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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Spoilers for the recent TV taping

Originally Posted by 411mania
Dark Match
1. Tarvaris Thomas beat an unknown wrestler. The crowd had no patience for this. Thomas won a bad match with a kick to the head.

TV Taping For Week One
1. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman defeated The Briscoes in a Proving Ground match. Solid opener. The Briscoes always fire up the crowd. The finish came when Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas beat up Jay Briscoe behind the referee's back. Mark fell victim to a double team move.

2. Rhino (w/Truth Martini) beat an enhancement wrestler. Martini cut a promo before hand about Roderick Strong winning the ROH TV Title and how he'd signed Rhino. Clothesline, suplex, Gore, goodnight.

Kevin Kelly introduced Kevin Steen accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs. They mentioned a match scheduled between Steen and Edwards and talked some trash. Davey Richards comes out. Both men are wearing flags. The match is in Toronto. There was more shit is talked between the two, including the personal history between them and the fact that Steen asked Richards for help in getting reinstated.

After all the shit talk, they challenged one another right then and there. The refs kept them apart. Jim Cornette had them sign a waiver saying ROH is not liable for any injuries to either. Cornette then revealed the waiver also states that the pile driver is legal for one night only, and also that it is Steen's only shot. Good promo segment; real solid heat between the two. This will be a good one.

3. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) defeated Adam Cole to retain the ROH TV Title. Michael Elgin came out midway through the match. Cole dove onto him without provocation. When Elgin recovered, he distracted the referee, allowing Martini to smash Cole with the Book of Truth. Strong hit his finisher for the win.

TV Taping For Week Two
1. Tomasso Ciampa (w/The Embassy) defeated Matt Taven. Ciampa went for the win after hitting a German at the bell, but Taven survived. Jay Lethal then sat at ringside and the match continued. What looked to be a squash became a competitive match. Ciampa won with two running knees in the Tree of Woe followed by Project Ciampa. He then confronted Lethal, but that didn't go anywhere.

2. Mike Mondo beat T.J. Perkins. The Young Bucks came out and just like the earlier match, Perkins dove on them and Mondo before they interfered. I guess they did then because Mondo won right after that, but I didn't see it. The Bucks and Mondo triple teamed Perkins until the All Night Express made the save. My goodness, this stuff is getting a bit predictable. Mondo was much more over than at the previous Baltimore tapings.

3. Kevin Steen defeated Kyle O'Reilly. Steen won with the F5. He and Jacobs then attacked Kyle's leg, which had been hurt during the match. Davey Richards rescued his lover. This led to another pull apart. Steen left and Davey cut a bad promo promising to kill Steen. He also called himself a wolf repeatedly. I wish he would stop that shit.

TV Taping For Week Three
1. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas beat The D-Line. The losing team may have been locals. They were very over and there were lots of people wearing their shirts, mostly kids. I'd never heard of them. Shirts covered the D-Line's fatness. Haas and Benjamin couldn't quite cover up what shitty wrestlers they were.

2. The Colony of Fire Ant, Green Ant and Soldier Ant defeated El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ophidian, and a third wrestler. The Colon won with a triple team alley pop splash. This match was hilarious. If you haven't seen Chikara, this is a good representation. Fun stuff.

3. Jay Lethal beat Ricky Reyes. Reyes is not very over, probably because he only appears in ROH at television tapings and only to job. Lethal won a short, unremarkable match.

4. ROH Champion Davey Richards defeated Rhino (w/Truth Martini, Roderick Strong) in a Proving Ground match. Richards won when he countered the Gore with a sunset flip. Yes, he won with a sunset flip. Decent match. The crowd no longer loves Davey to say the least. The House of Truth jumped Davey afterward. Jay Lethal made the save. The reason to watch this match is to see Truth's ridiculous outfit.

TV Taping For Week Four
1. Eddie Edwards defeated "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis, Brutal Bob). Brutal Bob tried to interfere, but Edwards double stomped him. Bennett tried to capitalize with a rollup. Edwards instead rolled him up. There was another heel beat down. The match was whatever. Edwards is good. Bennett has plateaued and made Maria too central to his act. It's a good act but he's screwed when she inevitably dumps him.

Grizzly Redwood was scheduled to wrestle Kaval Dickinson (not sure of the spelling). The House of Truth entered before the match could get started. Truth offered the jobbers money and they accepted.

