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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

As a match it was great iirc. But yeah, the fact they had it after the street fight and a bunch of other stuff was a ridiculously bad decision.
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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

yeah they had a street fight in Chicago in April with Corino and Cabana where they tried to kill each other and it was brutal and great and everything, and then a month and a half later they book Steen vs. Generico in a wrestling match where they come out do wrestling moves on each other to try and win a wrestling match. What.

Also their Collinsville match wasn't that great either. Shrug. The rest of the times they've been in the ring together have been great, Steen Wolf is the early runaway MOTD, and really we're just splitting hairs because we all know Steen vs. Generico is great almost all the time. Still hate the fact that that DBD match happened the way it did though.

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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

I'm honestly not a massive fan of any of the Steen/Generico matches from ROH. Final Battle 2010 and Last Man Standing were strong matches but I'm not a massive fan of either. Their other singles match in 2010 were meh and this one was ok. The tags from 2010 ruled though and I remember enjoying Steen/Cabana more than Steen/Generico from Final Battle. The 2 PWG matches from last year are honestly two of my favourite Indy matches ever though.
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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

Only thing that's bothered me about the ROH matches were the awful crowd. Which was there for every match. Not much kept me going with ROH in 2010, but Generico vs Steen was one of only about...two things. I'll always be interested.

Oh, wait. Last Man Standing crowd was great. Random as hell that a 2012 show has a crowd that goes nuts for the match. Where were they at Final Battle?

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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

A hype video I made for Steen/Generico which wasn't finished by the time the show aired. I think now the ending suits the match better, knowing the result.

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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

I really liked this PPV.

I'm just really not interested in Jay Lethal. I like him, I respect him as a wrestler and his characters cool but I just don't really look upon him as the main guy.

I feel that if he defeats Steen then it's a wrong step. I feel that they could have held off on Generico's return until after Lethal's story.

Then again, I know people are really into Jay Lethal and when you look at his career, for such a young guy it feels like he's been around forever.
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Re: ROH Final Battle 2012 - NYC, Dec 16 (DOOMSDAY~!)

Man, that opening bout between Elgin and Strong was epic! Seriously, this match is one of many reasons why ROH is putting on some of the best matches in the world today and I can say that this match made me love both competitors even more than I already did going into this bout. The Lethal/Rhino match was pretty entertaining too, honestly I thought Rhino was going to win but I was surprised and happy to see Lethal continue his successful ways and pick up the win. I really enjoyed the Benjamin/Haas vs Whitmer/Titus street fight too, the ending where Whitmer was put through the table was absolutely sickening.

I like this kind of venue for ROH, it's pretty big and the crowd was really lively which gave the important bouts a "big match" feel to them which always helps when enjoying a match. Moving along, the Cole/Hardy match was a little better than a waste of time and I really don't think Matt Hardy belongs in ROH whatsoever. This guy is a bum, seriously, he's not good at all and is nothing more than a husk of what he was back in 1999-2001 when he and his brother were a team, and even then Jeff carried the group. Cole basically carried the match and should've won....

The main event was great, the match had a "big match" feel to it and you could almost feel the hatred between the two competitors. This was a very brutal contest with the ladders in place and a very hard hitting one as well, another reason ROH is simply amazing. Awesome match with an awesome ending having Steen coming out the victor which in turn adds to his legacy as the ROH World's Champion.

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