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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

silas vs elgin was hilarious bad. elgin unscrewing the turnbuckle had to take a solid 5 minutes.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by KingCrash View Post
That's so disappointing from a match I expected a lot more out of. Liked their first match despite the interference, loved the 60 min. match and even their ROH match was good so I thought they'd kill it here. How was ACH/Hollister?
I dug it. The crowd wasn't getting too into ACH, and Hollister's heel has evolved into such a weird, distorted thing that it's hard to get into him one way or another. It was a nice 12-minute match that had a neat story weaved into it based on an earlier promo between Dan Lawrence and Colt Cabana, but the crowd was clearly burnt out from the match before intermission. They got loud toward the end, but nobody had the same thunder they had at the beginning. Sad, because I think a hotter crowd would have really tipped the scale on this one. I'd say around ***, nothing to go out of your way to see, but still a good watch.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Super Smash Brothers vs Marko Estrada & Michael Style - Street Fight - NSPW Golden Opportunity IV 26.05.2012
Woah nelly this was good. It's a Street Fight and they fucking work it like a Street Fight should be worked without brawling away from the ring. Tons of hate between the two teams. They bump really hard for each other. I just pray for their sakes that the floor isn't anywhere near as hard as it looked. Estrada is really fucking good and this kinda made me think his Finlay match probably should have been even better. Chair attack which takes Stupified out absolutely ruled. Chair shots looked a bitch and the initial chair shot I swear I've never seen done like that before. Stupified sells the leg really well and amazingly doesn't ruin the short term selling later in the match. He gets taken out of the match and he basically stays out of the match except to die a little further and for the eventual finish. Weak points of the match are when Style and Uno go at it because Style isn't all that good but he's willing to bump as big as the other 3 and doesn't bring the match down. There's an awkward moment towards the end when the chairs try to ruin the match by not setting up right for Estrada and starts to look like it might fall apart but they get back on with it and get back to the brilliance. I think I know where that Elgin/Young match headed now judging by Last Chancery's post. Spots are big and they're great. They never do anything too big that it's just stupid and they save the two biggest spots till the end which was great. Splash off the ladder through a table looked as brutal I've seen that spot look. Style and Estrada's trashy whore has an awesome run in at the end which ends in her taking an awesome table bump off Uno. Finish itself feels like a really deserving climax to a match like this and it worked around Stupified's leg injury with him not having to do anything on the ground and just be able to launch himself off the top rope. Super Smash Bros should be renamed to Super Smash Brawlers because that's 3 out of 3 this year where they're hit it out of the park with gimmick matches/brawls. Seriously not that far behind their 2 big PWG gimmick matches this year.


Lance Storm vs Kevin Steen - NSPW Golden Opportunity IV 26.05.2012
They don't do much fancy but when you get all the basic stuff right and you've two workers on the level of these 2 then you don't need to do much fancy to have a really good match. Loved Lance schooling Steen on the match and Steen having to resort to cheap eye rakes to get control. Steen works heel and because NSPW crowds are great they play along with the wrestling game because that's the idea. They work a really good back and forth final few minutes too without being spotty or your turn my turn. This was really good.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Davey Richards vs Zack Sabre Jr. - wXw Fans Appreciation Weekend Night 2
Didn't think it touched their match last year but I did like the majority of this. Mat wrestling is good for Indy standards and they do a neat job of working the match as equals throughout without ever being corny and looking like they were trading moves for the sake of trading moves. Minor Indy show so you get the more focused Davey with less bullshit. There's still some Davey bullshit though because it's still Davey Richards at the end of the day. The mannerisms are unbearable. Zack has some great selling faces and always looks like he's taking a beating better than most. Some of the strikes are a bit shitty mind. Appreciated the lack of shenanigans around the finish and Davey tapping straight out of an armbar rather than sitting in a fucking armbar for a minute.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I'll probably watch that. Haven't watched a Davey match in so long though. Wonder why he wrestle's better on smaller shows and doesn't realise it'd be so much better in ROH if he wrestled like that.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

La Sombra vs. Volador Jr. - 1/22/12 - ****1/4
Flippy wrestling and spotty shit at its finest. This had me flipping out the whole match with all of the amazing spots. Definitely not for a lot of people on here, but I was thoroughly entertained.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Last Chancery View Post
Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Sami Callihan and BJ Whitmer from Friday's AAW show. This was one stiff as fuck tag match. At a little over 22 minutes, this match received a couple "this is awesome" chants and a standing ovation in the middle of it. Light on selling (of course) but it had a finish that came out of no where. I'll have to wait for the DVD, but maybe ****1/4? Maybe less, maybe more. Look out for this one.

