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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Ishii vs Makabe from 12/23 is facking great and something you should go out of your way to see. ****+

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Marking for: Asuka
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I WILL get everything watched by the end of the month.

Rich Swann vs AR Fox vs Star Man vs The Dynamite Sensation vs Lucifer Darksyde vs Apollyon - PWS 14.09.2012

What do you get when take 4 flippy dudes and two atheltic fatties and stick them all in a match together? You get this and this is fucking awesome. Apollyon is the star of this. Fatty who'll throw flippy dudes around in nasty ways and flip around the place himself. Suicide dive was awesome and the double chokeslam/rib breaker combo had me freaking out. Lucifer Darksyde isn't a typo. Somebody legit came up with the name Lucifer Darksyde. Fatties who can flip around are the best. TDS cuts a promo before about being out for 2 years and it's pretty easy to see why given some of the bumps he takes. Star Man is super goofy but he takes a nutty dive in the middle that the crowd go crazy for. Camera work is naf and Star Man ends up diving into oblivion off his dive. Best spotfest of 2012? Maybe. Tons of fun.


Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher vs Derrick King & Precious - WFW 02.06.2012

One word - FUN. Two words - Click link. Three words - Get this watched.

Kevin Steen vs Eddie Kingston - ROH Boiling Point
Why the hell didn't this get more appreciation when it happened? Thought this was brilliant and a wonderful change of pace from your normal ROH match. Both guys reaction to the match being made No DQ was great. Bobby Cruise with no jacket for this match? Must mean serious business. Match is cut into two halves. First half is a really great no nonsense brawl. Kingston taking Corino out from the off was great to rule out the numbers advantage. Nigel has so much fun at Corino getting taken out while he's doing commentary. Nigel's great as usual in this and gets everything over like nobody else could. They actually took this guy OFF commentary. Table spot that leads to the angle is done really well. Can't believe I haven't see that spot done with the table that way around before. The struggle for the spot was brilliant too and I totally brought the backdrop tease. Kingston sells the spot magnificently and it allows Steen the perfect chance to mock Kingston on the mic. Glad he brought up the idiocy of taking Kingston out the long way past all the equipment. Wished they'd shown more of Kingston talking to the refs while he was down. It's such a tiny thing but it added so much to the match for me. Really subtle but believable and gets the injury angle over better than screaming in pain for ten minutes. LARRY SWEENEY THINKS YOUR A FUCKING PUSSY was amazing and the perfect catalyst for giving Kingston a second wind and restarting the match. Kingston keeps the selling up which was great. F-5 kickout was a brilliant finish tease. They get the right mix of doing enough teases of a finish without kicking it out of all sorts to no reaction like other ROH matches. ROH MOTY for sure.


Big Show vs Sheamus - Lumberjack Match - Raw 24.12.2012
Thought this just nudged ahead of their HIAC match based on the added fun. You still get Show working great as a dominant monster and another fun finishing stretch between these two but the early parts are more entertaining. Lumberjack stip for once adds to the match with some fun spots. Show singing while layin the pain on Sheamus ruled too.


John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio - Miracle on 34th Street Fight - Raw 24.12.2012
Goofy and whacky as fuck but I had so much fun with it. Not what I'd call a MOTY by workrate standards but certainly by pure entertainment standards. The presents shtick is incredibly goofy but the right side of goofy to be a blast of fun. Bowling ball spot looked like a bitch to be on the end of. Finish is wonderful too, especially Ricardo's reaction to Santa being alive only to get laid out by Santa's sack. FUN.

Minoru Suzuki vs TAKA Michinoku - K-DOJO 13.11.2012
Great to see TAKA in something less goofy and more serious. Matwork in this is really great. It's basically a Suzuki squash but it's still TAKA and TAKA's great in everything he does. All his attempts at getting into the match before the eventual comeback set it up perfectly for when he finally does take advantage of the opening and they have a neat little run at the end. Anyone who's a fan of either will enjoy this.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I literally had no fucking idea Steen/Kingston actually happened in ROH! Must see that right now!
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Actually, just watched Steen/King yesterday, lol. It was good, but the booking bugged me big time. It dragged the match. There's no reason why a ref wouldn't call for TKO in situations like that. Pointless stuff is pointless. Two or three really nice hardcore spots, and that's it really. Visually, this was a nice match. But nothing else. I appreciate what they tried to accomplish with the injury angle, but the execution wasn't that good. King's selling was excellent, of course. ***

Doesn't even touch Cole/O'Reilly II or Steen/Davey II.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Steen vs Kingston in ROH was ok. I liked it, but nothing to go bonkers over. I liked the Chikara match a hair more.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Togi Makabe vs Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW 23.12.2012
Put the end of this onto the rest of the Tanaka/Ishii match and you'll have one hell of match. This is these two working the match you'd expect from these two at a good standard until Ishii decides to take it up a gear and make his stamp on the match. The final few minutes of this are just incredible and without trying to degrade Makabe, it's all down to Ishii and easy it is to get behind him as the underdog who goes down but never goes down easily. The trading lariats sequence was really great and Ishii's selling showing the gradual demise after each blow was a thing of beauty. Crowd really get into it after this sequence too and Korakuen behind underdog Ishii is a faultless formula. If you wanna see how you do a dramatic kickout at one then Ishii's kickout at one here is exactly how you do it. Popped my collar after Ishii's lariat. Lovin how Ishii's getting more exposure recently from working big tags in the Tag League and two big singles matches in Korakuen with this and the upcoming Tanaka match. I'm just dreaming of how great Ishii in a G1 could be this. This year. Please.


