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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Bubz View Post
Seabs is Generico/SDR good?
Yeah. You should watch it.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
What's MOTYC Level from CHIKARA this year, save me going through all the show ratings.
KoT finals (the Spectral Envoy vs. Team RoH) seems to be the consensus pick for their MOTY. Not my pick personally (that's King vs. Jigsaw; see below), but definitely worthy. There are about 4 MOTYCs from nights 2 and 3 each, by my reckoning, and the whole shows are great.

Generico/Del Rey, which you've seen.

Mr. Touchdown vs. ACH from The Ring of Wax.

Taylor & Gargano vs. the Young Bucks from Chikarasaurus Rex.

Young Bucks vs. the Throwbacks from Give 'Em the Axe.

Kingston's title defenses against Jigsaw (Aniversario: The Ogg and I), Del Rey (The Great Escape), Tadasuke (KoT Night 2), and of all people Dasher Hatfield (Smack in the Middle). I've also heard great things about his defense against Brodie Lee (It's How You Play the Game), but the show didn't get good enough reviews for me to consider buying it.

Quack vs. Cabana from Shoot a Crooked Arrow and the 1-2-3 Kid, Tatanka, & Aldo Montoya vs. Jerry Lynn, Tommy Dreamer, & 2 Cold Scorpio from KoT night 1 have gotten really good reviews, but I haven't seen either.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I've gotta say, I honestly do not get all the love for Sami Calihan. I find him extremely annoying (and not in a 'good heel' kind of way), his offense doesn't do much for me, and his persona in the ring just doesn't interest me. I'm in no way saying he's bad per se, as I still find myself enjoying a couple of his matches, but for all the hate Elgin's getting around here, I'd take an Elgin match over a Calihan match any day.

EDIT: Slightly more on topic, Sara Del Rey vs Generico is my Chikara MOTY at the moment. Fantastic stuff that transcends the usual male/female dynamic.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

It was only because someone was saying Elgin was the best wrestler on the indies or something, can't even remember now. I think someone even said he was better than Punk which is just an awful thing to even consider saying.

I dislike Callihan more than most people it seems, but he seems to split opinion on here down the middle. Pretty sure half the people like him and half don't. It's more of a personal thing for me though, I just can't stand Callihan at all.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I wouldn't say there is a consensus MOTY out of Chikara by any stretch of the imagination but here some notables outside of Generico vs. SDR that I've seen:

-Jigsaw vs. Eddie Kingston from The Ogg and I
-Sara Del Rey vs. Eddie Kingston (Personal Chikara MOTY)
-ACH vs. Mark Angel(Borderline MOTYC for sure,cracked **** for me but for as much as you dig ACH there is a better chance you'll enjoy it than not)

Stuff from KOT that I saw live but not on DVD:
-Kingston vs. Tadasuke Night 2
-Joshi Tag Night 3
-KOT Finals Night 3
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I'm not gonna lie, I think for me the Chikara MOTY falls somewhere between the Joshi Tag from Night 3 of Trios and King/Del Rey. Although you could take your pick of his defenses this year and find a possible match of the year for Chikara. Kingston has had a great year. Also keep in mind that there are at least three potential moty's set for the finale between King/Donst for the Grand Championship, Bucks/Jannety & 123 Kid for the tag titles, ACH/Touchdown II, and even one of the multi mans. Also I've seen someone with Cibernetico listed as their MOTY so yea.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
I don't like Quack. He's good technically but he's also really boring. That and fuck Quack. I don't watch CHIKARA so I'm not really giving those guys a fair shout but I have little desire to see a Quack singles match unless it's against a guy I like.
To each their own, I suppose. Quack continues to be the guy I go out of my way to see on the indies. I think he sells great, has a good brain for wrestling and is as good at execution as anyone I have ever seen, at any level. I can understand the boring argument in the same way people called Bret hart boring. I don't agree, but I get it. (For the record, I like Quack even more than Hitman. *GASP*)

I can understand your point about Chikara, though. when the Japan stuff stacks up, I go out of my way to see that first. I had a couple chikara matches I wanted to watch, but I watch all of NJPW Power Struggle first. that's just how I am with Chikara: its always the backburner. The exception, for me, is of course the top Quack stuff.

Like I said though, to each their own.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Been out of the loop this year, could someone gimmie like a top 5 or 10 of shit I gotta check out, doesn't matter promotion or style of match, loves it all. Thanks! You guys rock!

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Here is my Top 5-ish this year
-SSB vs The Young Bucks vs Future Shock(Ladder) 7/21/2012 PWG
-Kazuchika Okada vs Tetsuya Naito (3/4/2012) NJPW
-Bryan Danielson vs Sheamus(2/3 Falls) (4/29/2012) WWE
-SSB vs The Young Bucks(No DQ) (5/25/2012) PWG
-Eddie Kingston vs. Sara Del Rey (7/28/2012) CHIKARA
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Chikara started to pump out MOTYC when they hit about Hot Off The Griddle - on. The early part of the year as fun as hell, but only Kingston/Brodie was the real "standout" as far as MOTYC goes. Despite there being the awesome Del Rey/Peck, Ophidian/Peck(I know I'm alone there), & strong Atomicos matches.

Del Rey & Kingston owned this year. Then of course when they locked up, it was obvious how well the match turned out. I was in heaven.

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