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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I only watched the first and final matches of Mystery Vortex, and I have to say I was fairly impressed. I dug the tag opener between the Dojo Bros and the Bucks, and the final few minutes made the match for me. Fun stuff, and nice to see Edwards and Strong teaming after feuding for a long time in ROH over their world title. So probably ***3/4 for that one. I also somewhat enjoyed the Guerrilla Warfare main event, though after so much violence and brutality, my ability to suspend disbelief wears a little thin. I don't know why but to me, the violence wasn't parsed out too well; it was one heavy hit after another, and by the time I hit the 15-minute mark or so, I began to lose interest. Little things like Steen going around to all four ring posts and slamming Cole into them bugged me, and then when he did it AGAIN with the four consecutive power bombs? Come on, that's overdoing it. It was cartoonish and illogical and it came off more like a video game than what I personally consider pro-wrestling. Don't get me wrong, I dig a good gimmick match as much as the next guy, but when these guys are selling the attacks at minute 20 the same they're doing it at minute two, I take issue.

I don't know. Even though there is little comparing the two, I do compare something like Steen/Cole to, say, Taker/HBK inside Hell in a Cell. In the case of the latter, you had two guys who were so physically and mentally exhausted that they could barely support themselves. The usually jovial Michaels looked like death warmed over, and the usually stoic Undertaker looked spent in every sense. It looked like they just put each other through war, even though they did to each other maybe half of what Steen and Cole did, and in 10 more minutes. It's all about pacing and placement, in my opinion. How fast or slow the action is, and where you choose to place your spots. At the end of a match this violent, I wouldn't expect Steen to be able to walk to the announcer's table and grab a pitcher of thumb tacks, especially when he was just head-dropped AND back-dropped onto two ladders not even five minutes ago.

PWG, great as it is, is like a good drug. They do a good job on one show, so they feel they have to do an even better job the next one. After years upon years of holding to that philosophy, they've almost reached a point where the audiences are expecting too much, which is the reason overkill-heavy matches like Steen vs. Cole exist. As it stands, I'd say maybe ***1/4-3/4 for that match. I know a lot of people like it, but I'm sorry, it's just not for me.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Watched that Aries vs. Ray match yet again. Stays at ****1/2.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Hmm that's a very interesting point you bring up there. It basically asks the question, should we contextualise the careers of wrestlers? Do we assume that Steen, who is frequently involved in hardcore gimmick matches, can withstand more punishment because 'he's used to it'? Was Cole so resilient because he's young and can bounce back?

As for the 4 ringpost/4 powerbomb spot, I'd disagree about it being illogical. Steen has a history of toying with his opponents, he never takes the shortcut on the route to victory. If he can humiliate/torture/piss off his opponent in any way, he'll do it. And we all know he likes to play the crowd at any given moment, which is often a weakness of his and comes back to bite him in the ass. I viewed that opening section of the match as Steen toying with Cole and pandering to the fans, comfortable in the knowledge that he had Cole's number and could totally dominate him. And he got too cocky, which eventually allowed Cole to regain control. Hey, if we're really going uber into this, one could even say Cole was kinda playing possum, knowing that Steen would let his guard down in playing to the Reseda fans.

I dunno, I'm ranting and looking far too much into this. But it's an interesting point Last Chancery brings up, nonetheless.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

The title was on the line, you're gonna have to damn near kill Kevin Steen to get him to go down, which is Adam Cole did. I don't really see the problem?
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Eddie Kingston vs Brodie Lee - CHIKARA It's How You Play The Game
Thought this was good but nothing great. Gets a little sloppy at times and with about 5 minutes left I was ready for them to finish it off.

