again next January.

Prince Devitt vs Low Ki vs Kota Ibushi - NJPW 04.01.2012
Fun juniors match but little more. Thought Ki was awesome in this and not just for wrestling in that outfit. Best he's looked in ages and first time in years I've got excited about Low Ki. Absolutely hated Devitt's top rope stomp to break a pin up. Horrible mistimed and the definition of doing a spot for the sake of a spot. At least like springboard in to show a sense or urgency rather than just climbing the top rope and hoping the ref slows his count down for your spot.


Togi Makabe vs Katsuyori Shibata - NJPW 04.01.2012
Great little war. Spot where they both decide to take it back into the ring was magnificent. Initially hated Shibata's no selling but it makes it a bigger deal when he does sell for someone. Was into the control segment, shame it was brief though. Thought Makabe was brilliant in this. Makabe's kinda one dimensional but this is his dimension where he excels and he fucking excelled here. Table spot ruled. My only gripe with the match was how bad they killed Shibata at the end. I get it if he's done with them now which it seems like but the match would have been a lot better for Makabe not just doing the table spot and then killing him before putting him down. Give the match a bit longer, put Shibata in control of the match for a bit longer and have a more competitive finish. Other than this was really good with the potential to have been even better.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kazushi Sakuraba - NJPW 04.01.2012
Didn't reach the dizzy heights that it seemed to with some people but I still thought this was MOTN and really great. First few minutes had me worried because I feared before hand that this was gonna be full of slow matwork but it developed into exactly what I wanted it to be. Stiff and tension filled. Everything they fought for after that slap was intense and investing. The struggle in the key lock spot was tremendous. THAT knee. Nakamura's first knee to the back of the head out of desperation to stay alive. Awesome stuff. Thought it needed a bit depth to be a heavy MOTYC come the end of the year though but for what it was it was awesome.


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada - NJPW 04.01.2012
Thought this was really good but honestly, it was the least I'd expect from them. I just never got really invested in it and that's not something that's happened for any of Okada's big matches bar vs Goto. I'm starting to fear for how much longer I can watch New Japan main events follow the same formula with the limb work that may or not get sold long term before a great finishing run. Maybe it's just because they didn't do it as effectively here. The intial neck work from Okada was good but Tanahashi really made it all redundant by not selling any of it and I think that kinda took me out of it a little. Neither limb work really benefited from a strong control segment here. Okada sold the leg really well like he always will but it felt like something they just threw to make it past 30 minutes rather than the focus of the match at any point. The whole match was a bit too much consisting of brief control segments with little depth to them. New Japan finishes are normally the absolute best because of how the early parts get you invested in the match and then play around with you during the finish. Here I wasn't really invested in the match so they weren't messing around me like I wanted them to. High Fly Flow kickout was great and benefited from finishers being really well protected in New Japan. Part of me wanted to care more about something that I've been waiting a long time for though. Cloverleaf spot was tremendous thanks to Okada selling the life out of the desperation to get to the ropes and not be forced to submit in his big moment. And for Okada's big moment he really didn't look like much of a star. Finish aside he looked pretty meh and that's due to the match not really having a clear control segment for him to establish himself with. For me, Tanahashi always looked in control of the match and Okada was nearly always lagging behind struggling to keep up with Tanahashi in this race. That's a mighty shame as well because I really enjoy Okada in control and I really enjoyed him here in his brief spell on top. He's got that feel about him that works so well when he's in control of a match. He wrestles the match his way, at his pace and looks like he's in complete control of every aspect of the match, not just the offence at that one time. I did like this tbf and I'm only sounding off on the negatives because they brought the match down past the standard that these could and really should have achieved.


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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Everything you said about the main event is spot on. It's sad that you're not sure you can watch NJPW Main events...but please try to remember that most of the things you don't like about them are Tanahashi's fault. which is why him going over is even more stupid.

Okada's limbwork always leads to his finisher. He sells perhaps better than anyone right now. There are very few things he does for no reason at all. It seems to me most of your problems with NJPW main events are actually problems with Tanahashi.

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