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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

AJ Styles vs Daniels LMS-Destination X ****
Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode-Destination X ****
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Aries/Roode ****1/4
AJ v Daniels ***3/4
Joe v Angle ***3/4

Aries/Roode had a couple of sloppy points but it was such a well worked match. Old school psychology, both guys played their roles well. Glad I payed for this show.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Daniels vs. AJ Styles - ***3/4
Joe vs. Angle - ***1/4
Aries vs Roode - ***1/2
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Aries vs Roode was awesome, had a great dramatic old school vibe, not to mention it was booked very well. My MOTY behind Lesnar vs Cena.

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Destination X:

- Mason Andrews vs Rubix vs Lars Only vs Dakota Darsow (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Qualifier) ***
- Mason Andrews vs Kid Kash (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Semi-Finals) **1/4
- Kenny King vs Douglas Williams (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Semi-Finals) ***
- Sonjay Dutt vs Rashad Cameron (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Semi-Finals) **1/2
- Zema Ion vs Flip Casanova (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Semi-Finals) **
- Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle (BFG Series Match) ***1/2
- AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels (Last Man Standing) ***3/4
- Zema Ion vs Mason Andrews vs Sonjay Dutt vs Kenny King (TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Finals/Ultimate X) ***
- Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode © (TNA World Heavyweight Championship) ****1/4

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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Destination X

Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle: ***1/2
Last Man Standing: AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels: ****1/4
TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode: ****
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Going to rewatch this show, because it was a lot of fun. Obviously some outcomes that were deeply satisfying.

But my favorite match from it was Joe/Angle. They worked at a very intense pace for every style they switched to, from striking to throwing to technical wrestling. They had their short time limit and still managed to build to all the finisher-counters really damned well. I loved Joe's subtle ways of changing up the Choke to block Angle from the ropes and break his traditional counter attempts.
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

TNA Destination X

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels (LMS match)
Really entertaining match. A lot of good spots mixed in with Daniels awesome heel schtick was what made this so good despite having seen these guys wtrestle tons of times. Daniels really is such a great heel, his arguing with the fans is so mich fun, and his cocky cowardly stuff at the start was great too. Finish was sick! ***3/4

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode (TNA Heavyweight Title match)
Loved the start with Aries proving he is indeed in Roode's league with the one-upmanship. The wrestling was great to show this with both guys trading holds and taking turns being cocky about it. Then it transitioned so well into Roode's control segment with Aries missing the dive for the first time since being in TNA. This was awesome because it put Roode over as being smarter than all of Aries' other opponents to date. Love Roode's control segment, really giving off a Triple H 2000 vibe with it, which is fine because I'm a huge fan of Hunter around that era. Really good (slightly long, but in a good way) old school style beatdown on Aries, getting the crowd behind him. Aries' comeback was awesome, just firing up with those sick elbows, he seemed genuinely pissed. Aries is so good at that firing up type of thing and getting the crowd behind him. Then we get in to the last 5 minutes. Oh God the last five minutes! Simply one of the best, most drama filled finishing stretches I can remember seeing in ages. The teased ref bump, the eventual ref bump, Roode's heel tactics, the EPIC finish, the crowd reaction to all of it. I was legit on the edge of my seat for the last 5 and for the nearfalls and teased finishes. That never happens to me. This is the exact type of match I absolutely love. Booked to perfection with tons of drama. awesome. ****1/2
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

ROH Showdown In The Sun Night 2
Michael Elgin vs Davey Richards
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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