Eddie Kingston vs Jigsaw - CHIKARA Aniversario The Ogg and I
Man is Jigsaw bad. Nearly everything about him in singles is generally bad but his strikes in this are fucking pathetic and beg the question, why even bother striking with that much force behind them? Lost interest in this about halfway through and nothing regained it. Fuck a dumb CHIKARA

Eddie Kingston vs Sara Del Ray - CHIKARA The Great Escape
I did like this though. Really good but not great. Liked the start with Kingston just letting Sara take control and almost testing the waters with her. I might have interpreted it the wrong way but I enjoyed it so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Sara giving Kingston more then he expected and gaining the upper hand out of it was neat. Loved the smack talking. Felt like a couple on the brink of divorce with serious marriage problems to fight out. I get that Kingston's whole shtick as champ is that he always fights from behind to play to his strengths but I wanted him to have some sort of control segment because Sara is such a natural babyface in this match and really Kingston shouldn't be working from behind for 90% of the match. Arm work was neat but it didn't feel like a major part of the plot of the match. Kingston sells it fine although there are times when you want him to sell it and he neglects it. Nothing I'd flag up as poor though. Loved Del Ray's reactions to her near falls. Not enough people add in awesome stuff like that to their matches to make me smile. Not as high on it as others but really good all the same.


ACH vs Mark Angelosetti - CHIKARA Ring Of Wax
Ugh. I love ACH but this sucked. It's what I'd flag up as a total CHIKARA match and no offense to people who enjoy CHIKARA, but I hate nearly everything about CHIKARA. I hate the over-thought gimmicks and I really hate how their movesets have to be completely tailored to stupid gimmicks rather than real life characters. CHIKARA comedy is the wrong sort of goofy. It's just stare and wonder what the point of it is goofy. The touchdown sequence? The fuck was that. That leads me on to Bryce Remsburg. That. Fucking. Cunt. If I could eliminate one character from the history of wrestling from any era from any promotion it'd be him. You're a ref. Do your job as a ref and stop trying to outwork the wrestlers. Refs who instantly go into comedy spots I really hate. My biggest peeve with Bryce is his over selling. Seriously, fuck that shit. I don't need to see a ref do a backward roll into a rolley poley after a 2 count. Sinclair does the same shtick really well because he does it subtly so the focus is still on the wrestlers and not him. Bryce just comes off as a total attention seeking teen who got the shit role in his school project. Ugh. Touchdown really isn't very good as a wrestler either. There's nothing overly bad but he just isn't good at anything, particularly execution judging by this. Isn't even what I'd call "decent".
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

We flip flopped on one portion of what we disliked about the Touchdown vs ACH match. I don't like ACH. That was my problem with it. Still liked the match though.

I'm biased of course.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Finlay vs Sami Callihan, WXW (3/2/12)

I think overall this is probably the weakest of their three matches, as it was just lacking that extra little something that made the 2 EVOLVE matches feel more special. Perhaps it was the setting and arena feel from the German crowd, but it felt more like them taking their formula match to a new venue rather than them creating a new twist on their chemistry and series. Maybe not the best explanation, but the best I can come up with at this time.

Match is exceptionally violent as you'd expect. Much like the EVOLVE 11 match there's a real struggle for control in the beginning with a number of frantic transitions and strikes to fend off the other with Finlay booting the piss out of Sami into the crowd and both men taking a couple of tough looking apron bumps. They have this ability to make these sorts of 50/50 brawling feel authentic and put over the resilience and toughness in both, rather than it coming off as stop-start and taking away from the flow. Sure enough the middle of the match feels all the more crucial and decisive as both men create openings to try and weaken the other. Callihan works over Finlay's knee and whilst brief its impactful enough coupled with strong Finlay selling that it exposes an outlet for Sami to exploit for the rest of the match. Thought Finlay's desperation punch to the nose during a figure four followed by an immediate counter surge on Callihan's leg was a nice revenge segment and a way for Finlay to control the pace and keep Sami at bay.

Ending stretch feels largely the same as their first match from EVOLVE albeit with a few alterations. Sami's leg and general selling is top notch when he's working underneath as well as when he mounts a comeback, I loved how he and Finlay both used desperation strikes to the injured legs as a basis for cutting them off (such as Finlay kicking the knee out from under Sami to hit a DDT after Callihan got in his face) and there was a neat moment where Callihan literally steps on Finlay's leg as a setup for a hold, nothing groundbreaking but still a smart bit of continuity. Loved Sami's trademark playing possum spot where he lulls Finlay into a delayed backdrop suplex and once again they had a strong finishing sequence with Finlay getting the crucial advantage, hitting consecutive Celtic Crosses to put Callihan seemingly away, then hitting a stiff as heck lariat which Callihan bumped beautifully for as the prequisite for the Tombstone finish.

