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EmbassyForever 09-16-2012 10:40 AM

Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
ROH World Title Match
Kevin Steen (Or whoever is champion at the time) defends against "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin

ROH TV Title Match:
Adam Cole vs Eddie Edwards

ROH Tag Team Title Match:
SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) vs The Briscoes.

BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas).

TD Thomas vs Roderick Strong.

Jay Lethal vs Davey Richards.

Mike Bennett vs Mike Mondo

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs The Bravado Brothers.

ForestCrush 09-16-2012 10:55 AM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
Cannot wait for this. I have 3rd Row. Cant wait to see Michael Elgin. I remember watching him years ago at fairgrounds

Matt_Yoda 09-16-2012 12:19 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
Steen/Elgin is a darkhorse match to me, it can either be really good or really meh. Hopefully it's just a straight up wrestling match so they can tell a story without all of the excess hardcore spots to work around. If Elgin doesn't go over here I see Roddy costing Elgin the strap, setting up a match between the two at Final Battle 2012.

Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards will no doubt be a very solid title match between two of the most consistent talents on the roster. If I'm" expecting any match on the card to deliver it'll definitely be this one. Edwards will make Cole look good here.

Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo, I really couldn't care less but at the very least, this match does have build behind and hopefully it has a satisfying blowoff.

EmbassyForever 09-18-2012 02:23 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
Just signed - Corino & Jacobs vs Briscoes.

seabs 09-18-2012 03:46 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
Didn't Briscoes lose to Jacobs/Corino in the Semis at DBD? How does that entitle them to a title shot over Coleman/Alexander who reached the other semi and didn't actually lose to the champs? Kayfabe wise. Real reason is obviously Briscoes get preferential treatment because DEM BOYZ BEEN DERE SINCE DAY ONE.

Seems as though they're pulling out all their big matches for this show.

Last Chancery 09-18-2012 10:40 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
The Briscoes lost to Charlie Haas and Rhett Titus, Seabs. SCUM faced Coleman and Alexander in the semis.

As for this show, I have mixed emotions toward it. I'm pumped for Steen/Elgin but not much else just yet. I don't think Elgin's ready for the strap yet, either. He connects with the fans but Steen is just too red hot right now. Elgin is the future of ROH, honestly, but his promo work at this point is nonexistent because Truth's been his mouthpiece. I'd like to see him establish more character and cut a few solid promos before taking the title, either off Steen or someone else. But most likely Steen.

I want a lengthy reign out of Steen. He's moving merchandise and selling shows, so business-wise what they're doing makes sense (for once). I'm also intrigued by his story with Cornette, who's throwing every challenger imaginable his way to try and take him out. It gives them a reason to inflate his title defense numbers as opposed to, "Welp, he's the champ, he should be defending at every show." The geek side of me enjoys a ton of successful retentions, since that's what a bunch of the old ROH greats did. Plus, out of personal interest, title matches are infinitely more interesting to me than, say, an inconsequential tag team main event where the story doesn't progress.

EmbassyForever 09-19-2012 02:21 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
New match signed - Davey Richards vs Jay Lethal.


.2012 kicked off with a pair of top-shelf World Title clashes between then-ROH World Champion Davey Richards & then-ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal. The first went down at “The Homecoming 2012” in Philadelphia and saw Lethal nearly claim the title, the loss coming in part due to the involvement of Roderick Strong and The House of Truth.

The rematch went down in February on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV but it too saw a great deal of outside involvement with the presence of Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O'Reilly, Eddie Edwards, and The House of Truth at ringside. Richards was able to retain in that bout but it was another instance of Lethal almost having his number.

Since that time both men have lost their championships, Richards to Kevin Steen and Lethal to Roderick Strong, but both men have traveled very different roads to get to where they are today. Lethal has shown a pronounced mean streak in recent weeks, all part of his mission to secure an ROH World Title match that he will now receive at “Killer Instinct” on 10/6/12.

