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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Whatever, I thought Barrett looked like a bad ass. The only guy who I wasn't more impressed with afterward was Big Show.

Agree that the ending was way too finisher-and-kickout heavy though. Felt like an indy match since it hadn't earned the weight of all those kickouts.

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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

These days they just tend to have Show take 39 finishers in a row before he's pinned, which works since he's a giant.
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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

A 4-star match with Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Big Show and Kane? Won't believe it unless I see it with my own eyes...

OK, I've seen it now.
Spoiler for the match:
Wade Barrett... hit a nice pumphandle slam on Mysterio. Other than that, jobbed perfectly to Big Show - like a real jobber. Good job, except he's supposed to look like a main eventer. Big Show... did what he can. Chop-chop-chop-punch-pin on Barrett, then took finisher after finisher from everybody else - that way he both looked strong and made it easy to accept his early elimination. Drew McIntyre... sucks. This guy is boring as fuck. None of his offense was memorable. Kane... was awesome. Looked really dominant, like he should. The multiple-man match format hides his weaknesses rather well. One complaint, though. His elimination wasn't satisfying at all. Edge's spear is unimpressive enough on it's own AND Kane held Rey Mysterio as a shield. This shouldn't have kept Kane down for a 3-count. Rey Mysterio... star of the match. Everything he does, he does well. Need to vary his offense, though. Head scissors - 619 - springboard splash - repeat. These 3 moves are good, but don't really cut it. Edge... looked good. Booked like a champion, probably because he is. Should use moves besides spear, though. All in all, the match was enjoyable. The two best performers started and closed it, the pacing was good, it didn't feel too long.

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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Del Rio vs Kofi - ***
Raw Chamber - ***1/2
Smackdown Chamber - ****

also Lawler vs Miz wasn't anywhere near as terrible as I was expecting
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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Wade Barrett vs Drew McIntyre vs Big Show - Elimination Chamber Match - World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber 2011
Really suprised at how good this was as it looked quite weak on paper but they managed to make a really exciting match out of it. Match was sorta just chugging along until Drew came in and starting ripping shit up. His rampage of destruction was sooo good. The Barrett and Rey pod spots were awesome too. Show being the suprise entrant was underwhelming but at least I knew it was gonna be a let down of sorts. Show was fine in the match though and the Show/Barrett segment with Show getting Barrett on his own at last was great. Kane getting the monster push rather than Drew or Barrett seemed a massive waste as Kane wont benefit from it one bit. The spear spot to eliminate Kane was nice. The Edge/Rey climax wasn't as good as 09 but it was still really good. The 1st spear kickout was an awesome near fall because it's still a credible finisher somehow. 619 kickout didn't have the same effect as it was obvious after the spear kickout but the final spear looked great and compensated perfectly for the other spear not being enough. Edge looked good without awful booking making him look stupid and Rey looked better than he has in a while. Barrett and Show were good, Kane was meh and Drew was fantastic. Think he might be my favourite guy atm. Was thinking during the match it'd be awesome for him to get a main event push and face guys like Edge, Rey & Taker this year on PPV but then I remembered Ziggler and went back to wanting him on Superstars against guys like Masters, Tatsu, Smith and Goldust. Tons of great spots, all 3 pod spots were awesome and better than anything in the Raw Chamber. WWE MOTY so far. The aftermath with Christian and Del Rio was awesome. Christian going to town on Del Rio was great. Wasn't a fan of the ring crew doing the chamber back up during all of this though but whatever. Wasn't anywhere near as bad as them showing a replay whilst Edge speared Del Rio. I mean everyone knew that spot was coming but the guy in the truck it seemed. I'd be much more interested in a 3 way with Christian than just Edge sv Del Rio. It's not gonna main event and they seem to like doing a big singles main event match and then a 3 way in recent years so it seems likely to happen.


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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Smackdown Chamber ****1/4
Raw Chamber ****

Amazing show last night, even the tag title match wasn't bad. McIntyre and Morrison impressed me the most in the chamber matchers, hope Morrison gets a huge push cause he more than deserves it.
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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

SD! Elimination Chamber: ****+

best McIntyre/Mysterio match for a long time.
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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

I had the SD chamber match at 4.25. This is the best match i've seen the WWE's put on since HBK/Taker at the last WM.

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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

WWE - Elimination Chamber
The SmackDown Elimination Chamber - ****1/4

Chikara - Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls
Eddie Kingston vs. El Generico - ****
QuackenSaw & The Colony vs. The Bruderschaft - ***3/4

Originally Posted by Jimmy Jacobs, about Wrestling Society X:
"MTV had all these strange rules. We were told we weren't allowed to hit each other with household objects, but they were really excited about using an exploding coffin. So chairs were bad, but exploding coffins were okay. One of the guys at MTV said he wanted one of the wrestlers to be dumped in a vat of acid, and somebody had to explain to him that if you put a guy in acid one week, he can't really come back the next week. Or ever."
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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

WWE - Elimination Chamber smackdown a ****+ match? ? ??!?! Really? Was it the fact that Kane suddenly forget his recent feud with Edge and barely focus his atacks on him, or the fact that Barrett can barely move or the fact that Mysterio did the same 5 spots he has been doing for years but with slower pace every year? The match was good, but ***1/2 mark is more suitable!
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