Finlay vs Johnny Kidd, WXW (3/4/12)

WOS rules makes for a very classic Finlay bout compared to his more rugged and violent older year matches. Loved how light hearted the match was with a good injection of comedy during lull spells, made any time where Finlay got a bit more serious and more like his usual self as evidence of the progression of the bout and how Kidd's superior wrestling had irked Finlay enough to awake him from his shell. Kidd had some great and truly unique counters in and out of submissions and I loved him using a staple of British escapes/good sportsmanship moments, felt like a guy basically giving a complete WOS demonstration. They timed each fall very well, with Kidd scoring the first having controlled Finlay largely throughout the first two rounds and catching him with a quick pin in the third with Finlay creating distance and trying to quicken the pace to get ahead in the match. Finlay's continued aggression eventually proving too much for Kidd to handle was a good payoff of the first fall by highlighting how Finlay could control Kidd whilst displaying Kidd also had the ability to counter Finlay's more aggressive offence. Final fall is largely built on basic chain wrestling and Finlay again trying to create distance and employ a striking game only for him to use a very smart wrestling counter to put Kidd away. If you're a WOS fan you'll love this as Kidd in particular has numerous traits of the style, from the comedy, to the sportmanship to the clean and intricate chain wrestling. Dancin' Fit Finlay was a beautiful moment to behold as well.

Sami Callihan vs Alex Colon, CZW Best Of The Best (4/14/12)

Rapid 100mph war which had its upsides and downsides. The advantage was both men committed to a short sprint crammed full with hard strikes, impactful looking spots and looking to end the match there and then, rather than wrestling a long match before the final. The downside to this was that some of the more impressive and impactful looking bumps essentially had to be diminished in importance because the length and pace of the match didn't allow them to properly sell and show lasting damage, Callihan's bump off the death valley driver on the apron not being enough to keep him down for more than 15 seconds being the obvious point of call here. I didn't mind the stuff when they got into the ring. It didn't feel as heated as the brawling on the floor but it came off more as both men going for the kill via their signature offence rather than continuing to fight. Dug the finish of Colon's arrogance in putting Sami in his own submission as backfiring with Callihan having the perfect counter to it, though I thought it came off rather sudden in that he went from beating the crap out of Callihan to suddenly mocking him. Maybe the sort of finish that would work better in a match with greater length to allow them to play up Colon's arrogance. It was well executed and I see the reasoning behind it, but I'm thinking a more impactful and 'sudden' finish may have worked better given the 7 minutes of non-stop action that preceeded it.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Since CHIKARA is the topic at hand here's my CHIKARA 2012 MOTYC's

Kingston vs Brodie: ****
SDR vs Generico: ****
Joshi Tag at Anniversaro: **** 1/4
Kingston vs Jigsaw: **** 1/2
Akuma vs Icarus: ****
Bucks vs FIST: **** 1/2
SDR vs Kingston: **** 1/2
ACH vs Touchdown: **** 1/4
Toyota/Yoneyama vs Bolshoi/Kuragaki: ****
Envoy vs Bucks: **** 1/4
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Disappointed you didn't enjoy Kingston vs Jigsaw... Glad you liked King/SDR though... Was definitely my favourite Chikara match from last year.

Also if anyones interested later this week (i think) the 2012 DKP Annual will be released over at F4W/WO Board and probably made available for all I'd assume. I might have made an appearance with an article on Eddie Kingston and his 2012 in Chikara. Would love feedback if anyone reads it.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

It's still a tie for me between Kingston vs Del Rey & Kingston vs Brodie as my MOTY from Chikara. Generico vs Del Rey isn't far off from that margin either. Some quality bouts from last year, per usual. Kingston was indeed king when defending the Grand Championship.

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