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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Finally, people are appreciating The SSB, they're busting their asses off across the country for ages now. The best tag team in North America this year.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by seancarleton77 View Post
Regal and Ambrose would school everyone in PWG.
Steen or Generico vs either one of them would probably be great.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I would very much appreciate Generico Vs. Regal.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Regal vs. Generico would be great, although, Generico would probably be murdered by Regal.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Meh, I'd rather see Sheamus vs. Generico.

Originally Posted by WutChagoNAdoBrothA View Post
They better have a fucking ***** match to end with.
Fucking music , dancing , and 360 piledrivers , Maryse sex scene , 450s through tables , shoot star press drop kicks , Rock comes back , Austin comes back

It better be epic
Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread


Black Terry vs Chico Che, IWRG (01/22/12)

A lot to love about this match, some pretty intense and awesome brawling featuring a plethora of nasty headbutts, stiff chops and some ugly boots to the face. Terry also manages to hit one insane punch that you only catch a glimpse of but it looks to land just on the jaw of Che and it looks hideous. Terry was far and away the better performer here, selling like mad the beating he's taken and the desperation in his comebacks, the camerawork is always a treat in IWRG and they really get some awesome visuals of Terry in the corner sucking on wind and trying to regain his composure. Che was hit or miss, he hit some really nasty chops and headbutts but for the most part had sub-par punches, and played too the crowd far too much which resulted in some awkward seconds of inaction and which didn't seem appropriate for the match they were working. He also had a couple of really sloppy moments of execution including a corner boot which missed by a foot and a really tame looking running knee in the corner. They also worked a really absurd and nonsensical headscissors sequence which was incredibly out of place and felt really tacky and serving little purpose. Spot of the match was either Terry's insane kidney punch followed by Che's awesome punch combo culminating in Terry taking this great KO sell or the Che tope and both men lying bloodied on the floor just headbutting each other at any chance they got. You felt the hate, both men bleed a ton and Terry in particular really captures this transformation from underdog babyface to psycho monster superbly, such a shame that the well executed finish was botched with Che's shoulder being up before the 3 count. Still the good far outweighed the bad and this served as a great introduction to the Hair vs Hair match a week later.

Black Terry vs Chico Che, IWRG Hair vs Hair Match, (01/29/12)

I'd say overall I preferred this to the first match, but there were a couple of really bad moments which dampened the overall quality of the match. Che was much better here than in the lead in match, a lot less pandering and crowd interaction and more meat behind his punches, headbutts and kicks. His beating in the first and second caida just became more and more vicious as the minutes ticked by and Terry was his usual awesome selling self, looking on the verge of passing out from the blood loss and clutching his ribs for minutes after eating the splash at the end of the first fall. Whole shenanigans with Che's right hand man constantly proving a thorn in Terry's side was superbly played out throughout the match, and the moment in the third fall where Terry just launches a chair at him was incredible. Terry's comeback was short and sweet in the second fall, which was probably for the best given the beating he ate, though I do think it could have been executed/looked better. Third fall was probably the most divisive fall, Che hits a nasty tope and eats a particularly bad landing, both right hand men get more involved throughout which leads to some nice chaotic brawling between all four men and really emphasises the significance of the match, the headbutt exchange in the corner between both was just absolutely disgustingly stiff, and Terry pulls off some amazing punches in between. Terry's right hand man also hits a stunning tope on Che's right hand man to take him out, looked absolutely insane with the speed he got as he flew through the ropes as well as the landing with both men just flying into the chairs. Sadly the spot where the corrupt ref got taken out was horribly executed, Che taking forever was at least nice selling of the beating (something both men did tremendously, from the heavy breathing to the delayed setups of particular moves), but the ref lying so close to Terry was such lazy telegraphing of the spot and then Terry pulls the ref to the mat, rolls a couple of inches away from and a good 5 seconds later Che somehow hits the ref and completely misses Terry. Just looked so shoddy and poorly timed and really dampened what had been a fine match up until that spot. Finish whilst also quite brilliant in a 'Rudo pisses all over the crowd's hopes' moment was also quite anticlimatic, although I did appreciate Che's right hand man kicking Terry in the balls being the setup to the finish, and despite Terry's right hand man ensuring he wouldn't play another part in the match, the continuing match story of Terry being unable to shake off the right hand man was built to excellently and served as a nice payoff. I'd say this just edges out as my favourite of the two, thanks to a much more tolerable and all round more pleasing Che performance, as well as the constant spots involving the right hand men. But fuck me if it weren't for that awful ref spot this would be a lot higher on any eventual MOTYC list from me.