And avoid, at all costs, Elgin vs. Silas for the AAW Heritage and Heavyweight Championships in an I Quit Match. Overbooked snoozer at over 41 minutes. Won't spoil the finish, or who won (you can do that on your own), but the only time the crowd was alive was after the final bell rang. Maybe a little at the beginning, but other than that, silence. Dead silence. What's more is Elgin botched so bad, it warranted multiple "boring" chants from the crowd. Loud chants. Just brutal. At one point in the match, Silas tied Elgin to the ropes using duct tape -- but Silas took a minute to open the tape roll, and it was painfully awkward to watch him bite at it and everything. Then, Elgin one-upped his botching ass by getting his hand stuck on the top rope after Silas taped him to it. First, Elgin tried severing the tape. That took a minute and didn't work. Crowd was getting antsy. Then he had the genius idea of trying to unscrew the top turnbuckle to free himself. Two more minutes, the turnbuckle doesn't unscrew. Crowd is furious. Boring chants start. Elgin starts tearing at the tape, pulling at it. Finally, he frees himself. It was like that time Mark Henry spent five minutes trying to get the cage door open but couldn't, only much, much worse. Felt bad for the guy, he got shat on hard. Wouldn't be surprised to see it on a Botchamania. *3/4 -- just painful.
I wanna watch this now
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I'm out of time to see and post, but here are some of my latest ratings:

DDT 24/06
Yuji Hino vs. Kota Ibushi

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan - NO DQ Match - WWE Money In The Bank

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane - WWE Smackdown 27/07

CM Punk vs. John Cena - WWE Night Of Champions

NOAH 22/07
Takeshi Morishima vs. Go Shiozaki

NJPW 40th Anniversary Last Rebellion 29/07
Low Ki vs. Kota Ibushi

My 2013 MOTYs so far:

1. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW G1 Climax 04/08 *****
2. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada - NJPW Invasion Attack 07/04 *****
3. Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk - NO DQ Match - WWE Summerslam ****3/4
4. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hirooki Goto - NJPW Dominion 22/06 ****3/4
5. KENTA vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima - NOAH 05/10 ****1/2
6. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan - WWE Summerslam ****1/2
7. Suwama vs. Go Shiozaki - 2/3 Falls Match - AJPW 14/07 ****1/2
8. Kota Ibushi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - NJPW G1 Climax 04/08 ****1/2
9. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW G1 Climax 02/08 ****1/2
10. Kobashi, Akiyama, Mutoh & Sasaki vs. KENTA, Shiozaki, Kanemaru & Maybach - NOAH Final Burning 11/05 ****1/2

Pro-Wrestling Ratings
Movies Ratings
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Big Van Walter vs Zack Sabre Jr. - wXw Live In Hamburg
What you'd want and expect from these two. Thought it was slightly better than their match last year. Both men have an extra years torture from Japan and thus hit even harder. Crowd brawling segment was great. More people need to do double and triple dives. Zack going through the bench the crowd were sitting on was a great spot. I would have been pissed if I was sitting there. Could have done with being less spotty at the end and longer for Walter's control segment but this was still great and showed why both of these are so great.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2012:

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match:
Prince Devitt(c) vs. Low Ki: ****1/4
Awesome match, Devitt's selling was amazing, Low Ki's having a really great year so far IMO

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match:
Kazuchika Okada(c) vs. Hirooki Goto: ****1/2
Holly balls amazing match, the last mins were amazing, surprised that this match isn't as hyped as Okada vs Tana/Naito.
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