2. Jay Lethal and Grizzly Redwood beat Michael Elgin by DQ in a handicap match. Elgin murdered Dickinson, who was helped to the back. Grizzly put up more of a fight. Lethal came out and became his partner. Lethal took the hot tag. Lethal and Elgin wrestled for a while. Roderick murdered Grizzly on the outside, then ran in for the DQ. This angered Elgin! He and Strong nearly come to blows, but Martini calmed the situation down and the House of Truth uncomfortably left together.

3. The All Night Express defeated The Young Bucks in a tag team elimination match. Rhett Titus was the sole survivor. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin ran out to attack ANX with the Bucks. D-Line makes the save. They made a challenge for an eight-man tag. Presumably this does not air. Wow, D Line is f---ing horrid. I have no clue who or what they are, but they suck.

Dark Main Event
1. The All Night Express and D-Line defeated Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, and The Young Bucks in an eight-man tag match. Bad match.

You know you remember this.
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Too much run-ins. Waaay too much.
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread


The star is being born!
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Chikara, on tv, I came buckets there guys!
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Young Bucks - TJ Perkins and... Don't know - *
Matt Taven - Mike Mondo - ***1/4 (Watch this!)
Main Event - ***
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

The TV show can be a bit hit and miss for me but I watched the latest TV show and thought it was pretty good, following on from the great iPPVs in Florida. The Young Bucks match was fairly good, although a bit cookie cutter, but hey it is the TV show so i'm not expecting 5 stars matches or anything. Hell, cookie cutter for the Bucks is still very good compared to other teams.

Mondo vs. Taven was something I wasn't interested in at all going into it but they really had an awesome match in the end. The fake injury was a great move to grab my interest and it just built from there with some intense brawling. Was impressed by both of them.

The main event was a lot of fun too, even though Ciampa winning was a sure-thing. On another note Nigel's commentary keeps getting better and better, his work during Showdown in the Sun was really awesome. Great to hear a commentator actually get excited over what they're watching for once.
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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

I just watch ROH for the first time, I think it was the 3/31/12 show and it was pretty good, something that made me laugh my ass off was at the end of the show, it was a match between eddie edwards and that guy who's with maria, eddie lost by maria acting like she was hit in the face and niguel said "I seen better acting on redtube" which is a fucking porn site

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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

The most recent episode was quite good once again in my opinion. I have to say Mondo and Taven really impressed me and had a great little match. These guys were great pick-ups for ROH's undercard.

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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

- The biggest news of the year broke on Saturday after footage of ROH’s recent private press conference aired during the latest edition of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV. It will be ROH World Champion Davey Richards defending his championship against “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen on May 12 at “Border Wars” in Toronto!!! Read more about this epic contest here and don’t forget that that “The Belfast Bruiser” Fit Finlay makes his ROH debut on May 12th at “Border Wars” as well! More matches will be announced soon and fans can expect another major name to be added to the card. Tickets are going FAST for this loaded event and fans are coming from all over the world. Be apart of this major extravaganza and purchase your tickets for our return to The Ted Reeve Arena right here.

- Steve Corino has broken his silence and said that he will be at “Border Wars” on May 12th in Toronto. We are still waiting to hear what Corino thinks of the recent actions of his former sponsor Jimmy Jacobs.

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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

I am a lucha guy but Ring of Honor has the best weekly tv show in the business right now. And they only need 1 hour.

It started off slow and for awhile I didn't either care about the show but business pick up in February and everything started to click. ROH have some pretty strong characters from Ciampa,Steen,Briscoes,Elgin,Bennett,Charlie Haas been on fire in my opinion he would make a great solo guy.

Jim Cornette once again proves he is the best tv head booker/creative writer in the last 20 years. You can say Heyman or Pena are better but from a "strictly" weekly episodic perspective he has been the best. This is his 5th stop, SMW was great as a tv show. He had his up and downs in the WWE but he help WWF find a path in 1996 to build towards the future. OVW under Cornette was their best years and groom so many superstars like Brock,Cena,Orton,Batista,etc. In TNA, he tried and for awhile he made freaking Matt Morgan and Hernandez look credible but Dixie chose Russo over him. And now in ROH with full control, it started off slow but you starting to see good to great matches every week,good promos, good storytelling, more guys being built into "TV" characters. I don't think Gabe would of done a better job with TV.
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