TNA - Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Championship
Aries vs. Roode is the only match on the show worth watching actually. Everything else seemed bland, paint by numbers, or just good. I would say Daniels vs. AJ is the only match that stands out if we weren't counting Aries vs. Roode but I'd take the Main Event over that by a mile......actually make that 3 miles. Considering I had to wait 10 hours and watch this match blind to the result today proves how much I was looking forward to it. That being said, this is my TNA MOTY. My only issue is that armdrag mishap and Aries wasn't really selling his ribs during his comeback but that last really didn't hurt the match. What I love about this is that it focuses on storytelling and unlike every other match that night, it focuses on substance. What I mean by that is almost everything means something and has a reason something may or may not work in the future. Like Aries's IED in the corner. The running theme tonight was that Roode had Aries big moves scouted. When Aries went for the Suicide Dive, he'd dodge it. When Aries went for the IED, he had a Oklahoma slam just waiting for it. When Aries is able to hit the IED, it's because Roode got distracted with arguing with the ref and even then it was almost had he gone through specific hardcore training to instinctively be ready for Aries's Brainbuster. It's simple storytelling but one that made Roode look like he was almost in a different league than Aries was(Which he should look like considering he is the World Champion).

Then there was just little things that made Aries look like a thorn in Roode's side. Always being resilient and not being this push over that Roode keeps thinking he is. The best part about Aries's second comeback is that Roode's bullying gets him into a brawl with Aries and A Double is the guy who went toe to toe with Bully Ray and beat his @$$. It's simple basic stuff but the presentation of it was badass. Reason being was because Roode was actually fighting back against Aries instead of doing the typical punches comeback and they were just laying into each other. It felt big because Aries overcome a Roode that wasn't just going to let him roll over him like that. You could feel that Aries was going to make this a win no matter what Roode had to say about it. That brings me back to everything having a meaning.

Remember when Roode speared the nonsense out of Aries? Well Aries has a counter for it the second time around into the Last Chancery. Remember when Roode was targeting Austin's ribs with a Kitchen sink? Well Aries has a counter for it the second time around with a school boy. It's basic little stuff but it works because it helps drives the match. Roode is one step ahead of him and Aries has to make up for those lost in steps. One awesome bit that nobody but me probably loved was when Aries rolled up Roode when he attempts the Crossface, Roode has the immediate and well thought out counter to when he really gets it in deep. He stops Austin from rolling into a pin two freaking times and honestly made it believable in my view. Awesome psychology as well as just staying consistent with being on the absolute top of his game. Then the dirty finishes came after that.

This is why I never cry about heels cheating because when you get the proper pay off for it, the full circle of "Oh n0ez! Anodur cop out wen" to "OH MAI GOODNESS! HAY KICKED OUT!". Roode using desperation tactics to put away Aries felt like a cop out but that's what heels are. They are big, disgusting, self masturbating, cheating dip$#its that take the easy way instead of earning it. He has won this way many times before and that's why you get your believe from that it'll work again. So you already have this match where Roode has went toe to toe with Aries and he still could possibly win(Because Roode does contain some clean wins in the past) but he has MAJOR wins by cheating as well. So needless to say when Roode did this dirty tactics, it was in the books. I, watching blind mind you, bought them and marked out whenever Aries defied the statistics. That is how you make a match......when all the BS before hand doesn't get the job done this time around. Best thing about this whole deal? Not one finisher is sacrificed.

One of my biggest things I dislike about wrestling now is when the whole window is thrown out. Now don't get me wrong, there are times when it is done right(Richards/Elgin) and there are times when that was just done to make your match seem "OMG grate"(Angle vs. Joe that night). If you have the right substance and the storytelling is consistent, then Roode won't have to kick out of a 450 or Aries have to kick out Roode's finishers. You'll have that over dramatic moments when they do try to go for them because everyone recognizes them as big deals. This is what happened here and when Austin was going for the Brainbuster, you bet your bottom dollar that everyone was going bananas for it. Proper psychology, fantastic storytelling, and you had the crowd going molten lava for it. That's my kind of wrestling right there. ****1/2

Far and beyond the best match of the year and one of MOTYs. Feels glad to put TNA up there again considering last year I don't think I had TNA in my MOTYs.

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They better have a fucking ***** match to end with.
Fucking music , dancing , and 360 piledrivers , Maryse sex scene , 450s through tables , shoot star press drop kicks , Rock comes back , Austin comes back

It better be epic
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