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Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

Anyone you would like to suggest?

WWE- Mues Productions
I knew Mues when he was doing Music rants and that is what he is best known for. What I like about him is that he includes other people in his videos. Meaning he's not shy and forever-alone enough to do his reviews. He used to be very complacent on fan's requests, but now just gives them a middle-finger and continues to rock in his own style.

TNA- Foolkiller99
I've been a fan of him since day one. Just like Mues, he started out as a generic WWE ranter but, holy shit, he's one of the most creative and engaging reviewers right now. The FK99 alter-ego is just brilliant! A perfect mixture of roleplaying and in-your-face criticism.

How are they both similar? Instead of simply catering to spoiled brain-dead fans, they are outspoken and independent on their own opinions, despite the bias of the wrestling community. Yet, they do care for their subscribers and viewers with active blogs and Q&A videos. Unlike some people who pick on someone else's business and block unwanted opinions... cough... spinnernet... cough cough.

Anyway, both of them have been doing reviews for a while and I'm looking for young-up-and-coming respectable reviewers who are worth watching.

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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers


I accept rep.

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Originally Posted by TomasThunder619 View Post
Haha, nice one man.

I'm just about to start uploading videos to my new channel @ in the next few days.

Apart from that my personal favourites are:

TruthSlayer (Indy stuff)
Marc Pearson (British wrestling)
Off the Ropes Show (Mainstream US)

I'm looking at doing reviews for everything I watch this year, so if it's variety you're looking for then you may dig my channel.


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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

I tend to agree with almost everything TripleG says, so I guess him?

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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

I was unaware people actually watched those videos on youtube. I thought they were just what you had to sort through to find the actual show you were looking for on youtube. You learn something everyday. Welll, the more you know.

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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

Well given the name of this thread and with what I do I would like to throw my name in the hat, I have done videos for some time, i find that i am starting to find my groove and get more comfortable , that probably can be seen more so this year than any other year. my channel link is down below and i usually put a video in my signature.

I would say foolkiller is probably my fave at the moment, very engaging, very funny and very interesting to watch. just1988 who posts as anwardawson is very good to, he does quite a ton of stuff, but as i have just seen is debuting a new channel , check him out. Kyleenjoyswrestling is excellent, I like him, he is an american that lives in new Zealand and does good videos. Kyle9965 is another one on the rise, he is a good friend of mine and usually enjoy going back and forth with him.

off the ropes , rvdtito4life are always good and even though I don't agree with everything he says pspower has his moments.

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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

Bill and Doug ( were always the most entertaining. Then they got married and got lives, and don't make videos as much now.

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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers

Originally Posted by M.S.I.I. View Post
Bill and Doug ( were always the most entertaining. Then they got married and got lives, and don't make videos as much now.
Really? They're prolly the first to marry and get a life! jk.

Recently, they became interested in TNA again, but UFC is currently they're favorite show.
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Re: Youtube Wrestling Reviewers


He's funny as hell.

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