Richards, on the other hand, had been absent from ROH following his loss to Steen at “Best in the World 2012” and only recently returned at “Caged Hostility” to address what has gone on in his personal life in his absence & then at “Death Before Dishonor X” he announced his participation in this year's “Survival of the Fittest”.

Now these two men who kicked off 2012 in such a grand fashion will collide for a third time when ROH returns to Canada for “Glory by Honor XI”!!!

“It was one of the highlights of my year, if not me wrestling career, to wrestle Davey for the ROH World Title.” said Lethal to ROHWrestling.com, “It was the first time in almost seven years I had challenged for that title and it was an electric feeling to almost claim it as my own. Remembering that feeling is as much fuel for my desire to beat Steen as anything else. Still, with Davey, it was different because I knew that was all about the wrestling, it was all about just head-to-head competition to see who was the better man. That night, and the next time, regardless of the outside circumstances, Davey was the better man but a great deal has changed in eight months. This...feeling, these emotions I have had to dig up to earn my shot at Steen, those don't just fade away Davey. This killer instinct Jim Cornette wanted to see, I can't just put it away now and pull it out when the time is right. It's there, on the surface, and as Homicide can attest to, it has changed me. I look forward to meeting you in the ring once again Davey, no doubt about that, but this time things will be very different.”

Lethal vs. Richards, has been signed for October 13th at “Glory by Honor XI” but things could change between now and then. As mentioned, Lethal is set to challenge for the ROH World Title on October 6th and if he wins title that night, he will be the man to face “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in Mississauga. As for Davey, well Richards will then have an opportunity to redeem his losses when he faces off with Kevin Steen! We will have to wait until the dust settles at “Killer Instinct” to see exactly what shape “Glory by Honor XI” takes, but in the meantime pick up your tickets for either event right here in the ROH Store!!!.
Blah. Not a big fan of this. I mean, sure it's going to be a great match but they could use Richards much better IMO.

KingCrash 09-19-2012 04:39 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
It's a holding pattern match since I don't think they have any plans for Lethal and his "Killer Instinct" after he loses his match with Steen & they're just re-establishing what they want to do with Davey. Don't care about it but it should be solid.

EmbassyForever 09-26-2012 04:15 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12

On Saturday night 10/13/12 Ring of Honor hits Mississauga, ON for “Glory by Honor XI” airing live on iPPV right here at ROHWrestling.com! Already set of that event are Michael Elgin challenging for the ROH World Title, The Briscoes & S.C.U.M colliding with the tag titles potentially on the line, Adam Cole defending the TV Title against Eddie Edwards, and more!

ROH officials have now added a first-time ever meeting to this big event and it features one of the standard bearers of Ring of Honor, MISTER Ring of Honor if you ask him, Roderick Strong will take on one of the new faces on the scene, Tadarius Thomas!

“Yeah I've watched this kid.” said Strong to ROHWrestling.com, “He does that capoeria thing, and what's that thing he says? That he's as good fighting upside down as most people are on their feet? I wonder if that will hold up when he's upside down cause I'm thrown him around the ring? I wonder if Tadarius thinks he'll be just as good upside down when I've got his feet touching his head in the Stronghold? Bro, I am Mister Ring of Honor and in case you don't get what that means, it makes me the measuring stick around here. You think you've got what it takes to survive around here, I'll be the judge of that one.”

It will undoubtedly be the biggest test of Tadarius Thomas' ROH career on October 13th when he steps into the ring with one of ROH's Triple Crown winners! Strong has faced them all and has beaten them all...Thomas is going to have to dig deep if he wants to score this upset! Tickets for “Glory by Honor XI” are available right here or if you can't be there live, you will be able to order the iPPV broadcast here. Or if you're interested in getting it absolutely FREE, read here for how you can make that happen!

Matt_Yoda 09-26-2012 05:43 PM

Re: Mississauga, Ontario - "Glory By Honor XI" 10/13/12
Roderick Strong vs. Tardarius Thomas could potentially be the sleeper match of the night. Looking forward to checking that out.

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