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Report on a W3L show I attended from my hometown.

(This is Copypasta'd from my facebook (that doesn't exactly contain the smarkiest of friends), so bear with me if I seem like I'm talking to a non-fan who only saw about this event on a poster)

The supposed "cage fighting" event held at Carnegie Leisure, that some of you may have heard about as being the first ever fighting event in the building, was attended by me for winning tickets in the Dunfermline Press. However, the show was shoddy, even by independent wrestling standards, for the following reasons:

- The show itself started 1hr 15mins later than advertised. Any excitement that may have been shown by the audience prior to it, was replaced with apathy and desperation to leave as soon as humanly possible. If it weren't for the children, the crowd would've been deathly silent throughout. And about halfway into the show, the asininely shitty cage that had to be built around the ring, took almost an hour as well. Essentially, anyone who had showed up sharp on the time it was meant to begin, would have stayed there for almost 5 full motherfucking hours, even though it was advertised as 2hrs 30mins.

- Contrary to popular belief, this was not "cage fighting" as in Mixed-martial arts or some other fighting event, but rather, U-Rated pro wrestling. There were 5 matches on the show, and the cage was incorporated for only the last two.

- The sound quality for music and promos were dismal. 70% of what was said was completely incoherent and mumbled. The crowd played along however (sort of), as if they could hear what was being said. Despite this issue, it could have been easily resolved if they had simply instructed the crowd to keep just that little bit quieter during announcements, and let them mark out afterwards.

- During the second match, the middle ring rope snapped from three turnbuckle corners. Although the referee had proven he could repair one, he didn't bother with the other two, making some high spots rather difficult to pull off.

- During the cage setup, it became apparent that the cage, no joke, DIDN'T FIT THE FUCKING RING. Thus, for the last two matches on the card, the cage was about a metre away from one side of the ring. They even had to lecture the audience on a few occasions after that, because their kids were running around, and they thought it might topple over the cage. Pathetic.

- ...Even then, however, the cage was heavily underutilized, especially in the Women's match. In what I can only assume is a shameless attempt to imitate WWE's under-representation of female wrestling, the 5-minute match consisted of little more than lifeless strikes and the odd slam here and there. I was tempted to start a "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE (clap, clap, clap clap clap)" chant, but who am I kidding, there probably wasn't a fucking smark in sight at that event.

- The company holding the event, W3L, was a bit too assuming of the fact that the crowd would be well aware of some of the feuds and storylines going on at the moment. Even though it was their FIRST TIME IN DUNFERMLINE, and the majority of people wouldn't have known so much as a thing or two about the promotion. Any adult who was there was either loured in by their kids, or was (once) a fan of WWE/TNA.

Above all of these points, however, was the wrestling itself any good? Well, in my opinion, it sort of peaked at the middle of the show, as it grew more and more accustomed to the actual idea of wrestling and not just fan interaction (the latter of which there was plenty). But after the third and best match, which I will admit, was a good exchange of technical manuevers, the show became dull, with the pre-mentioned Women's match being abysmal, and the main event being an anticlimactic and painfully mediocre cage match, that also had little use of, well, the cage.

The fact of the matter is, however, that even if the wrestling was hypothetically far better, it still would have been undermined by the sheer number of issues plaguing the production of the show. It feels like an event that was revised for about half an hour before it began, and I'm extremely grateful that I both won the tickets, and went alone.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Report on a W3L show I attended from my hometown.

Thanks for the report. Free tickets are always worth the usage, but it's a bummer that they didn't seem to win you over. Worth a shot! haha
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