I do however have high hopes the next batch of Lucha I get around to might do much better in terms of being a potential MOTYC, especially a TXT Tag that has been getting staunch reviews ever since it hit the web.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

PWG Death To All But Metal

Kevin Steen vs. Brian Cage Taylor - PWG World Title Match
Match is really funny to start with, as soon as they go into a lock up Steen shouts ‘Oh Fuck!’ and gets thrown down and asks Cage to be his personal trainer. Great stuff. There’s a really good little story in this one with Steen playing the veteran and Cage playing the new inexperienced guy making a few mistakes and allowing Steen to get the upper hand on a few occasions. Steen going after every part of Cage’s body was funny as well as something I’ve never really seen done before lol. Cage botched a spot and there was another thing that didn’t look as good as it should have, but the guy is really impressive. I thought the finish was a bit sudden but it played into the story of the match really well. Great match. ***

The Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Brothers - No DQ Tag Title Match
I love how chaotic PWG No DQ matches feel, especially the crowd brawling. Loved the way they structured this match with The Bucks completely dominating the majority and being awesome heels constantly cutting off any comebacks by SSB. I thought a few spots from The Bucks looked a tad overly choreographed but that’s nit picking really when the match was this fun. Table spot was awesome, ref bumps were really good, the near falls were so well done towards the end. Rick Knox getting revenge with a lariat was fucking hilarious and awesome and so was Steen going mental on commentary because he hates YB’s so much. Really really fun match. ****

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack
This was awesome. Just a full on powerhouse match from the start with great back and forth action and ridiculous moves. Some of the shit Elgin did was insane and Mack was great too. Delayed vertical suplex, chaos theory and the deadlift powerbomb were all completely sick from Elgin. ***1/2

El Generico vs. Ricochet
This match actually had a great story going in, but I didn’t expect this type of match out of these two. It really felt like a grudge match, and there was definitely a sense that these two didn’t like each other. The story is basically Ricochet being the only guy in PWG to out quick Generico, and Generico didn’t like that one bit so they started this rivalry. This was awesome because the story was evident all the way through with Ricochet getting the advantage and acting cocky toward Generico. Ricochet’s control segment was great, he went after the neck and was constantly mocking Generico and taunting him. I didn’t expect that kind of performance from him. Generico keeps getting cut off and it seems like Ricochet really has his number all the way through. Even in the finishing stretch it was mostly Ricochet as he had a counter and a reversal to everything Generico was going for. Some sick spots towards the end and I loved the part were Ricochet was just toying around and Generico just snapped and starting throwing wild slaps. Loved the story they told and the action was so fluid. Generico was great as the underdog as he always is, but Ricochet was brilliant playing this guy who knew he was quicker and knew he was in control acting like a dick. The guy has really turned into a great wrestler. Awesome match. ****1/4
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose - FCW 24.06.2012
Falls just short of nominating it as a MOTYC but it's more than worth a watch. First half is very passable. Their attempted chain wrestling isn't all that good and Ambrose isn't cut out to be doing stuff like that. Crowd is completely dead too. Not quiet in an anxiously observing type of way. Just not interested. There's 2 guys in the front row having a chat not even facing the ring. Loved the tension before the start from both men and contributed to also by Regal on commentary. Second half is great though and picks right up once Ambrose starts selling the fuck out of the arm. Downtime on the outside is brilliant with Ambrose trying to pop his shoulder back in. Transitions really well into Ambrose attacking the leg in a last ditch effort to survive. Both guys' limb selling rocked. Really nice lead into Regal vs Ambrose too with Regal on commentary, the shoulder angle and Rollins even using the Regal Stretch. Cesaro and Regal have unreal chemistry on commentary together considering this was probably their first taping together. There last 2 matches smoked this though.

William Regal vs Dean Ambrose - FCW 15.07.2012
Glorious. Awesome example of getting the most of very little. Tone is set perfectly with Regal's entrance. Adored the first half of the match with Regal just schooling Ambrose working the shoulder. Sucks we don't get more of this Regal where he just takes kids to school all match. There was a NXT match last year with JTG that's just Regal schooling jobbers and it ruled. Ambrose's selling carries right from where it left off in the Rollins match but William fucking Regal working it over this time. Loved the spot where Regal just nonchalantly walked on Ambrose's head into the ring. Regal doing the "I have till 5" shtick made me smile so much inside. Ring post bump was a great transition spot and Regal's selling from that point is some of the best you'll see all year. Pace slows right down so you can really appreciate what they're doing. Finish is a super angle. Could have been done better without the ref stoppage but it's an awesome angle for a finish and you don't get enough of them so I'm fucking taking this. Completely something out of the Memphis wrestling textbook. Gets plenty of time to get the angle over and it would have been ruined if it was rushed. Makes Ambrose look awesome and fits in with the Regal/Ambrose story perfectly. Probably another reason for watching Ambrose/Rollins before is that Regal gets the story over perfectly in that match heading into this talking about how he respects what Ambrose is but fears he'll be the end of him. Regal Stretch and the knee at the end were the perfect icing on the cake of the whole angle. No more Regal would be such a sad thing but it seemed like his last match. Last significant match for the time being at least. Awesome stuff. Their first match was stronger but this is more about having a really good match and then doing a big angle which it totally succeeded at was about as perfect as you can get for what it was meant to be.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

El Generico vs Ricochet - PWG Death To All But Metal (2012/05/25)
This is how you work a 'back-and-forth' match. On the surface this does somewhat resemble your typical PWG match, but this goes much deeper. The whole backstory is that Ricochet is the only guy to out-quick Generico and that is exactly how the momentum shifts work here. Whoever is the quickest guy during the transitions and sequences takes control. This later evolves into who can hit the hardest. Things go a tad all over the place during the finishing stretch but they manged to get everything sorted out to set up a great finish. It's great to see Ricochet improve as a worker, and Generico is Generico. My current PWG match of the year.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

please stop using the phrase "typical PWG match"

Originally Posted by Maxx Hero View Post
This is the other wrestling section. It's still fake to us.
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