Minoru Suzuki vs Jushin Liger - NJPW 23.12.2012
Geez, Liger's face looks really old without the full mask on. This is basically worked shoot style rather than your usual New Japan style but it's these two and they make that work. Similar to the TAKA/MiSu match in layout with Suzuki dominant for the majority of the match on the mat until the Jr. gets an opening they take advantage of. There's a little less depth to this one though but the work is more focused. Suzuki targeting the leg was great and matched in quality by Liger's selling. Loved the attack on the floor. Big problem I have with some lucha matwork is how co-operative it can be but they fight for every hold here and it's easy to get invested in. Liger's shoot rolling kicks looked pretty bad. Suzuki might very well be Puro WOTY. Probably give Okada the edge but Suzuki really isn't far behind. Tons of variety at all spots on the card, reliably consistent and delivered big time in his two main events with one of the best individual performances all year.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Makabe/Ishil was fun as hell. Time to go on an Ishil kick I guess. Gotta do something before uni starts up again.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

My last views of the year:

Kota Ibushi vs. El Generico - Max Bump 04/05
El Generico vs. Kota Ibushi - 30/09

NJPW 20/05
Hirooki Goto vs. Tomohiro Ishi

The Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Brothers - NO DQ Match - Death to All But Metal
Super Smash Brothers vs. The Young Bucks vs. Future Shock - Ladder Match - PWG Threemendous III

NOAH Global League
KENTA vs. Takeshi Morishima - 20/11
Jun Akiyama vs. Takashi Sugiura - 20/11
KENTA vs. Takashi Sugiura - 23/11

My 2013 MOTYs so far:

1. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW G1 Climax 04/08 *****
2. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada - NJPW Invasion Attack 07/04 *****
3. Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk - NO DQ Match - WWE Summerslam ****3/4
4. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hirooki Goto - NJPW Dominion 22/06 ****3/4
5. KENTA vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima - NOAH 05/10 ****1/2
6. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan - WWE Summerslam ****1/2
7. Suwama vs. Go Shiozaki - 2/3 Falls Match - AJPW 14/07 ****1/2
8. Kota Ibushi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - NJPW G1 Climax 04/08 ****1/2
9. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW G1 Climax 02/08 ****1/2
10. Kobashi, Akiyama, Mutoh & Sasaki vs. KENTA, Shiozaki, Kanemaru & Maybach - NOAH Final Burning 11/05 ****1/2

Pro-Wrestling Ratings
Movies Ratings
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Young Bucks vs Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards - PWG Mystery Vortex
Chalk another one up for the Young Bucks. They're so fucking great. Best act of 2012? Strong and Edwards is just what both guys needed. Allows them both to just stiff opponents which is where they're best at. This is pretty workratey but when you get it right it's awesome and this was awesome. Even the trading kicks sequence worked much better than usual.


El Generico vs Rich Swann - PWG Mystery Vortex
Maybe the minimum I'd want from a Generico/Swann match but at least I still a Generico/Swann match so I'm happy. Loved Generico playing the grumpy vet against the new kid. He works this role every now and again and he's so great in it considering how far it is from his normal comfort zone.


Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole - Guerrilla Warfare Match - PWG Mystery Vortex
Hell of a battle. Can genuinely say this felt like two guys going to war to settle their rivalry and neither would come out unscathed but one would end up winning somehow. Hell of a battle. Steen destroying the life out of Cole was a great introduction to set the tone of the match. Cole took a beating and a half in this and took everything like a total pro. Dug how Steen controlled the majority of the match and established all the dominance. Kept him looking strong and made Cole even easier to hate for getting out of it with the belt. Cole's face earlier in the show when the stip is added is glorious too. Liked how they went for a more of a chaotic battle than a hardcore match with weapon spots. Tower of chairs spot is scary as hell and a rare case of where them taking time to set it up actually added to insanity of the spot by building the extra level of holy shit to the spot each time. I've seen so many hardcore matches that hardcore spots tend not to get a big reaction from these days because what was OMG when I first saw the spot done wears off pretty quick and you don't see many original spots anymore that are holy shit spots. The tower of chairs spot got a MASSIVE reaction from me watching it and it looked NASTY. Really liked Steen having the jug of tacks ready at the start of the show as a measure of how far he'll go if need be. Finish felt a bit flat given what they went through earlier. If you're gonna have big spots before that like they did have then that finish is a bit of a downfall from the previous peak in the match. Biggest spot should tend to be the finish in matches like this. I guess tacks are a big spot to some though. Again, maybe just a case of seeing so many tacks spots and them falling into chair shot territory for me. Steen drinking the tacks and then spitting them at Cole was classic Steen mind.

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